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  1. Jeremy Illingworth

    what to replace CD changer with?

    I have an older Pioneer 100 disc changer, but its starting to wear out. Rather than just replace it I was wondering about storing my music electronically and having it sent to the amp. My first choice would be if somebody invented a CD player with a hard drive that could simply store all my CDs...
  2. Jeremy Illingworth

    second hand book shops in London

    I heading to London, England, next spring and am hoping to hit some second hand book shops while there. I'm primarily interested in Folio Society books and was wondering is anybody here could recommend some stores or point me in the right direction to finding them. jeremy
  3. Jeremy Illingworth

    best way to demolish chimney

    I need to remove a brick chimney from a 1936 house that goes from the basement to the roof. Has anybody done this before? What's the best way to preceed? For the portion above the roof and in the attic I was simply going to break them loose and throw them into the chiney, periodically...
  4. Jeremy Illingworth

    well bound books

    As of late I have been reading the great works of literature and stumbled across the books of Easton Press. They are beautiful, well made books which I would love to add to my library, but they are extremely expensive. Are there any other publishers making nicely bound editions of classics that...
  5. Jeremy Illingworth

    LCD television reviews

    I'm looking to buy a 26/27 inch LCD television set but I'm having trouble finding reviews on current models. I'm a member of the Consumer Reports web site, but they have out of date review. Where can I get a review of what's in store now? jeremy
  6. Jeremy Illingworth

    what to do in Portland?

    I'm going to Portland for the weekend and was wondering what to do? I've already got some stores picked out, like Rejeuvination Lighting, Williams Sonoma, Paradise Pen, etc. but was wondering if there are any interesting and unique places to go or things to do that I may not know about. jeremy
  7. Jeremy Illingworth

    looking for a nice writing pen

    I just got back from Japan where I bought enough letter writing sets to last until HD DVD becomes obsolete and now I would like a nice pen to write with. Nothing as fancy as a Mont Blanc (are they really worth the money), just a good pen to write with. What are the big names in pens?
  8. Jeremy Illingworth

    Looking for a new table saw

    I'm suddenly in the market for new table saw, hopefully soon. Can anyone recommend one or point me to a table saw review online? I've seen table saw shootouts in magazines, but never bought them because I didn't need a saw then, but I do now. jeremy
  9. Jeremy Illingworth

    What to see in Japan?

    Next week I'm going to Japan for a month. I'm going to spend three weeks in Tokyo and one week travelling on a Japan Rail pass. I was thinking about heading south towards Hiroshima and Miyajima and then back up. Where would you stop along the way? jeremy
  10. Jeremy Illingworth

    what is the quickest driving route from Calgary to the Vancouver ferry terminal?

    I think the headline says it all. I'm wanting to drive a moving truck from Calgary early in the morning to make the last ferry to Victoria. What is the best route and what is the expected drive time for fair weather? How about foul? jeremy
  11. Jeremy Illingworth

    Are Swiss watches cheaper in Switzerland?

    I'm hoping to be heading over that way later in the year and I was wondering if they're cheaper where they're made. Does anyone know if Tissot or Rolex does factory tours? jeremy
  12. Jeremy Illingworth

    What MP3 player to get?

    I was thinking of getting an MP3 player but there are so many out there. I want either 128 or 256 MB and either internal battery or AA. What do you have and what do you recommend? jeremy
  13. Jeremy Illingworth

    how much are old movie theater seat worth?

    I have some movie theater seat, probably from the forties, that I was going to sell in the local paper. I have no idea what to ask and I though maybe some of you guys might have purchased some and could give me an idea of the going rate. Here's a picture: http://jeremyillingworth.tripod.com/...
  14. Jeremy Illingworth

    French chocolate dessert

    I was in France and has a dessert at a restaurant and I really want to make it here. I can't find a recepie and I cannot remember the correct spelling, which makes it harder to find. It was MOO-LEE-UH au chocolat, a small chocolate cake served warm with liquid chocolate in the center. Can...
  15. Jeremy Illingworth

    has anybody ever sold their own house?

    I'm getting ready to move and will be needing to sell my own house. My neighbour suggested that I try to sell it my self. We live on a street that gets a fair amout of traffic. I know a real estate agent can be a valuable ally, but I can take $10,000 less for the house and still make as much...
  16. Jeremy Illingworth

    anybody going to Normandy for D Day?

    I got invited last Friday. I had to pay extra to get my passport in time. The people with which I am going didn't realize it was the D Day anniversary. They are staying at a friend's house in a tiny, not on the map town near Rouen. They're taking me because they can't speak French. I'm guessing...
  17. Jeremy Illingworth

    transporting live lobster

    I'm on the coast right now and I want to bring home a lobster (I live in the desert) to cook for the friend who watches my house while I'm gone. How long can they live out of water? I suppose you can't carry one on the plane so I'll have to wrap it in plastic and check it. What do I do with it...
  18. Jeremy Illingworth

    anybody have a Roomba?

    I saw one at the vacuum store and thought how cool they are. Who has one? Are you happy with it? Tell me more tell me more, was it love at first sight? jeremy
  19. Jeremy Illingworth

    anybody else get Mario Kart?

    Its not a huge leap up from 64, but a good game still. I've only played the single player mode so far. The character switching does add to the game, mostly because the characters are no longer tied to their specific cart. The tracks are fun and more three dimensional than ever before. I just...
  20. Jeremy Illingworth

    can someone catch me up on Enterprise?

    The last one I saw was the season one cliffhanger with Archer trapped in the future. How did that end? Then I watched last night and they have clearly gone into the season long story lines without letting me know. Who are the Zindi and what did they do? Who was the guy in the foreign uniform...
  21. Jeremy Illingworth

    pink pineapples

    I have seen pictures of them on the internet. Pineapples that are pink. Has anybody seen one? Do you know where to get them? If anybody can point me to a place that sells them or can pick one up for me locally and send it (I'll send you some money) I'd be really happy. jeremy
  22. Jeremy Illingworth

    Rubik's Cube

    The paint store where I occasionally go just got a Rubik's Cube from a supplier. One of the sides has the company logo instead of a colour. Anyways, I decided to try it and the first side came easily but the second is more difficult, because I keep altering the first. Any advice? Should you go...
  23. Jeremy Illingworth

    crossing the Panama Canal is a small vessel

    I was just wondering what the procedure was. Is there a seperate set of smaller locks for smaller ships or do they just toss you with a cruise ship or do they wait until they have enought small ships to go at once? Whats the cost? How long does it take to go through? jeremy
  24. Jeremy Illingworth

    Gilmore Girls general question

    I didn't want to put this in the weekly episode discussion because its not related to a single episode and you always a week ahead of me. Is it just me or do they ofter start sub plots that never seem to be resolved. The German maid for example. It took up almost a quarter of an episode and...
  25. Jeremy Illingworth

    how to quickly and easily make hardwood floors look nice?

    I'm painting the dining room and I have all the furniature out so I thought maybe I could spiff up the floor a little. I don't want to sand and refinish them, just something to make it shiny and nice. Any suggestions? jeremy
  26. Jeremy Illingworth

    look for progressive scan player recommendations

    I'd like to move up to a progressive DVD player so I can quit using the PlayStation2 to watch movies. Picture quality and reliability are the most important features to me. I'd like DTS decoders and automatic scaling of non anamorphic DVDs, but those are just nice extras. It would also be nice...
  27. Jeremy Illingworth

    best at home, no equipment exercise for abs

    I'm looking for some ab exercises to add to my current cardio and pushups. I keep hearing that crunches are out and this fad and that new thing but whats the best? Or at least really good? And how many in a set? jeremy
  28. Jeremy Illingworth

    having problems installing toilet

    I've installed a toilet before but this time I'm having lots of trouble and kind figure out why. I took it up to lay down a new tile floor after removing the carpet. After the floor was done I bought a flange riser kit which has two spacers for making the flange taller. The first time I tried...
  29. Jeremy Illingworth

    best way to remove silicone?

    The shower stall leaks so I'm removing the old silicone but I'm having trouble around the metal edge on the bottom. I tried using a putty knife but I scratch the metal. Is there a solvent specifically for this? jeremy
  30. Jeremy Illingworth

    what is the best FPS on GameCube: Time Splitters 2 vs Jedi Outcast vs Medal Of Honor

    I want a new FPS but can't decide between the two. I still have to play Perfect Dark to get some killing done. Single player is the most important to me but I may make some friends in the new year so some value is placed on multi player, especially with bots. Whats your pick? jeremy