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  1. Jonathan M

    DIY Subwoofer page updated (with video) + new speaker pics

    Hi all, Just thought I'd let you all know that I've updated my subwoofer page, and added some pics + stuff for the speakers I'm building. They'll be 5 identical bookshelf sized ones. Go here for a looksee at my home theatre page. You can click through from here to see the speakers and the...
  2. Jonathan M

    Analysis of the NAD T752 bass management

    Hi All, As promised, I analysed the bass management using a method I developed to measure it's frequency response over the weekend. It was quite successful, and I was able to easily verify that the NAD acts like one would presume it should under most conditions. For a start, the manual...
  3. Jonathan M

    DIY Dolby Digital and DTS test tone CD

    Hi all, Just thought I'd share a method I've discovered for creating testtone CDs with Dolby Digital and DTS surround multichannel tones allowed. Basically it involves creating the various tones/pink noise etc. that you want as a WAV file, and then converting up to 6 mono wave files into a...
  4. Jonathan M

    NAD T752 Bass management issues with Analog Stereo

    Hi All, Just purchased my NAD T752 and have discovered a "feature" that is not in agreement with what is written in the manual. With an analog stereo input signal, there is no bass management in effect. The left and right signals are summed and sent to the sub-out which is low passed at...
  5. Jonathan M

    New Bass Shakers

    I have 2 bass shakers from Aura Interactor vests available. They are brand new and have just been removed from the vests. I got the vests cheap, and am only looking for what I paid for them. I'm willing to send the whole package (amp, power supply, vest, shaker) but it'll be heavy (3kg or so)...
  6. Jonathan M

    El Cheapo Bass Shaker experiments - promising!

    Hi All, After completing (Except for the Linkwitz Transform) my DPL12 based sub running off my DIY sub amp I found a rather attractive price on the Aura Interactor Vests here in New Zealand. They were going for NZ$15 each - that's around US$8 a pop. This includes the vest (Has a single 25W...
  7. Jonathan M

    NZ HTFer needs help from US to purchase remote

    Hi all, I'm in New Zealand, and am wanting to purchase a remote control from the US, but most places are charging exorbitant amounts for postage (Like US$40 to send a remote!) I am after a One4All URC-8811 remote. It's an 8 in 1 jobby, and can be programmed via the computer using the JP1...
  8. Jonathan M

    NAD T742 - new baby from NAD - anyone seen/heard it

    Hi All, Finally, a new version of the T741 from NAD has been released in the US. Has anyone seen it or, even better, heard it? I am personally going to be obtaining a T741 here in NZ in a month or two, and am looking for reviews of it, however none are available. Based on the specs, it...
  9. Jonathan M

    How much gain does the average plate amp have?

    Hi All, Just finished my DIY sub + amp, and am not happy at the moment with the amount of gain it supplies to the signal. The amp itself has a gain of 23 (Feedback loop is a 22k resistor, with 1k to ground), and the preamp section has a gain of 2. How much gain does the average plate...
  10. Jonathan M

    Cabinet Builders: How to apply 6mm timber to MDF with Mitred corners

    Another question in the endless pursuit of attractive cabinets. I'm building smallish satellites from 18mm MDF, and am considering covering them with 6mm thick timber instead of veneer. (Due to the high cost of Veneer in New Zealand, and because I have heaps of recycled native timber lying...
  11. Jonathan M

    Down Firing vs. Front Firing + Adire DPL 12 Cutout info

    Is there any difference to the sound produced? I'm a little concerned that the carpet may absorb a little of the sound - anyone got any comments on the pros/cons? If I go for down firing, are around 90mm legs enough for the DPL12? Also, has anyone got any info on the diameter of the Adire...
  12. Jonathan M

    DIY sub amp pics posted

    Hey all, Just thought I'd post some (rather blurry) pics of my DIY sub amp. It's capable of around 300W RMS into 4 ohms. I'm just waiting on the slow boat from the US to deliver my DPL12 to get the rest of it done! Pics are here The xover is a 4th order L/R at 80Hz, although I may alter...
  13. Jonathan M

    Decoder Quality - Is there a difference??

    After much searching on the net, there seems to be a generally held opinion that one should opt for decoders in a receiver over on-board decoders in DVD Players. After researching the actual chips etc. involved, it seems to me that any differences would be marginal at best. Has anyone...
  14. Jonathan M

    Veneering cabinets - Driver holes before or after?

    Hi there, Just in the planning stages still. Was wondering whether it is better to route all holes before or after veneer is applied to the cabinet. Will probably be doing the wrap technique. Cheers Jonathan
  15. Jonathan M

    WTB: Dolby Digital/DTS decoder OR pre/pro

    I'm after an external dolby digital decoder (DTS is a plus) similar to a technics SH-AC300/500 to use primarily as a pre/pro. Volume control is a bonus, but not a necessity - same for remote control. Price range is up to US$400, depending on features! Must be willing to ship to New Zealand...
  16. Jonathan M

    Bass Management Measurements Needed

    Hi All, I'm in the market for a receiver (low end) and am wanting my system to be as good as possible. I have a little information concerning the bass management of various receivers, but not nearly enough to determine the exact nature of the crossover frequencies and alignments. Has...
  17. Jonathan M

    Use of Autosound drivers (Shock, Horror!)

    Hi all, Thinking about building a HT sub, and am wanting it to be reasonably priced (Read cheap) My current idea is a small, sealed Linkwitz Transformed sub. I'm quite capable of building a 300W or so sub amp, and have already started sourcing components for it. I've got all the info for...