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  1. Ariel

    Receiver vs. separate amplifier question

    Majority of what i read is there is a significant improvement in sound especially in the bass department if a separate amp is used to drive speakers. My question is what if the speakers are set to small (plus an active sub & receiver crossover @ 80hz), will there still be a big improvement in...
  2. Ariel

    Paradigm adp170 vs. adp370 vs. adp ref. w/c one?

    i might transfer my system to another room and i'm considering to use paradigm dipoles for surround as i already have the studio20 and center. is there a considerable difference in the sound of the 3 speakers mentioned above? fot the mains, there is improvement but for the dipoles, is it worth...
  3. Ariel

    Anyone else heard or have the Rotel RSX-1065

    made a search for this receiver here and found only one short review. how does this compare with other flagship receivers? i cannot demo this unit because it needs to be pre-ordered.
  4. Ariel

    Onkyo575x bass management missing something?

    i have the onkyo575x, studio20 fronts and pdr12 sub. setting the receiver to sub=yes, fronts=small i calibrated the level and run the individual test tone. the readings are as follows: (radio shack spl meter reading already compensated) 30hz - 75db 25hz - 74db 20hz - almost...
  5. Ariel

    small clarification for Tom Vodhanel (TN'n list)

    Hi Tom, i was browsing thru some TN'n data on subwoofer and i noticed that on one of your earlier post on this list http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htfo...ighlight=keele servo15 107.3db/21hz and on the later this becomes 107.3/27hz. which is the correct one since this is a big difference...
  6. Ariel

    Opinions on Boston PV1000 subwoofer.

    saw this sub today and was amazed by it's performance. size is small, almost the same as the velodyne spl1200. any opinion or comparison with other subs?
  7. Ariel

    Does room size affect how low the subwoofer can go?

    hi to all! my room is about 17' x 13' x 9' (L,w,H). i am wondering if i use a sub that is capable of reproducing 20hz and below like the servo15, will i hear or feel these frequencies? if not then i can save some money and buy a smaller sized sub that can just go to about 24hz. thanks in advance.
  8. Ariel

    Need opinion on comparison bet. b&w800asw & paradyne pw2200

    im considering to buy the paradigm pw2200 or the servo15, but just yesterday, i saw the b&w 800asw sold for about the same as the pw2200. i was not able to demo this unit because of lack of time but i will sometime next week. i just want to get more opinion from you on how does it compare w/...