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  1. DavidAM

    Help....My Receiver Keeps Turning Off

    I'd like to hear the problem. Mine recently started doing the same thing, but I haven't taken the time to troubleshoot it yet.
  2. DavidAM

    Yamaha RXV-1400 and no bass

    Thanks for the tips. I did go into manual setup after the auto and set the fronts to small, set xover at 80hz and then set the sub to "swfr". I still wasn't getting any sub output. I haven't been back to try a DVD yet. I have a HK 520 receiver and when using PLII or Logic 7 I get lots of bass...
  3. DavidAM

    Yamaha RXV-1400 and no bass

    I tried PLII and direct and neither gave me any bass.
  4. DavidAM

    Yamaha RXV-1400 and no bass

    I just put together a system for a friend and used the 1400 reciever. When I run the test tones, the sub outputs sound, but when I play stereo or watch TV (haven't tried a DVD yet) the sub isn't playing. Am I missing something in the settings?
  5. DavidAM

    Harman Kardon 520 question

    I have the HK 520 reciever. On some TV channels, usually my high def. channels, it will activate Dolby Digital with Pro Logic II at the same time. I don't mind this but it doesn't send a signal to my sub. It also won't let me switch to any other mode. This also happened on a DVD the other...
  6. DavidAM

    Pick up Lines, what works and what doesn't

    Do you believe in love at first site or do I have to pass by you twice?
  7. DavidAM

    Mt. Dew Drinkers!

    In high school I was told its shrinks your d*ck, so I never drank it again :D
  8. DavidAM

    Lost interest.

    I sorta lost interest also. Well, its not that I lost interest, I'm just happy with what I have now, so I haven't been following the latest and greatest stuff. By no means would I sell my equipment, I just don't have the desire for anything else right now.
  9. DavidAM

    Can anyone suggest a medicine/treatment for mouth ulcers?

    I rinse with strong salt water and put baking soda on them. Seems to get rid of them quickly.
  10. DavidAM

    So, what do you feed your dog/cat?

    I feed Science Diet and usually switch between the flavors.
  11. DavidAM

    Any Honda S2000 owners?

    Jeez Dennis, its like we're the same person! I agree to geting a few cheaper cars instead of 1 expensive one. I just sold my 2000 Accord and will be buying a truck to do stuff around my house. When I bought the supercharger for my miata, I considered what I would have to spend to make me happy...
  12. DavidAM

    Any Honda S2000 owners?

    I just finished installing the supercharger on my miata and this thing is FUN!!!! It sounds like a jet with that supercharger and this baby moves now. I'm bouncing off of the rev limiter often cause I'm not used to it accelerating so fast....gonna take some time to get used to. Now all I need...
  13. DavidAM

    Any Honda S2000 owners?

    Philip G, I take it you're on the miata.net forum? I'm putting the MP62 supercharger (brperformance.com) on my 2001 SE tomorrow. Also, I ran my first autocross this past weekend and beat the 2 S2000's that were there :D
  14. DavidAM

    How are LG Electronics products? (i.e. - refrigerators)

    I've only owned an LG phone but it never gave me a problem. You may want to see if you have a local Sears Scratch and Dent store. Lots of times the scratch or dent is on the side that would face a cabinet and you would never see it. I think you can go to sears.com and look for local stores.
  15. DavidAM

    Laminate or Hardwood Flooring?

    I have hardwood (Robbins prefinished wood...Sahara Sand color) throughout my whole house except for the kitchen and bathroom. I cannot think of any reason not to put wood in the bedrooms if that's what you want.
  16. DavidAM

    Laminate or Hardwood Flooring?

    I recommend hardwood too. I have it in my house and love it. I hate laminate wood floors....I can easily tell the difference and hate the "clank clank" sound when you walk on it. Also, I am a residential property appraiser and I do give more credit to people with real wood floors. It amazes me...
  17. DavidAM

    A Guy's rules..

    Remember, just because you read it doesn't mean everyone has seen it already. 99% of discussions on here have been discussed already....it would be a quiet forum if everyone did a search before posting.
  18. DavidAM

    Free EGM Subscription!

    Just write cancel on it and mail it back
  19. DavidAM

    xbox and cd-r's

    Just curious if anyone has any luck having their xbox reading a cd-r. I wanted to rip some music from burned disks to the hard drive but it won't recognize the discs.
  20. DavidAM

    Compliement from a stranger

    Maybe he was just hitting on you :b
  21. DavidAM

    stupid game but .....

    483mph on Monkey 283 on a slider
  22. DavidAM

    Better Jobs for Teenagers?

    Not sure how much it pays today, but I'd get a job in a grocery store or Wal-Mart (or something similar) and be the guy in the back that blocks groceries, stocks shelves, brings out the large purchases from the warehouse, etc. It's a pretty easy and lenient job that allows for a lot of time to...
  23. DavidAM

    weird, someone just credited my paypal account..

    TAKE IT!! TAKE IT!! TAKE IT!! :wink:
  24. DavidAM

    Red Bull!!!

    Red Bull and Vodka is usually my drink of choice when I go out on the weekends. I drank about 6 of them last night for new years :D Funny thing was when a girl asked me what I was drinking and after I told her, she looks at it and says "well its not red". For those that don't know, Red Bull is...
  25. DavidAM

    Tipping Question - Part 37

    I don't tip when picking up an order to go. Like others said, they might have work involved to bag it up but you are already being paid to do that job. I hate to change the subject a little, but how do you guys tip at a buffet place? If you go to a chinese buffet, do you tip as much as you...
  26. DavidAM

    What Did Y'all Get For Christmas???

    My parents gave me Lasik this year....now I can see the 56" widescreen TV they bought me last year for xmas :D
  27. DavidAM

    2nd date too soon to cook dinner?

    I don't see any problem with it and don't think it's forward either. Go for it. You're just asking her over for dinner, not to spend the night.
  28. DavidAM

    Free EGM Subscription!

    I'm pretty sure its legit. This popped up a couple of years ago and I got a years subscription to EGM then.
  29. DavidAM

    Free EGM Subscription!

    Cool, thanks.
  30. DavidAM

    Midnight Club 2 vs PGR2

    Cool, thanks for the other input. I always forget about renting games. I'll go rent it and check it out for myself. I gotta remind myself about renting games!! I always just buy and then find out I don't like it!