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  1. Nathan McMahan

    Torque and Bubba Ho-tep inserts?

    I just picked up these two Previously Viewed at Blockbuster and naturally they don't have inserts. Did they originally come with them? (and if so, does anybody out there have a scan, now that DVDcoverart.com is in hiatus?) Thanks in advance
  2. Nathan McMahan

    Dead Zone Season One Unaired Pilot. Where to get "bouce back" card?

    I recently picked Season One and Two of the Dead Zone during the DeepDiscountDVD sale. There is a space in the Season One Set for the unaired pilot. You can get it if you send in what they refer to as a "bounce back" card. My set unfortunately didn't come with one. Does anyone have one and could...
  3. Nathan McMahan

    DVD cases looking for a good home

    I have a few hundred standard DVD cases as well as a few doubles and a couple of quads, triples, sextuples and septuples (and 25 gatefold doubles-but oddly they are the same width as a standard double). I'm not looking to make a profit. Just a buck or two for handling and media mail shipping...
  4. Nathan McMahan

    Breakfasat Club and the rest of the High School Reunion Collection original music?

    It's been a bit since I've seen these and I own the original DVDs. I hate to admit it but I haven't watched those yet. Did they change the music for the old releases? Meaning do the High School Reunion Collection releases have the original music or did the old ones also have the correct music...
  5. Nathan McMahan

    Doc Savage on DVD??

    I've seen a few copies of this on ebay, along with screen captures, but I can find nothing anywhere about this being a legit release. The DVD also has a making of featurette. I know the film is horrible, but it's a guilty pleasure from my childhood. Is this from another region perhaps? Thanks,
  6. Nathan McMahan

    DVD Milestone: Good Burger is released

    I fondly remember Nov. 1998. My first DVD player for 300.00, but I got Dark City and The Cowboys with it. Warner Brothers had their buy 4 get one free deal. Godzilla, Zero Effect, Mimic, Mask Of Zorro, Spinal Tap, The Thing and The Special Edition of Tomorrow Never Dies came to me in crystal...
  7. Nathan McMahan

    Guilty pleasure DVD's: Where are the 80's T & A films?

    Ran across an old VHS of Spring Break. Where are all the films like Ski School, Miracle Beach, Hot Dog: The Movies, Ski Patrol, and the rest of the Dean Cameron ouevre? What other guilty pleasures from years past are out there that haven't made it to DVD yet that seriously need to?
  8. Nathan McMahan

    Highlander Special Features problem

    I have the old republic DVD, the repressing from the LD. On the LD you could step through the script, still gallery and production photos and notes. I remember this section being quite extensive. However on the DVD, when I access, it runs at hyperspeed all the way through. What gives? Is there...
  9. Nathan McMahan

    Lawrence of Arabia booklet replacement

    Have beagle puppy. Cute, yes, thank you. Still training. Chewing. Everything, yes. :) Had some bad pizza while watching Lawrence of Arabia last night. :angry: Had to...well, information you don't need to know. :D Anyway, upon my return, I find, in my absence, puppy has learned to jump from...
  10. Nathan McMahan

    coupons for fye???

    Anyone know of coupons or a good coupon site for FYE?
  11. Nathan McMahan

    Am I supposed to be holding a copy of Goldmember?

    Not to get anyone in trouble, but isn't this supposed to street on 12/3? I stopped in at my local B & M and saw it setting on the shelf. Got a little excited because I was certain it wasn't due until next week. Picked it up and thought it odd that it wasn't on sale (listed at 19.99). Came home...
  12. Nathan McMahan

    Comparison of original and re-releases

    Sometimes I feel like I'm being punished for having jumped on the DVD bandwagon so early. So much of the content I picked up at the outset of our momentous journey have all been upgraded to the newer, better, badder, 2.0 versions. (Anyone remember the old days of the Reel.com coupons when the...
  13. Nathan McMahan

    Trailers only DVD

    I could've sworn I something recently (I thought it was a subscription option for Widescreen Review)on a DVD that had 65 trailers on it? Am I smoking some bad crack here or just a severe case of wishful thinking? Are there any places out there that offer multiple trailers on DVD?
  14. Nathan McMahan

    Man from Snowy River not in OAR??!!

    I just found out one of my favorite films has finally come out on DVD and it's FULL FRAME (1.33) C'mon what gives? I can't believe we're being subjected to the mores and whims of the dull gray sullen masses. Any hope of a widescreen edition on the horizon?
  15. Nathan McMahan

    Reading spoilers

    Maybe I'm just a moron, but can you (and therefore, how do you) turn off the black bars that cover spoilers or access the content they hide. I come here to read and exchange ideas. If I've already seen Episode 2 and have questions concerning the plot and political schemes of the characters...
  16. Nathan McMahan

    Best place for new release specs and schedule

    I'm sure this has been covered in-depth before, but I've been out of the loop for a while and doing a forum search for this subject...well, let's just say it gave me a lot of options. All the usual sites (digital bits, dvdtalk, dvdreview, widescreen review) all seem to have their little quirks...
  17. Nathan McMahan

    Portable DVD players

    I know this has been around the forum before but there doesn't seem to be one place that has all the answers. I'm looking for a portable player with a built in screen to use on the road as well as in the office or bedroom, with a long life battery, that's light and sturdy that I can get in the...