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  1. Joshua Moran

    Which Racing Game should I get for X-Box

    New to X-Box and was wondering which Racing game I should get. Project Gothem Racing Sega GT Midnight Club 2
  2. Joshua Moran

    FS: 1GB IBM Compact Flash Microdrive

    Want to sell my 1GB microdrive. This is a Compact flash card and will work in cameras, pocket pcs and anything else that can read CF cards. I also have a PCMCIA adapter for it. Asking $150 OBO.
  3. Joshua Moran

    Powerman 5000's new CD Transform is out today

    Anyone picking it up?
  4. Joshua Moran

    Is My Neighbor Totoro only available in P&S?

    With the recent releases of Miyazaki's films, I thought I would check out what others were available and was surprised that this one was out but only in Pan & Scan, and by FOX no less. Is this the only version available on DVD in the States? or is there a Region 0 widescreen version somewhere...
  5. Joshua Moran

    Who or Where do we report bootlegs too?

    Seems that Ebay is selling Bootleg copies of the movie House of 1000 Corpses before it even hits the theater. That really isn't fair don't you think.
  6. Joshua Moran

    Is anyone going to buy MGS2: Substance on the PC?

    I was just curious if anyone is looking forward to the PC version of this game. According to the PC Gamer with Star Wars Galaxies on the cover the PC version is going to have enhanced AI. I want to see how enhanced it is or if it is just another gimick.
  7. Joshua Moran

    Is Bjork - Vespertine still available on DVD-A?

    Does anyone know?
  8. Joshua Moran

    PS2 with 7 games $220

    I would like to sell my Playstation 2 for $220. Price is not set in stone and I am willing to negotiate on it. What is included: Playstation 2 console, 2 controllers, 1 8meg mem card, and 2 normal PS1 mem cards The Games that are included are PS2 Gran Turismo 3 PS2 Kessen PS2 Soul...
  9. Joshua Moran

    Question for the Twin Peaks fans

    If a disc were to come out with nothing but the deleted scenes of Fire Walk With Me and was priced at the $10.00 to $15.00 range would you buy it? I was talking to a person that manages a DVD mastering company and we were on the subject of DVD's you can't get here in the States like some of the...
  10. Joshua Moran

    Megadeth to Release Live DVD and CD 3-19

  11. Joshua Moran

    DVD tracking Software for the Pocket PC?

    What tracking software do you guys use for your Pocket PC's I downloaded DVDx but have not used it yet. Is there any you recommend?
  12. Joshua Moran

    has anyone noticed the American Pie 2 commercial?

    They only show the Full Frame version of the DVD as available on Tuesday. This is disturbing as the studios seem to push Full Frame/P&S discs more now that J6P has bought a DVD player. :angry: I hope widescreen DVD's don't go the way of the dodo!
  13. Joshua Moran

    Is there a Blue Velvet Special Edition coming?

    I have heard numerous rumors that there is going to be a Special Edition of David Lynch's Blue Velvet? Is this true? If so does anyone have a projected release date?
  14. Joshua Moran

    Twin Peaks Pilot DVD

    OK, I have never seen Twin Peaks but I plan on getting the Box Set as soon as it comes out which I think is next week. Anyway I know that this has been covered but I want to be sure. Is the Silver Screen or what ever Pilot DVD that is region free the good ending that does not show the killer? or...
  15. Joshua Moran

    DVD-Audio question

    I have a DVD Audio ready receiver. My question is do I just have to hook up a DVD-Audio player with the 6 component cables to the back of the receiver? Or is there another decoder I have to buy? Also I have the digital audio out hooked up with an Toslink optical cable. Will this cause any...
  16. Joshua Moran

    Return of the Joker Uncut

    Batman" DVDs coming in 2002. The original cut of "Return of the Joker" with the intact flashback sequence will be out, along with the "Batman & Mr. Freeze: Subzero" feature and the "World's Finest" episodes. As for the big one - the animated series, the article says "WB did say if the interest...
  17. Joshua Moran

    Well I did it!

    I talked the Wife into letting me get the LOTR DVD player. As soon as it comes in, I will post a review of the exclusive DVD with some screen shots.
  18. Joshua Moran

    Music in the new LOTR trailer?

    What is the music that is playing in the new LOTR trailer right when the text "Evil will hunt them appears"?
  19. Joshua Moran

    How is the Suspira LE DVD?

    I just picked this 3 Disc set up because it looked like it might be a good scare. Been a long while since I had one of those. Anyway I am at work and was wondering has anyone taken a look at the disc is it any good as far as quality goes?
  20. Joshua Moran

    Nightbreed Director's Cut - DVD

    What are the odds Warner will actually release the Nightbreed Director's Cut next year? On Clive Barker's web site he mentions this as happening. I believe the difference in run times is 20 minutes. Fox felt that the footage was too explicit for an R rating and ordered Clive to cut it. Now...
  21. Joshua Moran

    Any reviews on the Yamaha DVD-S510?

    I am looking for any reviews or opinions on Yamaha's DVD-S510 player.