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  1. Rich Wenzel

    Heading to HT Expo tonight and over the w/e.

    If anyone wants anything checked out and reported on, I will do my best. I don't have a camera, so no pictures, but if you want me to ask a manufacturer a question or something, let me know. Please post here. I don't check my pm's often. Also, I will only reluctantly give opinions on...
  2. Rich Wenzel

    kind of a poll,

    im not looking for explanations and definitely not arguments. I am asking everyone to please just answer A, B, or C.. this is just for 2 channel, assume for digital source, and its your money, so it can be either tube or solid or hybrid or digital or whatnot which would you rather have...
  3. Rich Wenzel

    how do you go about cleaning the face of your equipment?

    most of my equipment has brushed aluminum face plates and some, my receiver especially, has some finger prints/oil stains on them...how do i clean it off and make it nice and shiny? thanks, rich
  4. Rich Wenzel

    anyone have an idea on what a fair price

    for a used pair of B&W DM605s2 would go for? bought about 2 years ago, condition 8.5 or so no boxes? any help would be appreciated, thanks, Rich
  5. Rich Wenzel

    anyone see the news on the H&K 7300 or the onkyo

    dv 1000? the H&K has a built in scaler... the onkyo is a unviersal with dvi-hdmi... denon is supposed to come out with a super high end line of separates... krell has a $3500 universal coming due rich
  6. Rich Wenzel

    Interesting review in hometheater mag on the yamaha 2400

    first they gave it near "hot ticket" ratings, 90 on build, 96 on value, 97 on features, 94 on performance, but only 86 on ergo, i guess thats why it did not get a hot ticket... the other interesting part was the amp results... yamaha rates it as 7x120 tests results, all into 8 at .1% 2 x...
  7. Rich Wenzel

    Anyone know anything about the Classe CA-151 2 channel amp?

    There is nothing about it on Classe's website... What I gathered is that is was discontinued, was a 2x150 channel amp between the 101 and 201... But any additional background would be helpful. Thanks, Rich
  8. Rich Wenzel

    mccormack dna 225 or conrad johnson 2500a

    similar watts, both by CJ owned companies, which would you prefer? the CJ is a bit more expensive, but ignoring that, which do you think is better? Rich
  9. Rich Wenzel

    Anyone have a link to Classe list prices?

    I have only the vaguest idea of what their entry level stuff costs, I do know that their highest end lines are well well out of my range... Thanks Rich
  10. Rich Wenzel

    Okay, Im going to sound crazy here...but I have come to the conclusion that

    a series of upgrades for hometheater audio equipment is just not worth it... I find that the difference in sound quality when watching movies with top notch speakers (say $5k for the fronts) a top pre/pro (like an anthem or lexicon), and a great amp is not significantly better than lower end...
  11. Rich Wenzel

    Audio Refinement Pre/Pro -- any opinions out there?

    I was looking at one of my older issues of SGTH and noticed this pre/pro. It's pretty cheap, $1300-1400 list. Has less features than the Rotel 1066 but the review felt the sound was superior to the Rotel. It was interesting that they did such a direct comparison, as magazines are generally...
  12. Rich Wenzel

    BAT is coming out with a pre/pro

    BAT is coming out with an AV pre/pro i bet this thing will be nice... can go to www.balanced.com and click on new products...its called the AV-10 Rich
  13. Rich Wenzel

    B&W to buy Classe

    Anyone have any opinions on this... here is where I saw it... http://www.hometheaterspot.com/htsth...b=5&o=&fpart=1 here is a link to the audio revolution site that has the announcement http://www.audiorevolution.com/news/0903/30.bw.shtml Rich
  14. Rich Wenzel

    My speaker made a large furniture moving type sound

    when at an average volume... It came from the powered and not-powered woofer on my B&W DM605S2. I went over and while the tweeter was working (didnt check the cone) the 2 woofers stopped working... I shut off the receiver and the source... 15-20 minutes later, got a similar sound...
  15. Rich Wenzel

    Whats the consensus sub $200-250 DVD player

    these days... Used to be the pannies but, they have really changed. Thanks, Rich
  16. Rich Wenzel

    I need a recommendation on a cheap, portable radio

    that will get me Pittsburgh Steeler games though I am in NYC... Basically i want to bring it to the bar with me, plug an earphone in, and listen to the game while I watch... It would be very difficult for me to get DirectTV here. Thanks, Rich
  17. Rich Wenzel

    Anyone own the NAD Silver Series equipment?

    I just think its kind of odd that you never hear anything from owners of this equipment. Never seen a review or anyone say they have the pre/pro...never heard it compared to the rotel or the anthem or adcom or anything...just weird. I mean, NAD has such a long and good history, and you would...
  18. Rich Wenzel

    anyone know on the pricing of B&W's new 700 series?

    it looks like these speakers are between the 800 and the CDM series in terms of placement...they look more like the 800 series...just wondering about the pricing... Thanks, Rich
  19. Rich Wenzel

    I haven't written one in a while, but a new one from my girflriend

    Okay, just had another funny conversation with my girlfriend about stereo and hometheater equipment. If you haven't read any of my previous ones, you can do a search if you are so inclined, but the basic theme is that my girlfriend is not only clueless about equipment but also very aggressive in...
  20. Rich Wenzel

    Anyone have any opinions on www.6ave.com?

    they have a sweet price on a pair of NHT bookshelves...I know that they carry Rotel and Adcom and Def Tech, which are companies that tend to be a bit picky about who sells their stuff, but when I went to the NHT website, they did not list this company as an authorized dealer. Now I know that...
  21. Rich Wenzel

    looking for a receiver for under $200, opinions? considering kenwood vr6050

    here is the deal, one of my ex-girlfriends asked me to help her with a system... she originally started out wanting to get a separate cd/speaker system and a dvd player, for a total of $300. Her TV, a sony 27" non-hdtv model, fairly new, would play the sound for the tv. The reason she...
  22. Rich Wenzel

    Who owns Mordaunt-Short?

    I have been trying to remember that and its driving me nuts? Thanks, Rich
  23. Rich Wenzel

    thinking about a 5x channel amp, or 2x channel amp, and stereo pre

    I should have around 2k to throw away soon, and I was thinking of getting a nice 5x channel to use with my Rotel 1055., however, I was thinking about it, and I realized my split is really 85% music and 15% HT. So it occured to me, that I may be better off getting a nice 2 channel amp to go...
  24. Rich Wenzel

    New one from the Girlfriend.

    Her: Why did you buy me the H&K piece? Me: We agreed I should not pay more than $500 for the receiver, and I am confident this is the best one in this price range to meet your needs. Her: Why didn't you get me a Marantz one. Me: I thought their offerings in this price range did not compare...
  25. Rich Wenzel

    Any opinions of Monitor Audio and Paradigm Studio 20's vs Polk LSi7 and B&W 602's?

    Took the GF to pick out some bookshelves speakers for her dorm room (moving to apartment soon, probably go 5.1 then) that will be used for stereo... she liked the polks over the 602's, but doesn't like their name. i made the mistake of saying that polk was a moderate brand when she asked me...
  26. Rich Wenzel

    What do you do when you send your pre/pro or receiver in for repair/upgrade?

    Do you sit and look at your speakers in confusion? almost begging them to make that music you love so much? For those sending in a pre, do you plug the cd player directly to the amp? Or do you guys have spares? Im thinking about upgrading my receiver, but i wont get it back for like 3...
  27. Rich Wenzel

    What should I expect to pay and how much of a difference is there in studio 20's vs

    studio 40's? Im trying to decide on pair of small speakers that could later make nice rears... looking at some B&W, Bostons, Mirage, Energy's etc in taht price range, im going to listen to some studios this week, and i just wanted to hear other opinions and get a better idea of how much to...
  28. Rich Wenzel

    funny question from the girlfriend...

    dont know if you read my post, i am about to do a horrible thing, but a quick synapsis is that i am buying my girlfriend some stereo equipment.... We were talking about getting her either the image 3LR's or the 5T's as her place is small, but she will be putting the 3LRs on the floor/stands...
  29. Rich Wenzel

    I am about to do a very horrible thing (long)

    Shortly after Christmas, my boss, errr girlfriend, said she would like some stereo equipment for her dorm room (she is in med school, btw, i hate baltimore, passionately, why couldnt she go to a nyc school?). We were still buying her Christmas gifts (basically I took her shopping for Christmas)...
  30. Rich Wenzel

    Initial Impressions of the RSX 1055

    Just got it yesterday. After opening it up, I noticed a nick on the top, fairly visible, where the faceplate and the chassis are connected. It's not enough for me to bring back, but I didn't like it. Also the remote has a very faint line in it. Kind of makes me suspect of Rotel's QC...