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  1. CraigL

    New Sarah Mclachlan "Bloom" Remix CD

    Sarah McLachlan's new remixed record entitled Bloom will be released on September 6, 2005. The confirmed tracklisting is: 1. World On Fire (Junkie XL Club Mix) 2. Ice (Dusted Mix) 3. Vox (Tom Middleton Mix) 4. Dirty Little Secret (Thievery Corporation) 5. Stupid (DJ Hyper Remix) 6...
  2. CraigL

    Logo! channel premieres!

    News: When the Logo cable channel debuts Thursday on cable television systems reaching 10 million homes, it will make history as the first basic cable channel aimed specifically at LGBT audiences. Logo is the newest channel from the MTV Networks, a part of media giant Viacom, which also owns...
  3. CraigL

    New Madonna: Defying Gravity 11/05

    Madonna has signed a $9.5 million deal to launch her own perfume range to coincide with the release of her new album Defying Gravity. The Material Girl is following in the footsteps of fellow pop stars J.Lo and Britney by releasing her own scent - originally titled Madonna. Both the perfume...
  4. CraigL

    Aviator Bonus Disc: Wal Mart???

    OK so has anyone been able to find the 3 disc version of the Aviator at Wal-Mart? Apparently they're the only ones with the exclusive bonus disc and none of the Wally Worlds near me has it. Anyone pick it up?
  5. CraigL

    Vob/Mpg won't burn onto DVD! Help!

    Hey all, I'm making a compilation DVD and for some reason, every program is having a problem with one file. This vob/mpg will play in full on my power DVD and WMP as well as VirtualDub. But when I try and open it with any other program (TMPGENC, videoredo, dvd-lab) which involves editing or...
  6. CraigL

    Star Wars: AOTC in HD last weekend?

    OK aside from it being the wrong aspect ratio I definitely enjoyed it! Anyone else watch it? Question though...was it the IMAX version? I did notice a bunch of smaller cuts from the parts that I saw...and it made the movie flow a lot better. Anyone confirm or deny?
  7. CraigL

    any deals on reliable CD-R's?

    I've always used the FUJI CD-Rs made in Japan. Anyone know of any good deals on reliable CD-R media?
  8. CraigL

    Converting 704x480 to 720x480?

    Hey all, I'm making a compilation DVD and most of the videos on it are 720x480. all the material is 4x3 full screen. However, a few of the videos are 704x480 and i'd like it all to be uniform so that I dont have to create differnet titles for the few that are 704. any suggestions? i'm using...
  9. CraigL

    Terminator 2 Korean 3-disc NEW!

    Just wondering if anyone else knows anything about the packaging for this set. Supposedly it has: 1) Theatrical Version 2) Special Edition 3) Extras
  10. CraigL

    Ipod Problems...

    So I bought my Ipod 2 days ago and these are the problems I'm currently having... I've been using my own headphones for my Ipod because here in NYC, there's been a rash of Ipod thefts and apparently they're looking for the tell-tale white headphones. My headphones worked great with my Sony CD...
  11. CraigL

    Recommendations for small stereo system?

    Boys and Girls... I'm just looking for a small stereo system for my bedroom. Can anyone recommend a good deal or a system that they have or have heard? I just want something that's not too expensive and sounds good. Don't need a tape player...just CD.
  12. CraigL

    SVHS recommendations?

    Hey ya'll... I'm looking for a good deck with great playback to transfer a lot of my stuff to DVD. Anyone have any recommendations on which ones to look at and where to buy? I can't even find a place with any in stock at this point. Thanks!
  13. CraigL

    Finding Neverland in DTS?

    I know the movie isn't screaming for it but just wondering if any region is getting it in DTS before I buy the R1 version. Anyone?
  14. CraigL

    Dangerous Game (1993) in April?

    I saw on a Madonna fan site that MGM is finally releasing Dangerous Game on 4/12 but can't find any confirmation of that date on any website. They even have the cover artwork up. Can anyone confirm this? EDIT: OK so I've done a little research and apparently it's coming out April 12th...
  15. CraigL

    JSDVD.MALL...ever use them??

    Hey all, Just wondering if anyone ever used this etailer for imports. I placed my order a few days ago and haven't received any sort of update as of yet. Thanks!
  16. CraigL

    Momitsu problems

    Hey all, I just got my momitsu player about 2 weeks ago and just got around to testing it out on a few movies this weekend. I'm getting audio drop-outs a lot. Last night on The Italian Job, it was happening every few minutes. It's also stuttering: the screen and sound will pause occasionally...
  17. CraigL

    *** Official ROBOTS Review Thread

    Saw Robots this morning and enjoyed it. It wasn't fantastic and as I said in another thread, it's hard to enjoy other animated films when Pixar sets the bar so high. The voices are very good but Robin Williams is doing his typical schntick again. They seemed to have everybody and their mother...
  18. CraigL

    Cellular- 2 disc DTS-ES in Taiwan?

    Hey all, Anyone have this? The R1 DD track kicks ass and I can't imagine how much better the DTS track is. I just put in an order last night and am waiting for the amount of my charges. Not sure about extras either.
  19. CraigL

    Sarah McLachlan: Fumbling Towards Ecstasy LIVE DVD!

    Hey ya'll... Although this has been available forever on vhs...seems like the Canadians are getting a R1 version of it on March 15th. It's full screen and doesn't appear to have any extras but it's FINALLY on DVD!!! And very cheap at that!
  20. CraigL

    Any good deals on blank DVD's?

    Like the title says...
  21. CraigL

    Star Wars BONUS DISC with lightsaber!

    From theforce.net http://theforce.net/latestnews/story...cted_89452.asp Only packaged with a toy lightsaber coming out April 2nd. DVD CONTAINS: Chapter 1 and 8 of the first season of the animated clone wars. A mini documentary " the legend of the Lightsaber" which includes some...
  22. CraigL

    Calibration in NYC?

    Not sure if this is the right place but can anyone recommend a place for calibration in NYC? Not too expensive please! I'm actually in Astoria, Queens. Thanks!
  23. CraigL

    Will & Grace Season 4?

    Any word? R2 is getting Season 5 this month. We finally have a chance to catch up with them! :)
  24. CraigL

    Update on Dual-Layer discs/burning???

    Hey all, Just wondering if there's been an update on this practice as of yet. Can you choose where the layer change goes as of yet? Any price update on the discs? Just curious...
  25. CraigL

    Tori Amos' The Beekeeper CD-- a disappointment

    Hey all, I've been listening to this CD for the last few days and been struggling to get into it. I hate to say it but this is (by far) the worst album she's ever put out. Now in saying this, I'm a HUGE Tori fan. Seen her in concert more times than I can count. But this is now "tori-lite" and...
  26. CraigL

    Tsunami Aid: A Concert of Hope in HD on NBC?

    Anyone know if this is going to be in HD on Saturday?
  27. CraigL

    Java help!

    Hey all, OK...about 2 days ago my computer decided it had enough of me. Now, I'm having massive problems with java and my internet connection. Anything related to java is making my computer crash constantly. If my aol uses anything that incorporates java or if my Internet Explorer does as...
  28. CraigL

    Alexander-- Stone editing the DVD!

    If this is true, it's utter bullshit and I'm disgusted. From today's New York Post. --------------- January 6, 2005 -- OLIVER Stone is disappointed in the response to his "Alexander the Great," and plans to alter the movie for its release on DVD. "There's a raging fundamentalism in morality...
  29. CraigL

    Anyone a member of Star Wars Insider?

    Ugh...so annoyed with this magazine. I've been a fan club member since 1989 and have every issue printed. They just were taken over by another printing company and the last two issues have been mailed without the plastic protective wrapping and with the label printed right onto the magazine...
  30. CraigL

    Man On Fire- 2 disc SE announced...

    From KoreanDVD's... Release Date 1/14 DTS/DD5.1 sound Disc 1 - Feature Audio Commentary by Director Tony Scott (Kor Sub) - Inside Look - A Teaser for "Hide And Seek" (Kor Sub) - 14 Deleted Scenes, with Optional Director Disc 2 - Documentary - Vengeance is Mine...