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  1. Thomas Nichols

    Win a Denon X5200W 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AVR with a copy of Insurgent on Blu-ray!

    Ideally, my ideal Atmos setup would be one that fit in my house. I prefer 7 channel surround to 5. I feel like the sound field is more enveloping in a 7 channel setup. In that way, I feel like the .4 Atmos setup would be the best. So I guess I would like the 7.1.4 setup.
  2. Thomas Nichols

    Polk R15 opinions?

    I have extensive time in with the R20's and they are an excellent speaker. When I bought them 3 years ago, I liked them better than the R15's. I thought they were a little cleaner. I thought I could hear detail better. Still, the R15 is a nice speaker. Very good for the money. I doubt you can...
  3. Thomas Nichols

    Hurricane Relief Raffle offered by AV 123.

    Tom here, checking in from Bangkok. I just wanted to thank Mark and all the people at AV123. I cannot wait to get back to the U.S. and have fun with these speakers.
  4. Thomas Nichols

    Paradigm vs Polk

    I don't think you would go wrong with either. Listen to both and pick which one you like best.
  5. Thomas Nichols

    Projector insanity...how can one choose?

    It can be tough trying to decide on a projector. If you are just going to do mainly DVD's, I would probably go for the LG. Why pay for the extra resolution if you do not intend to use it? If you have seen the LG and like the picture, I would just go for it.
  6. Thomas Nichols

    looking to buy LCD projector ???'s

    Depends on the box. I have seen Component and DVI.
  7. Thomas Nichols

    Looking forward to the next generation...

    Wow has turned my beloved Xbox into an ex-box. :b
  8. Thomas Nichols

    What were or still are, your favorite arcade games ?

    I have a soft spot for two different arcade games for very different reasons. 1. Wizard of Wor: This game came out when I was about 11. My mom would always drag me to the mall but she would let me hang out in the arcade while she shopped for a few hours. I was only 11 so I didn't have any...
  9. Thomas Nichols

    World of Warcraft

    You know, it's kind of funny...I never thought my HTF board would have on WoW nerds. Of course I am one myself. I got the game a few months ago and play a bit, but not a ton. I play on the Dragonblight server (not PVP). I have a 38th lvl gnome mage. I have really been enjoying the game. One of...
  10. Thomas Nichols

    looking to buy LCD projector ???'s

    ProjectorCentral doesn't really have any products, they just link to dealers who sell projectors. I have a Sanyo Z3 which I purchased for 1795 and I like it. I haven't had any experience with customer service because I haven't had any issues.
  11. Thomas Nichols

    Blackout and Frame With ???'s... Please Help!

    Good luck with your project!!
  12. Thomas Nichols

    HDMI, worth the $$$?... what about "cheap" cables...

    If you want good quality cables for a decent price, you may want to check out cablewholesale.com I have purchased almost all of my cables there. I have had very good service from them.
  13. Thomas Nichols

    Finally HD

    I got a DVR from my cable provider and I can record about 12 hours of HD. It works great for me. They aren't afraid to charge me 10$ a month for the DVR, but it is a small price to pay for being able to record HD....oh and Discovery has the best HD out there. You should check out Lost and Alias...
  14. Thomas Nichols

    So I ordered a Dayton sub the other night

    That was my first real subwoofer and loved it. I am certain that you will not be disappointed.
  15. Thomas Nichols

    up converting DVD players?

    I have the Denon 1910 and been very happy with it. You may want to check it out. It is near your price range.
  16. Thomas Nichols

    Panasonic PT-AE700U vs Sanyo PLV-Z3

    I have owned the Z3 for a couple of months and I love it. HD is great. It was easy to setup and install. I would try to look at them if you can. If you live close to a HTF member, most of them would be happy to have you over for a viewing (I would think).
  17. Thomas Nichols

    Harman Kardon AVR 125: remote control programming problems

    I have only used mine to control the receiver. Sometimes I accidentally hit a different input and then I cannot control the volume until I hit the AVR button again. I have used this remote on and off. I had to move my system once I started building my theater so I have been using the receivers...
  18. Thomas Nichols

    New speakers on a budget

    I have 4 Polk R20's and a CSi Center Channel which I purchased for just under 500$. Sounds spectacular. I would go check them out. Listen to as much as you can before you purchase and don't forget to take your favorite CD's with you. ps, you can throw in a Dayton subwoofer for just over 100$...
  19. Thomas Nichols

    Speaker stands for Studio 40?

    If anyone is looking at stands, I can strongly recommend the Sanus Steel Foundation (SF) series. I bought a pair and a center channel stand and they are very impressive. I mass loaded them with sand. They look great and are very stable. I don't have a 2 year old, but I do have cats and they have...
  20. Thomas Nichols

    Atlantic Technology system 350

    I have a HK 125. Good enought for my 8 ohm Polk R20's...but I think it would wilt under a 4 ohm load at the listening levels I prefer. :frowning:
  21. Thomas Nichols

    How often does the Dayton sub go on sale?

    It usually goes on sale a couple times a year. Worth every penny even at full price.
  22. Thomas Nichols

    Atlantic Technology system 350

    Boy do I wish I had the juice to drive those speakers....
  23. Thomas Nichols

    PB12-Plus/2 pre-order

    It has finally started. I was going to wait to buy a better subwoofer until they came out with the rosewood pb12 plus 2, but I couldn't wait. I got a PB10. I love that thing but now I am coveting the big boy. I hate SVS....making me want to part with hard earned money.
  24. Thomas Nichols

    My New SVS Twins Have Arrived!...

    I got super excited when I saw this thread pop up again thinking we were going to FINALLY see the 'octet'.... Maybe next year.... ;)
  25. Thomas Nichols

    Blackout cloth question

    My friend projects on the cloth side. We looked at both sides and decided we like the cloth better.
  26. Thomas Nichols

    Question for PB10 Owners

    Well, I ordered a PB10 this morning and am going to give it a go. I realized that Steve was correct and IF I don't like it, I can sell it and get the PB 12 Plus/2 I am lusting for....maybe when they get their wood finishes.....
  27. Thomas Nichols

    Question for PB10 Owners

    I have almost completed my first dedicated HT. It is a small room (13.5 X 16 X 7.5). One of the things I really wanted to do was upgrade my sub(Dayton Tiny Mighty, which I love but....). I want 'Face-Melting' bass. I want every movie to make me feel like the scene near the end of Raiders of the...
  28. Thomas Nichols

    SVS PB12+ vs my cat

    Bill, That is a great story. I have two cats who are hell on everything as well. My story is a bit different. I have had cats before and have always been able to deflect their scratching 'needs'. Posts and other measures have always helped. With my two boys now, they were scratching hellions...