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  1. Rick Deschaine

    Slacker - Criterion

    Went to my local B & M store today and found Slacker - The Criterion Collection. In fact there were about 4 copies there. Not sure of this, but I thought that it came out next week, not today? Pretty cool if so. later, Rick
  2. Rick Deschaine

    Problems with The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Hi everyone, Was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. Started to watch the extras on the second disc of the new colector's edition. The very first extra "Leone's West" has pixelation problems and then freezes about 12 - 13 minutes into the feature. I've tried to play the disc in...
  3. Rick Deschaine

    Scandinavian Music Fans... a question.

    I was at SXSW this year in Austin and heard a singer I liked very much. A lot of music fans from Scandinavia may know him. His name is Thomas Dybdahl. My question is, where can I find his CDs to purchase online at an english language online retailer. It seems most of the places here or in the...
  4. Rick Deschaine

    PAL encoded game question for X-box

    Hey all, was surfing on some overseas sites and noticed that there were some cool games for the X-box not available here. However, they were encoded PAL. My question is, is there anyway to play these on my X-box? Like, could I get a PAL to NTSC converter box for the darn thing or will my...
  5. Rick Deschaine

    X-Files disc problem, need some info

    I tried to do a search for info on the season 6 disc replacement, but couldn't find anything. I need to get a contact number for Fox so I can request that replacement disc as well as a missing disc from season 7 that I just discovered (lost the receipt for that unfortunately). Can anyone...
  6. Rick Deschaine

    Cool Album Covers

    Hey there Y'all, Had another idea for a thread. A friend just sent me a couple of books on LP covers. The art work on many LPs is just incredible. Granted CDs have artwork too, but on a smaller scale. Sometimes that's what I miss most about LPs other than their superior sonic capabilities...
  7. Rick Deschaine

    Who did you regret not seeing Live?

    Hi all, Was wondering who you all wish you had seen in concert but regrettably missed before they passed on. I know there are going to be many of the same artists that many of us missed like Jimi Hendrix and such and please do list those. But dont be bashful about listing some more obscure...
  8. Rick Deschaine

    Darn all you SACD fanatics!

    I thought I had a handle on my money outflow (well sort of) and then I start hearing about this SACD thing. Well I took the plunge this weekend and my wallet may never forgive me. I found a brand new Sony SCD-C555ES at a local Soundtrack store on saturday. Then I went out and bought a few...
  9. Rick Deschaine

    How Much Time Spent Watching DVDs?

    Hi everyone, Not sure if this has been discussed before, but here goes. Lately I've been wondering how much time a day, a week etc. we all spend watching our DVDs. Or better yet, how many DVDs do you watch in those same time spans. Do any of you think you spend too much time or not enough...
  10. Rick Deschaine

    Report From SXSW.

    Hi everyone from beautiful Austin, TX. I'll try and recommend some new bands that I've seen this week so far. The first night out was at "The Drink on 6TH" where they had their Detroit showcase. The two bands that stuck out were The Brothers Groove and The Orbitsuns. The Brothers Groove are...
  11. Rick Deschaine

    SACD inquiry

    Hi there everyone. Recently I've been contemplating jumping into SACD but I have some questions regarding my current equipment. I'm curious if an SACD player will give me noticeable improvement with my Sony STR-DA777ES receiver and Klipsch KG 4.5 speakers, or do I really need to upgrade those...