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  1. Khoa Tran

    Mountain bikers, help a kid out

    alright i want to spend around 500 on a bike but i don't know which should i get....i was looking at the Trek 4900, Specialized Hardrock, Giant Warp.....i really want a full suspension because i like the way it rides but i doubt i'll get anything good for this price so i'll settle for a front...
  2. Khoa Tran

    Travis in concert

    i saw Travis in concert last night and they are insane! the energy they give the crowd is amazing....they are only in the US for two more shows after today so check them out! ....sorry i just wanted to rant....
  3. Khoa Tran

    Need help finding a song that doesn't seem to exist...

    there's this ballad on the movie Almost Famous that goes "oh doctor doctor, is there a cure for a young man's blues...." i guess it's by stillwater but i can't seem to find it....
  4. Khoa Tran

    Going to Vancouver next week

    Gonna be spending a few days there, what is there to do? Which hotel should i stay at? My family will be driving so we won't have any transportation issues. For you guys up there, hows the weather? what do you suggest i bring for clothing? Thanks in advance!
  5. Khoa Tran

    All you guys with SACDs making me jealous!

    I have a mi-fi system with CD and MP3 only capabilities in my bedroom...i know i'm missing out alot with SACD because i've heard it at a local shop but is it worth myself getting into SACD when i only have 2ch stereo? I don't have much room in here to add anymore speakers...so should i just...
  6. Khoa Tran


    Last night i went to go see Identity(good movie btw), i noticed since the last time i was there....that was a while back, they have turned up the volume and i think their subs are playing a bit hot....oh i loved it! because you can actually feel the explosions hit you in the chest....anyways i...
  7. Khoa Tran

    Do you know this song?

    Does anybody know the song to the infiniti or nissan commercial where they drive through the night, stop by the beach, pull out a couch and watch the lunar eclipse?
  8. Khoa Tran

    Help find a picture

    There was a picture of a civic that had like 20 inch rims and big fender flares...by some racing team...i tried to find it all over but i can't find it! i saw it on one of these car threads a few weeks ago...does anybody remember?
  9. Khoa Tran

    Stupid question from a stupid guy!

    yeah so i'm sitting here and i'm looking at some madrigal products and i run across the cd player.....i've seen this numerous of times but i never thought twice but i've been wondering why do they call it a "transport" instead of a player? i mean is it something else or is it just the audiophile...
  10. Khoa Tran

    Help =)

    Hey, well i'm in a dilemma....here i just bought a NAD C320BEE to replace my yamaha amp....this thing is gonna cost me 300 bucks and i did an a/b comparison and the NAD wins out by a few things...the midrange is clearer, i can feel the bass pump out and the sound is so much more realistic...
  11. Khoa Tran

    Diana Krall Live In Paris

    I just noticed something when i was listening....she hums the songs a lot when it's just all instrumental....i thought it was some bee buzzing around my room but then i listened a little bit closer....
  12. Khoa Tran

    Book recommendations

    Hi, i'm wondering what are some great books to read. I just finished Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk and i'm gonna head to the book store to pick up another book. I really want to pick up that michael moore book that everybody is raving about but i seriously don't want to spend 23 bucks on it. I was...
  13. Khoa Tran

    Asl Av8

    Hi, i'm wondering if these amps will be able to power 4 ohm speakers...on the website it rates at 8 ohms but have any of you guys tried using these at a 4 ohm load? ...thanks
  14. Khoa Tran

    Yes Hello, Help Please

    Hi, I have a question for those of you who use your computer as a jukebox. Although this might fit better in the HTPC area i think this i'd just do it here. I have my pc hooked up to my receiver via minijack -> rca...I seem to find that mp3s are of very low quality even the ones 192 bit rate and...
  15. Khoa Tran

    Two Channel Amp

    Hi, i am in need of some help...i need a two channel amp for stereo. Powering some psb minis, about 200 dollars? maybe more? thanks for your help....
  16. Khoa Tran

    Problem with Cinenova Grande

    My center channel has a static noise when no signal is running through it. How can this be solved? After turning off the amp, the capacitors drain and then the speakers make a really high pitch squeak a couple times and everything is off, the center doens't make static anymore....btw is it ok to...
  17. Khoa Tran

    Help please, What's a good cd player

    I want to get a CD player for my bedroom setup since my yamaha broke. I'm wondering what's a good cd player for around 100-200? I would like to get something like rotel or nad but way out of my range. Please make some suggestions...i want to get one as soom as possible i'm getting sick of using...
  18. Khoa Tran

    Earthquake Cinema Grande

    Hey i'm planning to upgrade my system from hk 520 to seperates....i went to my local guy and he suggested getting the earthquake cinema grande 3ch, he's going to give it to me for 1800 brand new in the crate. I've listened to the 5ch before and i was extremely impressed but i'm wondering i had...
  19. Khoa Tran

    Should i upgrade to Goldi's?

    I have a PSB setup, mini's, c5i, and s10s with h/k520 with earthquake supernova10 sub, my room is about 17'x22' with opening to hallway, dinning room and one side with french doors to the den....my seating is about 16 feet away and i already calibrated but it seems empty...the speakers don't...