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  1. Mike Robertson

    I need some input about my LG OLED65E6P

    Had the same problem with my LG OLED 65-inch. Was preparing to say goodbye to my 200+ 3D blu-rays when I decided to Google the problem. There were an amazing number of folks with the same issue. So I went through some of the methods mentioned to fix the issue. Not sure what did it. Might have...
  2. Mike Robertson

    Movies you want on HD disc but don't expect to ever see

    Waited to see if one of my favorites would show up. Didn't see it so I would like to see an HD, widescreen version of Away All Boats. At this point I'd even settle for an iTunes digital version, but no luck there either. Still have the Goodtimes pan&scan DVD which I guess will have to do. I...
  3. Mike Robertson


    Have to agree (mostly). Was very disappointed. I checked several scenes by removing my glasses and there was no depth at all. Could have watched those without glasses. This was on my LG OLED 65-inch panel. Seemed like a half hearted effort to convert it to 3D.
  4. Mike Robertson

    Fatman (2020)

    Bought the Blu-ray, loved the movie. Even listed to the commentary track which I don't normally do. Being retired Army didn't like the way Goggins character dealt with the opposition. But hey, movie's got to movie. (Watch too many of those "pitch" videos on YouTube) Was a good B+ for me.
  5. Mike Robertson

    Kino-Lorber Insider Announcement Thread (Read Guidelines Post #3)

    A while back Away All Boats was mentioned as being the sole Universal Vista Vision title. Was hoping this might have been part of Kino's Universal deal, but nothing further was mentioned. Was there no interest in offering this title or is there some other issue?
  6. Mike Robertson

    A Few Words About A few words about…™ Popeye – in Blu-ray

    Watched it last night on my LG 65" OLED connected to my OPPO 203 player. In my opinion it looked gorgeous. I'm 73 and I've been in this hobby since the 60's. I'm not an expert, don't claim to be. Just know what I like and I like this disc. Even the extra's are first rate. Although some of the...
  7. Mike Robertson

    Pre-Order Wonder Boys (2000) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Okay just received my copy of Wonder Boys from Amazon. It is a burned disc. Popped it in my iMac LG Blu-ray external drive to give it a quick look. Using the Blu-ray Player Pro app, it looks very good. Only just sampled it. Should look even better on my OLED. Took a look on the Best Buy site and...
  8. Mike Robertson

    Looking for an external hard drive

    I'd go with the WD drive. Both the 2 and 4 TB versions show up on Amazon for under a $100. I recently needed a large external drive to store my drone videos and bought an 8TB Seagate. Had problems using it with my iMac. Would not show up on the desktop after waking from sleep. Returned it to...
  9. Mike Robertson

    Do Blu-rays rot?

    Wanted to update my post but a little research tells me that it cannot be done after 24 hours. So okay then. I sent off an email to Warner Brothers and got a very quick and nice response from their Home Video DVD/Blu-ray Support section. The lady who responded said she was working from home...
  10. Mike Robertson

    Do Blu-rays rot?

    Thanks for the heads up. Just pulled my copy off the shelf and sure enough, it's bronzed. Won't even load in my LG Blu-ray burner hooked up to my iMac. Had to restart my computer to eject it. Been living in the low desert of Washington state for 30 some years. Thought the low humidity would be...
  11. Mike Robertson

    Kino-Lorber Insider Announcement Thread (Read Guidelines Post #3)

    A while back there was a mention of VistaVision titles and it was stated that the only Universal title in VistaVision was Away All Boats. Now as this is one of my all time favorites and I would really love to ditch my Goodtimes DVD pan and scan version, I got my hopes up to finally see this film...
  12. Mike Robertson

    Pre-Order The Sons of Katie Elder (1965) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    It bothered me enough to make me switch all my Amazon orders to Best Buy. The fact that they do this without mentioning it on their site irritates me more than a little bit. I'm sure they are making some extra money off this. More than a little otherwise why do it? I researched BD-Rs and I see...
  13. Mike Robertson

    Pre-Order Timeline (2003) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    I checked out the recording I did on my DISH DVR of the TMC showing of the film a while back. I'm guessing it was from an HD master cranked out for the premium channel circuit. Thought it looked pretty good at the time. Definitely better than my DVD copy. However looking at it now, I did notice...
  14. Mike Robertson

    Can’t Access Home Page From Desktop

    Well since I started this thread, let me finish off my involvement with it by first saying that Safari on my iMac is working JUST FINE at this point. Sorry that did not come across in my earlier comment. ;) Don't know why it is still not working for Charles and DaveF. And after reading Dave...
  15. Mike Robertson

    Can’t Access Home Page From Desktop

    Just logged on and it is working. Closed out of Safari and logged in again. Wasn't a fluke. It is working. Been using Safari for many years and have not had any issues that I can remember. So whatever was changed, it fixed the issue and I'll take it. Thank you.
  16. Mike Robertson

    Can’t Access Home Page From Desktop

    Thanks Dave for looking at this. I cleared the cache. Unfortunately no change. When I click on the HTF bookmark, I get a blank white screen. If I then hit the back button, it will momentarily bring up the main HTF page before it goes back. If I select the HTF bookmark again I get a grey screen...
  17. Mike Robertson

    Can’t Access Home Page From Desktop

    Thanks Charles for confirming that it not just my computer. I haven't seen any other comments so I'm guessing this is not a high priority issue. I did figure out that if I click on one of the small white icons at the top of the blank page, I can get it to go to a regular page. I can then...
  18. Mike Robertson

    Can’t Access Home Page From Desktop

    About a week or so ago I noticed that I was unable to access the home page from my iMac. I’m using Safari as my browser. All I get is a blank page. All software is current and nothing was updated recently. I cleared caches and history files. Everything else opens without any issues. Wondering if...
  19. Mike Robertson

    A Few Words About A few words about…™ Lawrence of Arabia - in 4k UHD Blu-ray

    My set is due in tomorrow from Amazon. More worried about how it was packed as Amazon lately has been stuffing more items in those padded bags. Will be super pissed if the box is damaged.
  20. Mike Robertson

    Pre-Order The Blues Brothers (1980) (4k UHD) Available for Preorder

    Yes, I went to the Universal site to redeem and it sends you to the MA site. And as you noted it gives you the above link. Which bounced me back to Universal. So I guess we will just have to wait and see.
  21. Mike Robertson

    UHD Review Midway – UHD Review

    Watched Midway for the second time last night. Enjoyed it a little more. Had time to take in more of the details. Not the greatest war film ever, but definitely not the worst. No regrets buying the 4K disc. However, one of the details missing that really bothered me was the complete lack of any...
  22. Mike Robertson

    Kino-Lorber Insider Announcement Thread (Read Guidelines Post #3)

    Well I just went on the Blu-ray. com site and preordered a half dozen upcoming Kino titles at Amazon. Usually wait til the price drops, but I don't believe that's an option if we want these titles to keep coming. I did notice earlier in this thread that one of my favorite films Away All Boats...
  23. Mike Robertson

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Daniel Craig Collection -- in 4k UHD Blu-ray

    Played the entire movie, Skyfall, this morning on my Oppo 203. Watched it on my LG OLED with Dolby Vision. No problems/issues. As noted in several reviews, the movie looked extremely good. Haven't had a chance to check the others yet.
  24. Mike Robertson


    Took a chance on it too. Thought the 3D was pretty much non existent. In fact I had to pull out one of my good 3D discs just to make sure my set was still working or to see if maybe my 72 year old eyes were not able to see 3D anymore. Yep worst 3D disc I have had the misfortune to purchase.
  25. Mike Robertson

    Emergence (ABC)

    Well I also enjoyed the pilot and set my DVR to capture the series. Although when I really like this type of show, that's usually the kiss of death. I was a big Timeless fan and that didn't go well. So I'll stick around and see how it goes. Thanks Adam for you review. I wasn't going to even give...
  26. Mike Robertson

    UHD Review Godzilla: King of the Monsters UHD Review

    Borrowed my son's 4K copy and I pretty much agree with Todd's review. Wasn't great but wasn't terrible either. Having one of the last 3D capable LG OLEDs I try to pick any 3D movies that are out there. After getting tired of ordering what little 3D is available in the US and having it cancelled...
  27. Mike Robertson

    UHD Review Moon 10th Anniversary UHD Review

    Alright, the 2K upscale description pushed my buttons. Checked some other reviews and while they were generally favorable, none gave the disc a perfect video score. So even though I have the Blu-ray Disc and have been upgrading almost everything in my collection to 4K when I can, I will wait for...
  28. Mike Robertson

    UHD Review Moon 10th Anniversary UHD Review

    Okay, I had originally cranked out a rather lengthy diatribe as to how can a 2K upscale get a 5/5 video rating, but I shit-canned it. Getting too old I guess to fight these battles anymore. I'm sure the disc looks great, just pretty damn sure it's not what it could (should) have been. Just don't...
  29. Mike Robertson

    Paint Your Wagon & Loving You

    There was a very nice HD presentation of Paint Your Wagon on HDNET movies a while back. Was lucky enough to record it to my DVR. So for as long as the hard drive lasts I'll have a decent copy to watch. Would pick up a blu-ray in a minute if they released one.
  30. Mike Robertson

    How can you tell if an iTunes digital copy is in 4K on a PC?

    Another clue is to look at the file sizes. I downloaded several 4K films to my iPhone X. Darkest Hour is shown as 19.88GB. Fury is listed as 21.7GB and Princess Bride shows up at 13.13GB. Usually HD movies run around 5GB.