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  1. DavidAM

    Yamaha RXV-1400 and no bass

    I just put together a system for a friend and used the 1400 reciever. When I run the test tones, the sub outputs sound, but when I play stereo or watch TV (haven't tried a DVD yet) the sub isn't playing. Am I missing something in the settings?
  2. DavidAM

    Harman Kardon 520 question

    I have the HK 520 reciever. On some TV channels, usually my high def. channels, it will activate Dolby Digital with Pro Logic II at the same time. I don't mind this but it doesn't send a signal to my sub. It also won't let me switch to any other mode. This also happened on a DVD the other...
  3. DavidAM

    xbox and cd-r's

    Just curious if anyone has any luck having their xbox reading a cd-r. I wanted to rip some music from burned disks to the hard drive but it won't recognize the discs.
  4. DavidAM

    Midnight Club 2 vs PGR2

    I've wanted to pick up Midnight Club 2 for awhile now. I've been pretty much addicted to PGR2 and am wondering if Midnight Club 2 is worth getting. Anyone have both of these games and can say if they still play MC2 with PGR2 in their library? MC2 is on sale at Target for $30 and I almost picked...
  5. DavidAM

    Wireless networking question

    I use a wireless router and card for my laptop around my house. I want to go wireless at my office to get broadband to 6 PC computers. I'm curious on the equipment I need. Obviously I need a wireless router, but do I just need a wireless PCI card for the PC's? I've seen those PCI cards with an...
  6. DavidAM

    Kind of disappointed

    I've only spent 3 Days, 10 Hours, 38 Minutes, 17 Seconds Online in the HTF. I thought I had more time invested than that. I'm such a novice.
  7. DavidAM

    HK520 remote

    Is there anyway to set the remote so that AVR is always selected? Everytime I switch inputs, I have to press the AVR button to control the volume again. I'd like to switch inputs and always have it go back to AVR automatically if possible.
  8. DavidAM

    MotoGP and xbox Live

    I thought MotoGP was XBL capable. I've been having MotoGP since it came out but just got XBL yesterday and am just noticing the game doesn't specify XBL and its not playing online for me. The demo of GP works, but not my full version of GP. Am I missing something?
  9. DavidAM

    Buying a gun

    The thread about answering the door at 1AM got me wondering, what do you have to do to legally buy a gun? I'm in Florida and have been wanting to get one for my house but never really looked into it. Do you just apply for a license or are there classes to take?
  10. DavidAM


    I have a Harman Kardon 520 and am watching DirecTV right now (football game on Fox) and thought I had the reciever in 2 channel stereo, but I can hear my surrounds. That made me look at the receiver and noticed DTS is on. I thought that was only on DVD's. Can anyone explain to me what's going on?
  11. DavidAM

    Wireless access point for XBL

    For you guys that are using a wireless network to run your xbox on XBL, what product/access point did you use? I'm searching the different major brands and most of them are USB Access Points, but as you know, we need an RJ-45 adapter to hook to the xbox. Does anyone have a list of RJ-45 wireless...
  12. DavidAM

    HK 520 problem?

    I have a Harmon Kardon 520 reciever and I use either Logic 7 or Pro Logic II when I am watching regular TV. When using either, my surround speakers seem to be working fine, you can hear them, but they are low, and every once in awhile the surrounds will get louder and stay louder. I hate to say...
  13. DavidAM

    speeding tickets and Florida

    I haven't had a good year when it comes to speeding tickets. I got my first ticket almost a year ago. I did the 4 hour class for it and its not on my record. Two months ago, I got another ticket. It was for speeding, but the officer wrote it up as failure to obey a posted sign which was a little...
  14. DavidAM

    video switching

    I have a Harman Kardon 520 which has video switching. Does this mean when I switch the input on my reciever, the TV should automatically switch its input to corrolate with the input on the reciever? If not, is there anyway I can do that? I hate having to change the TV to input 2, then change my...
  15. DavidAM

    subwoofer cable

    I have a DIY Tempest sub with the PE Plate amp and a HK 520 reciever. I just went to Best Buy to buy a sub cable and they had 2 cables, a Monster which clearly showed 1 output from the reciever to Right and Left to go into the sub. They also had an Acoustic Research cable for $10 cheaper which...
  16. DavidAM

    Creditcard APR vs. Car Loan APR

    Is the way a creditcard charges interest on a balance the same method used when you get a loan on a car? The reason I ask is I'm shopping for a new car and yesterday AMEX sent me these checks in the mail with a 2.9% interest rate till it is payed off. The lowest rate I have been quoted on a 5...
  17. DavidAM

    Any DIY Tempest owners?

    I just purchased an Adire Tempest sub and a plate amp from Parts Express (the 250watt amp with 6db boost) and am curious if anyone has any experience with the Tempest sub in their home. What is the best size box to build? I was going to build the 21.5" square box from the plans on their site...
  18. DavidAM

    Weed killer

    I have a big flower bed that is full of weeds. I also have some bushes, plants and ground cover plants that I do not want to kill. If I spread out some weed kill or weed and feed stuff, will it just kill the weeds or will my ground cover plants and bushes and small palms be affected?
  19. DavidAM

    Warranty question...what do you think is right?

    I have a leather sofa I purchased 3 years ago. At the time of purchase, I bought the 5 year warranty that covered any damage to the leather. I have a copy of the warranty and it states repair or replacement. Well, the guy came to repair the sofa (its 3 1" rips in the seating area...2 cushions...
  20. DavidAM

    Gas prices solution?

    Edited to possibly stay open. Gas imported from the middleast for the period 9/1/00 - 8/31/01): Shell................205,742,000 barrels Chevron/Texaco.......144,332,000 barrels Exxon/Mobil.........130,082,000 barrels Marathon/Speedway....117,740,000 barrels...
  21. DavidAM

    Non working game?

    Is there such a thing as a bad disk? I bought Fever 2003 and it will not load. I get the dirty disk/won't recognize disk error when I put it in my xbox. All my other games work and I just recently got xbox to replace the cd drive and since then, I haven't gotten any errors on any of my games...
  22. DavidAM

    what's the website with internet coupons/codes?

    There's a site I've seen people refer to that lists tons of online codes and coupons for good deals on Dell computers and other sites on the net. Does anyone know the site I'm talking about?
  23. DavidAM

    wireless pc card for xbox

    I'm researching wireless routers to use with xbox live and am just wondering, how do you actually make the xbox wireless? I've seen wireless PCI cards and wireless PC cards (for laptops), but I've never seen a wireless adapter that hooks directly into an ethernet plug. Do they make them? How do...
  24. DavidAM

    xbox live wireless router

    I will be getting online soon and currently have an SMC Barricade router. I bought a long cat5 cable already in preperation of it, but now I'm thinking I might want to go wireless for the xbox. What I want to know is if anyone is experiencing any lag with wireless and also, which router is...
  25. DavidAM

    I have a Nakamichi 480 cassette deck

    What should I do with it? It powers on and exterior wise is in great condition. The only problem with it is it won't eject the tape that is in it. It also won't spin the tape when I press the play, rewind, etc. Is this thing worth anything? I think these were made from 1977-81 or somewhere's...
  26. DavidAM

    PDA's/Pocket PC 2002

    I'm looking at getting a PDA with Pocket PC 2002 to use for work. The problem I'm having is with the memory card slot. They have the new SD memory cards and the PDA I like uses this type of external memory. I also see PDA's with compact flash slots. Is there one better than the other? I'm...
  27. DavidAM

    Weird xbox problem

    I turned my xbox on today and all the games are in black and white. I changed the input on my tv and it was still in b&w so I know the TV input didn't go bad. I guess this is my xbox? Anyone ever hear of this before? I'm using the AVpack and running s video and optical for 5.1. I was also...
  28. DavidAM

    Hooking up DirecTV system

    I installed my dish today and am not getting any signal strength. As far as I can tell, its hooked up correctly (coaxial from the dish to the reciever in the house) and the dish is aimed in the general direction of where its supposed to be, so I'm assuming I should be getting some kind of...
  29. DavidAM

    Dirty disk error

    I have an xbox. I also just bought the SegaGT/JSRF combo game. The game was new and sealed, I opened it, clicked on SegaGT and got the dirty disk error. This is with a new cd. Now, I can play JSRF all I want and it works perfect, but it refuses to load Sega GT. Is there any way to get this to...
  30. DavidAM

    MotoGP 2003

    Any chance of this game being renewed every year with the new riders? I'm already wanting an updated roster with Bayliss, Hayden and Edwards :D