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  1. Lee L

    East Coasters: Teach me about EZ-Pass

    My Father In Law had the same thing happen. He was going to be travelling up north on and off so he ordered and EZ Pass. It came out of the bag and he got hit for several tolls on the way down I95. He called and they refunded them after a little back and forth.
  2. Lee L

    What kind of outlet is this???

    Here is a pretty complete one: https://www.hubbellnet.com/max_htm/t...EMA/front.html
  3. Lee L

    where to find info on construction codes & regulations?

    Call the inspections department. They will help you out. They will probably tell you to get a permit but most municipalities will do a stand-alone type of permit that is usually fairly cheap (under $100) and does not require plans to be drawn up (just a description of the work to be done)...
  4. Lee L

    Night vision questions for everyone - to help re-assure a post lasik surgery patient

    My wife had it done in 1999 and she has some of the symptoms you mentioned, though she says that they are no worse than what she experienced with glasses or contacts. Since she was about 20/400 without correction, she could not see without some form of distortion anyway and would do it again...
  5. Lee L

    ***Official Halo 2 Discussion Thread***

    This might be obvious to most but I think I saw at least one person asking about it. I finally had a few minutes to read the strategy guide and noticed that it said when you are dual wielding and walk over another weapon, you can either hit X to change it for the weapon in your right hand or...
  6. Lee L

    Xbox cooling fan dying, anyone know what size it is?

    About every other time I turn my Xbox on, I get the tell tale sound of a fan bearing going. After 15-20 minutes it dimishes and goes away. Anyone else have to replace their fan and know the size before I open it up twice? TIA
  7. Lee L

    ***Official Halo 2 Discussion Thread***

    In responce to Shawn C, I agree to some extent but I usually try to knock them out to a reasonable level so I don;t take so much damage. At one point, I jumped off a platform and while I was in the air I whacked one in half with a laser sword. Steve, I read at AVS where someone used one...
  8. Lee L

    What happened to the hotmail inbox size increase?

    I also awoke to a 250 gig inbox. I have had an account since 97 or 98.
  9. Lee L

    Stupid things said on TV

    Actually, most office buildings allow about 12-13 feet from the surface of one floor to the surface of another, so most of these xx stories tall things are wrong anyway.
  10. Lee L

    Any carpenters / home builders here?

    Well, that goes without saying. I guess I should have said, "no matter what it costs them"
  11. Lee L

    Any carpenters / home builders here?

    I would definitely call the local building department and talk to the inspector to give him/her a heads up about what to expect before they come out. Also, as I mentioned before, go ahead and send the contractor a letter with delivery confirmation talking about these issues and tell them...
  12. Lee L

    Question abuot IPod/U2 commercial

    In the commercial for the IPod with U2 singing, the song starts with a count: uno, dos, tres, catorce. Is this an actual U2 song or is it just for the commercial, and if so, why are they counting 1, 2, 3, 14? The first time I heard it I thought maybe they meant 1, 2, 3, 40 since there is a 40...
  13. Lee L

    Lost Season 1 ongoing thread (merged)

    I also noticed a little semi-continuity error. When Charlie was in the confessional, years before the crash, he had tan lines from his taped fingers.
  14. Lee L

    The Survivor 9: Vanuatu Discussion Thread

    Unfortunately for them, there will only be 3 men on the jury. (Patrick beat me to it ;) ) I don't really like Ami either, but she has (so far anyway) picked a strategy and stuck with it and been able to get others to go along with her. Of course Julie and Twila should think that they...
  15. Lee L

    Any carpenters / home builders here?

    Even if the wall is not load bearing, bad studs can easily cause the walls and sheetrock work to look bad when done. Make sure you make them understand that you will expect the walls to be straight with good workmanship and if they leave things now that cause problems later, you will expect them...
  16. Lee L

    Halo 2 Leaked

    I am definitely up for some Live play Tuesday night.
  17. Lee L

    The Bachelor 6

    I can't wait for Crazy Mary to break bad on him when she finds out he did the fantasy suite thing with the other women. I liked the added touch of him covering the camera with the jacket when he and Tanya were getting into bed just to drive the point home.
  18. Lee L

    Lost Season 1 ongoing thread (merged)

    Another good episode. I just keep thinkin about how this is so different from most shows not on HBO. As for the fireworks, when he gave out the rockets, Sayid said "thank god for fireworks smugglers". I too wondered who bonked him, at first I though it was Locke but I'm leaning...
  19. Lee L

    wireless network question: wep vs. mac

    So it is not linksys and admin like 80% of the ones out there? ;) The MAC filtering is nice, but as mentioned above, someone can spoof that if they are listening in on your transmissions and you do not have WEP enabled. WEP is like a lock on your house, it is not unbreakable but adds a layer...
  20. Lee L

    Why not show Simpsons Halloween specian ON HALLOWEEN?

    I kind of like the fact that Fox has delayed the TOH the last few years, it gives it a little cachet. i think last year or maybe 2 years backm tehy even joked about it in teh commercials by saying "Halloween isn't over until The Simpsons say it is over" or something similar. Also, as...
  21. Lee L

    Any carpenters / home builders here?

    I do commercial work but I would be surprised if much of that would actually pass the city or county framing inspection so it will probably be caught by the builder once he actually inspects the subcontractors work, but before the actual inspection is called in. Failing an inspection can cost...
  22. Lee L

    building a new home, where would you spend your money?

    Philip, Pulte had a meeting at the very beginning before we started where we met the superintendent and the PM for the house to go over the options one more time (after the meeting in which we actually picked them out) probably as much to make sure the super knew exactly which options went in...
  23. Lee L

    The Survivor 9: Vanuatu Discussion Thread

    I would love to see them delay the merge until like 6 are left to screw up all the players who assume it is coming from day 1. The only problem is that a potential 3 person tribe does not give as many TV moments so they would probably have to do another fake merge with tribes living together or...
  24. Lee L

    building a new home, where would you spend your money?

    Phillip, definitely ask the foreman or super on your actual house. Those guys are usually pretty cool about it and do not have as much of an interest in spouting party line about it as long as you make sure they will not catch flak from the project managers. I bought a Pulte house a few years...
  25. Lee L

    Lost Season 1 ongoing thread (merged)

    I know, funny how Jack with his delay caused her to one, decide to stay with her husband and two, kept her on the plane for the crash.
  26. Lee L

    Scrubs (season 4) ongoing thread

    Well, IMO, Heather Graham episodes will go down as one of the best guest star runs ever for her ability to fit right in on Scrubs. This show is just so funny, I was rolling just about the entire time, then they switched right to the other side with the Molly Shannon character at the end...
  27. Lee L

    When stupid people imitate what they see on TV

    Well, I personally can't beleive people are that stupid. What did they think would happen? I would say they are both lucky to not be able to walk, especially the guy who was upside down, he is lucky to be alive. The worst thing is that if they had paralyzed themselves, they would probably...
  28. Lee L

    Lost Season 1 ongoing thread (merged)

    OK, lets say the airline did that. Are we to beleive the body of Jack's Father is now propped up against the baggage sorter under the ternimal or maybe in the walk-in freezer for the airport restaurant?
  29. Lee L

    #3 vs #4 rebar

    I would not worry about the #3 rebar then. I would definitely thicken the slab to about 12" at the locations you might expect a future fountain or gazebo to bear on the slab and make sure rebar is in the bottom 1/3 of the pour in those areas. In central NC, for the rest of the slab, you would be...
  30. Lee L

    #3 vs #4 rebar

    The number on rebar is the size in eighths of an inch. number 3 = 3/8", Number 4 = 4/8 or 1/2". I'm not an engneer so I'm not sure if there will be a real difference in bearing capacity (off the top of my head it seems OK, but knowing the exact use and conditions would help) but I can tell you...