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  1. Dave Crigna

    6" id pvc port, where?

    Hey guys, I live in the los angeles area and need to know where I can find 6" (by 25" length) diameter pvc tubing to make a port. L have checked the big stores hd and lowes and a few other places and the biggest they carry is 4" id. Any suggestions would be great. If I can not get 6" tubing...
  2. Dave Crigna

    Where to demo front projectors in the L.A. area?

    Can anyone recommend a place that sell front projectors in the Los Angeles area? I am willing to go as far east as Rancho C., south to Orange County, and to the west Los Angeles. I am looking for an fp that goes for under 5K, dlp or lcd. Thanks in advance. Dave Also if you know of an...
  3. Dave Crigna

    Recommend a circular saw

    Hey guys, it is about time I get a new circular saw. I have been looking at craftsman pro-series, dewalt, and porter. They all have 15 amp motors and carbide blades. Which of these three would you recommend and why. Thanks for any input:) . If they are any others I should look at, please...
  4. Dave Crigna

    costco panasonic rv22 same as retail 32K?

    Hey guys, Just saw the panasonic rv 22 dvd player at costco for 129.99 and it looks identical to the regular retail version 32k. Can anyone confirm they are the same unit. If not was is the 22 comparable to. Thanks in advance.:)
  5. Dave Crigna

    Harmon K. Avr 520 vs. Avr 320 differences

    Hey guys, Other than the 200.00 price difference and the power output, are there any other differences I am missing between the two? Thanks in Advance :)
  6. Dave Crigna

    Toshiba 4700 vs 5700 ( what is the difference)

    Other than the 5700 has hdcd decoding and picture capture are there any other differences in performance or features? Which would you recommend? Thanks for any info.:)