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  1. CraigF

    Incorrect Framing or Artistic Choice?

    I'm asking this so that maybe I can get over something that really annoys me. I may have the wrong idea about it since I don't have an artistic cell in my body. I hate seeing the top inch or two of heads being cut off. I notice it in movies, and especially more often in TV. All on BD that is...
  2. CraigF

    International The Harder They Come - UK Blu-ray from Odeon - any info?

    Any interest here? No real useful info at all on the Odeon site, I thought maybe someone more local has seen/found some info. I suppose I would be foolish to expect a release that isn't pretty disappointing in most ways, based on all the past DVD "efforts". A half-decent pic based on an actual...
  3. CraigF

    International Can anyone help me with these Network (UK) titles?

    Black Narcissus, Capricorn One (their latest BD version), The Four Feathers. DVDBeaver doesn't have a comparison of these versions, I could only find "reviews" which are mostly about the films and little about the BDs, in general. I am completely unfamiliar with this label, mostly I'm only...
  4. CraigF

    MPEG-2 Transfers that could use an Update

    A worthwhile topic? With a redundant title...unless there are some that are just so good they don't need an update... Perhaps selfish, but I know I have some MPEG-2 BDs and I have no way to track them down except by loading each disc into the BDP - not gonna happen. Many cover inserts don't...
  5. CraigF

    Firefly Series BD @ amazon.ca

    Just thought I'd mention this is ~US$25 at amazon.ca (half the amazon.com price), but you'll have to pay for shipping. Maybe pick up Sin City or From Dusk Till Dawn for ~US$11 to pad it out (only since you can't yet get them in the U.S., so any price is "cheap" if you want them).
  6. CraigF

    Digital Video Essentials BD: Contrast Adjustment?

    I may be an idiot, but what am I looking for when I "calibrate" with this test pattern? Most of the other tests are easy because you adjust until you can or can't see something, but I don't see anything like that here, seems like a matter of "taste". Or am I missing it? Thanks. I'm using...
  7. CraigF

    What is the truth for PS3 and SACD ?

    Have an opportunity to upgrade from a 40GB to a 80GB PS3 = SACD. Considering it. I am reading that "most" HDMI 1.3 AVRs will not accept the PS3 multichannel PCM output over HDMI and give the same SQ as a regular SACD player. But they are OK for the SACD in stereo. Is this true? For...
  8. CraigF

    Query for anyone experienced with CRT RPTV repairs

    Have a 51" Sony CRT RPTV that's maybe 6 years old. Recently started noticing these light curved lines across the screen, and now they seem to have gotten denser (i.e. more of them). They're only visible on dark displays, but only some dark displays. And they're not visible when the DVDP is...
  9. CraigF

    Those double feature discs all over the place these days

    Has anybody found anything decent that isn't a screw-up? Like most of the bargain hunters here, I have most of the better titles already as they have mostly bin in the WM bins over the years. But occasionally there's a combo that I don't already have both titles. Haven't yet seen one of them...
  10. CraigF

    Some Films the Bogart Collection (II) has got me interested in seeing

    I'm a sucker for films with old planes. Dive Bomber and Captains of the Clouds looked really nice in the excerpts shown. I understand DB is available in R2, CotC maybe on VHS only. Do you think there's much demand for this type of vintage aerial war film, to the extent that these perhaps "not...
  11. CraigF

    Reno 911 Season 3

    Any comments on this? I am only able to watch it on DVD. I thought S2 was pretty good, much better than S1, and hoping there's a trend... Thanks.
  12. CraigF

    Spike Lee Joint Collection - any more info?

    Five titles on 3 discs (check amazon etc. for list), so likely at least a couple of DVD-18's. Cheap enough though...I'm a glutton for punishment based on my DVD-18 experience lately. I'm mainly wondering if all titles are anamorphic. And is Do the Right Thing in 1.66 or 1.85 i.e. are these...
  13. CraigF

    Reliable Place to get Schematics?

    Want the service manual for an HT receiver that's a few years old. Preferably online in pdf at a reasonable price. Not a place hosted somewhere that you wouldn't want to do a $ transaction with, if you know what I mean... Thanks.
  14. CraigF

    Red Dwarf: Help Me!

    Two things first. Red Dwarf is very expensive here, even in the context of generally expensive BBC shows. I (blind) bought Red Dwarf seasons 1 & 2 in a package years ago, and I thought it was the worst TV show I'd ever seen, a real effort to finish. However, I thought it had real potential...
  15. CraigF

    $20 all-region Player

    This may be well-known, but thought I'd mention it JIC. The Cyberhome 300S is going for $20 after rebate from amazon.com with free shipping. This is a bottom-line player, but I've had one for quite some time and it works just fine (still!). Good for getting into non-R1/0 discs. There's tons of...
  16. CraigF

    Corner Gas S2 - any comments?

    I don't know a thing about it, but picked it up because I thought S1 was OK. Would you say it's better or worse overall than S1? Thanks.
  17. CraigF

    Curb Your Enthusiasm - Season 4

    If there's another thread on this I didn't find it...I suppose I'll hear if there is.:D Pretty good season, no extras at all though. What I wanted to mention is the extremely noticeable video artifacts. All sorts of them, really bad IMO, even more so in the context of other HBO DVD's. For...
  18. CraigF

    The Boys From Brazil: what's the story on this?

    Can anybody help me? I have never actually seen the DVD, have read this and that, and have gotten some ominous inferences re it, but nothing solid (it's like there's an inside story I don't know, but everybody else does). Thanks. [For some reason I can't get what info DVDBeaver has on this...
  19. CraigF

    Are there any DVD-As that put out 96kHz stereo digitally?

    :) Poorly worded, but you probably know what I mean... I would like a 96kHz digital output to feed into a DAC, for a demo. I read long ago that some Silverline DVD-As did this (not copy-protected etc.), but I don't think the few of them I have do. My player is an RP82 if that matters. Thanks.
  20. CraigF

    What does this new "Copy Protected" logo on disc packages mean?

    Started noticing this recently. Hope it's not some BS like they tried on CD's a few years ago, couldn't play them with some players. Anybody know if it's something new about how the DVD's are recorded, or just a new logo from the marketing types? I don't copy stuff, mainly concerned if it might...
  21. CraigF

    How do I find threads about "24" ?

    With the search engine. I can't even get the search engine at my favorite etailer to bring the season sets up, if I decided to buy them once I found out some info about them here! Thanks.
  22. CraigF

    Warner Brothers customer service phone number?

    Preferably toll-free :D Or even an e-mail address would help. This is for a problem with a disc. Thanks.
  23. CraigF

    Are You Being Served...what can you tell me about it?

    [Sorry if there's a thread on this, but I can't get it to show up.] What could you compare it to (British)? I've only seen the trailers on other BBC discs. When did the best seasons finish i.e. when did it "jump the shark" like most long-running series here do? I keep hearing the name of...
  24. CraigF

    You know those dividers they use in DVD racks in stores?

    (Hope this is the place to ask...please put somewhere better if not, thanks.) Those things with the tabs they put the DVD title on. Anybody know where I can get some? I've tried to buy some from some local stores but the people I talked to were "unauthorised" to sell any, it being "store...
  25. CraigF

    Anybody have trouble getting DVDSoon web site lately?

    I haven't been able to connect to it for several days, just wondering, thanks.
  26. CraigF

    Dang! Missing disc in Naked Gun Gift Set...help me beg to the right people!

    Went to view the last disc of the most famous trilogy in DVDdom (!!:D ), and wasn't the disc missing. Each keepcase was shrinkwrapped, and they were inside a box that was itself shrinkwrapped, so obviously not the retailer's fault. The long side security sticker had been slit before the keepcase...
  27. CraigF

    Master and Commander Collector's Edition: "Canadian" Version

    I just thought I'd mention that this is the same as the U.S. version, for those who'd still like to pre-order and maybe save a few bucks (cost me US$19), and as such would like to know the "Canadian" version is "safe". The only bilingual printing on any of the package documents is a non-glued...
  28. CraigF

    Criterion "The Leopard": Release date?

    I believe this was to be released in May, but I am unable to get it at my usual places in Canada, though the other May titles (Stray Dog, Tin Drum) are pre-orderable. Just wondering what's up, Criterions are pricey here unless pre-ordered ASAP, that's why I ask this... Thanks. Criterion's site...
  29. CraigF

    Phone number for amazon.CA customer service?

    Anyone have it? I know they have one, people have reported speaking to them, but I sure can't find it on their site. Thanks.
  30. CraigF

    All-Region DVD Players available in Canada?

    I haven't kept up on these beasts. Have an old Apex that has all the protections removed, but it isn't progressive scan. Anybody know if any of the Malata's etc. available at Future Shop (say) are all-region, and if they're half decent with PAL discs? The salespeople don't know, thanks for any help.