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  1. YanMan

    International Strange Days 20th Anniversary Edition (Germany)

    FYI for fans of this excellent film. Saw a thread over at another forum where someone found this listing: http://www.amazon.de/Strange-Days-Anniversary-Edition-Blu-ray/dp/B00TASMCWM/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top I'm personally still hoping we will finally see a release here in NA, either from...
  2. YanMan

    Problem loading RAH's "A Few Words About..." threads.

    I am having a strange issue where none of Robert Harris' "A Few Words About..." threads are viewable for me. I can view any other thread in the BluRay forum, but when I click on any of RAH's threads, the browser just sits there trying to load indefinitely. This seems to happen for any thread...
  3. YanMan

    Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures BluRay Gold Box deal $39.99 at Amazon today

    Hi Everyone, I just randomly checked Amazon and they have the Indiana Jones BluRay box set for $39.99 today.
  4. YanMan

    Studio Logos

    Hi All, I'm a longtime lurker and new member here. Anyway, I came across this studio logo retrospective over at TIME magazine's website, and with all the arguments I have seen around here about replaced studio logos, I figured some members would enjoy this link...