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  1. Patrick Larkin

    Need Everything, $5K, What to buy?

    Hi - I need a whole new HT setup for a newly renovated room. Basement area with no windows. I'm leaning towards a Panasonic 65" plasma so that leaves around $3,000 for receiver, 5.1 speaker setup, blu-ray, Tivo. Naturally, I wouldn't mind spending less. I haven't bought any new gear...
  2. Patrick Larkin

    Brian Wilson Present SMiLE: The DVD

    Wow. I see no mention of this DVD. If I missed it, I apologize. Just came out this week. If you are a Brian Wilson fan, run out and get this DVD today. I only managed to get through Disc 1 so far. It contains that terrific documentary Beautiful Dreamer. Its an excellent story of Wilson and...
  3. Patrick Larkin

    Cheapest dish-based HDTV?

    Hello - I got my first HDTV (a Sony GWIV) and I need some HD content. I built my house with a single cable entry in the basement which stars out to every room in the house. I never wanted to worry about which room has CATV so they are all wired and ready. I really like this setup - the...
  4. Patrick Larkin

    Anyone Use "Delicious Library" to catalog DVDs?

    It looks pretty sweet on first impressions. I don't want to shell out the 40 clams unless I hear a positive review from other DVD junkies. Delicious Library Love the little shelf look:
  5. Patrick Larkin

    Sony GWIV - CableCard

    Hi - I just bought the Sony Grand Wega IV and it has a CableCard slot. My cable company offers CableCards surprisingly enough. Should I get one? How does it work? Does the coax connect to the card and the card goes in the TV? My biggest question. Does the CableCard not allow me to hook up...
  6. Patrick Larkin

    New G5 iMac

  7. Patrick Larkin

    The Grateful Dead Movie?

    Has anyone heard of this film coming out on DVD? I remember friends having it on VHS and its still available on that format. I'd really like get a hold of it at some point. Anyone seen "The Closing of Winterland" ??
  8. Patrick Larkin

    iTunes as Central Music Server

    Hello - I'm currently using iTunes as a server to stream music to different places in my house. I currently stream from the server to various Macs in the house and to the main system using Tivo and Home Media Option. I also plan on adding an Airport Express to enable another stereo. The...
  9. Patrick Larkin

    General Questions - New Tivo Owner

    hi - I have a couple questions about Tivo. 1. I tried to set up a "Season Pass" to record the John Stewart Show. The show is on 4 times a day, 10am, 7pm, 11pm, and 1 am. I want Tivo to record the 1am showing every night. I found the 1 am showing and then clicked on "Setup Season Pass" or...
  10. Patrick Larkin

    Condensation on Water Pipes

    In the basement of my house, I noticed a small drip pattern in straight lines across my basement. I look up and the water line from where it enters the house all the way around the basement is covered in water droplets. The droplets are dripping. Is this normal? Its humid today but not...
  11. Patrick Larkin

    iTunes 4.5 Out Today

    iTunes 4.5 was released today. The best new feature from my standpoint is the ability to print CD jewel box covers from itunes. There are several pre-canned templates and it uses the artwork in iTunes to make a very nice looking cover. Also, there appears to be many printable report options...
  12. Patrick Larkin

    New Lawn - Help Needed

    I have a new house with no grass. Let me give some background. We closed on Nov 21, 2003. We live in PA. Right before closing, they hydroseeded the lawn and then covered it with hay. Of course, it snowed like a week later and was pretty much below freezing all winter. At the same time, we...
  13. Patrick Larkin

    Wilco "A Ghost is Born" Now Streaming...

    from wilcoweb.com. And it sounds damned good. In other news, Jeff Tweedy has entered rehab for a "pain killer addiction."
  14. Patrick Larkin

    New (and old) WILCO

    Any Wilco fans out there? A lot of news... - Leroy Bach left the band and the new lineup consists of six people. - A new free download is available on Wilco's website called "Cars Can't Escape" from the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot sessions. It quite good ... - Wilco's new album A Ghost is...
  15. Patrick Larkin

    Diana Krall's new album (Costello collaboration)

    I'm going to have to buy the new Diana Krall CD now. I have a couple of her CD's but you could say I'm a MUCH bigger Elvis Costello fan. Sounds good...especially Krall doing "Almost Blue." From the Costello-A mailing list: "Diana Krall's new album, The Girl In The Other Room, will be...
  16. Patrick Larkin

    Can you "splice" coax?

    After moving into my new house complete with a structured wiring package, I've realized I chose incorrect locations or failed to see locations where connections make sense. I have one coax connection in the kitchen that I'd rather have about 8 feet away in the breakfast area. I'd like to...
  17. Patrick Larkin

    Need a new cell phone

    Hello - I'm posting here because I'd rather get some info here than from a cell phone salesman. I have an exisiting phone and service from ATT Wireless. I believe the contract expired a long time ago. Its my understanding that once the contract expires, you go month to month and can leave...
  18. Patrick Larkin

    What Trees to Plant - New House

    Hello - Its coming.... Spring that is and I want to get an early start on planting in my completely empty lot. We just bought a new house in November and it has nothing except grass seed and hay. Its a half acre lot so I'd like to get some trees planted in the front and back yard. I have...
  19. Patrick Larkin

    Leroy Bach Leaves Wilco

    Another Wilco member bites the dust. http://www.wilcoweb.com/news/index.html No reason stated. New Wilco album wrapped up... Pitchfork article Love the description of Jay Bennett's solo stuff: " Yeah, he still kind of sounds like that Crash Test Dummies guy doing an Elvis Costello...
  20. Patrick Larkin

    The $2000 PC Case. Guy turns G5 into a PC.

    This is outrageous. Look what this guy did to a beautiful new G5... Just LOOK at it! http://www.overclockers.com/tips1133/ Why would you do that? Its sick.
  21. Patrick Larkin

    Comments on Volvo S60?

    Hi everyone. My wife is looking at this car. Does anyone have one or does anyone have reasons they dislike this car? Thanks for any feedback.
  22. Patrick Larkin

    At Wit's End With Cable - ?? about DirecTV

    I'm ready to look into switching to DirecTV but first, wanted to check with experts. If this is the wrong fourm feel free to move... My cable company keeps increasing fees. I moved 8 miles last month and my EXACT same cable package is $9 more. Why? Oh, masked nonsense from the cable company...
  23. Patrick Larkin

    Costello - Krall Married

    the new power couple! Jazz singer Diana Krall has tied the knot with her beau of one year, Elvis Costello, in a wedding near London, Costello's public relations firm confirmed on Wednesday. http://www.cnn.com/2003/SHOWBIZ/Musi....ap/index.html
  24. Patrick Larkin

    X10 - Anyone do it?

    I dabbled a bit in X10 in my old house but didn't have much success. I wrote it off to the oldness of the house. I have a new house now and want to do some X10 automation. I want to start very simple at first: I want my porch and outside garage light to go on and off themselves. I'm thinking...
  25. Patrick Larkin


    My dog got zapped by a skunk for the second time this week tonite. Apparently, there is a skunk in my yard somewhere. My dog was freaking out at the back corner of my fence - barking and clawing. I got her to come in the house and -zoosh- the skunk smell everywhere. This skunk is obviously...
  26. Patrick Larkin

    Coen Bros and Final Cut Pro

    Interesting article on how the Coen Brothers edited Intolerable Cruelty on Macs running Final Cut Pro. This was the first film they edited digitally.
  27. Patrick Larkin

    Viewing Distance : Screen Size

    Hello - Is there a rule for the amount of screen for the viewing distance? If one were to sit 10 feet from the TV, what's the maximum size screen? Is 50" too big? I'm thinking 42" will be too small. Thanks.
  28. Patrick Larkin

    MacOS X 10.3 Panther - Oct 24

    Apple Announces Mac OS X 'Panther' Wednesday October 8, 8:31 am ET Shipping October 24 With More Than 150 New Features CUPERTINO, Calif., Oct. 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL - News) today announced that Mac OS X version 10.3 "Panther," the next major release of the...
  29. Patrick Larkin

    New CD from "The Shins" coming...

    Chutes Too Narrow - Oct 21. I hope I'm not the only Shins fan here. Can't wait. Oh Inverted World is my favorite CD of the 21st century (except maybe the last 2 Wilco CDs.)
  30. Patrick Larkin

    Speaker Wall Plates

    I have a house being built that is currently without drywall. I wanted to prewire my rear surround speakers in the family room by using one of these wall plates on each side of the room. Receiver to wall plate, under floor to other wall plate to speakers. I'd use banana plugs on each end but I'm...