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  1. JohnnyG

    FS: ColorFacts Professional 6.0 Color Analyser System

    Purchased by me directly from DataColor in October '05. MINT condition and includes all items, original packaging, and aluminum carry case. Current price of a new unit is $2400. Selling for $1,500 USD, shipped.
  2. JohnnyG

    Radio Shack SPL meter calibration

    I'm positive I saw a posting here some time ago with a list of calibration offsets for the Radio Shack analog SPL meter. I did a search, but nothing turned up. Does anybody have this info?
  3. JohnnyG

    Sub calibration is driving me NUTS!

    The main speakers in my home sound system are Infinity Interlude 60s. The IL60s are powered towers, each with a 12" 500 Watt subwoofer. I recently changed receivers from a Panasonic SA-HE200 to a Harman/Kardon AVR8000. I've set all the speakers to small, and the subwoofer crossover at 80Hz. So...
  4. JohnnyG

    2003 Toshiba

    note: I'm in Canada and the details may not be exactly the same in the US, although they normally are) Toshiba's 2003 HD Lineup: 30HF83 - 30" direct-view widescreen *new size 34HF83 - 34" direct-view widescreen *new costmetics 34HFX83 - 34" Cinema Series direct-view - *Virtual Dolby...
  5. JohnnyG

    Anamorphic support confirmed on new 4:3 Toshiba's!

    The user manuals for the 4:3 sets have now been posted at Link Removed and has this to say: "You can view programs that have conventional TV picture format (4:3 aspect ratio) and the wide-screen format (16:9 aspect ratio). This feature is available for 1080i digital broadcasts and 480p/480i...
  6. JohnnyG

    50H81 Geometry Overlay file available!

    Well, I needed one, so I made one. This is scaled from the 56" file and may be off by a millimeter or two in places (certainly not enough to effect the picture though). Mine worked out great. The new 'Touch Focus' system makes this whole procedure a breeze! Just enter the service convergence...
  7. JohnnyG

    2001 Panasonic calibration info

    I thought I'd start a thread chronicling my findings while doing some more in-depth calibration on a PT-51HX41. This info should apply equally to the PT-47's and the rest of their 2001 HD line. 1. In the service menu, you can adjust SUB-contrast/brightness/color/tint seperately for NTSC and...
  8. JohnnyG

    Figuring out impedance on unmarked drivers

    WARNING! Stupid speaker building newbie questions below! I have some drivers that I suspect are greater than the usual 8 ohms, but there are no markings on it whatsoever. How can I determine the impedance?
  9. JohnnyG

    Toshiba SD4700/5700 delayed

    New ETA is first week of September. ------------------ John Golitsis Next Big Thing Electronics
  10. JohnnyG

    Panasonic red-push - the fix is in!

    (I've already posted this in another thread here, but thought it could use a seperate thread) SUCCESS! I'm positively thrilled to report that Michael is indeed correct! Together, the COLOR, B-Y_G and R-Y_A parameters in the service menu can be adjusted for perfect colour decoder performance...
  11. JohnnyG

    Enhancing 'cheap' speakers?

    A customer of mine (I own an A/V store) imports a bunch of different things from China and he recently brought by a set of of home theater speakers for me to try out. The fronts are 3-way towers with side firing 8" woofers, a 6.5" midrange and a 1" silk dome tweeter. The center channel has 2...
  12. JohnnyG

    Just got a Panasonic PT-51HX41

    I just received one of the new Panasonic PT-51HX41's on the demo floor. I haven't spent more than a couple of minutes with it yet, but a cursory check with The Fifth Element says the line doubler does indeed incorporate 3:2 pulldown detection and reversal (seems to do a very nice job actually)...