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  1. Agee Bassett

    Directors Classic Screenwriters: Another Literate New Tournament

    I actually thought about starting this tournament quite awhile back (the title is obviously a riff on Scott Weinberg's modern screenwriters tourney), but first one thing then another came up. This tourney idea began with 64 entrees, but it became a case of too many weak entrees vs. noticably...
  2. Agee Bassett

    Directors Ten Most Amazingly-Scored Cues (No Main Titles!)

    1. “Battle on the Ice,” Alexander Nevsky (Sergei Prokofiev) 2. “Miracle,” Lawrence of Arabia (Maurice Jarre) 3. “Andante Cantabile,” The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (Bernard Herrmann) 4. “Epilogue,” Things to Come (Arthur Bliss) 5. “The Tennis Match,” Strangers On a Train (Dimitri Tiomkin) 6. “The...
  3. Agee Bassett

    CD Replication vs. Duplication

    I work for a small, non-profit organization that is looking to issue some of their publications on CD. The issue is whether to go for replication or duplication. The service they've been leaning towards only does duplication, but I've read that replicated CDs are much more reliable in that they...
  4. Agee Bassett

    Dead of Night/Queen of Spades - ?

    Any reviews yet on these two classic British horror films (street: 5/20)?
  5. Agee Bassett

    The Red Badge of Courage (Warner)

    Any reviews of this yet?
  6. Agee Bassett

    Ye olde test

    Continued from Pg 1. Oliver Twist Dir.: David Lean D.P.: Guy Green Camera Operator: Oswald Morris Production Designer: John Bryan Cast Alec Guinness: Fagin Robert Newton: Bill Sikes Kay Walsh: Nancy Francis L. Sullivan: Mr. Bumble, the Beadle Mary Clare: Mrs...
  7. Agee Bassett

    Movie Tournament: Classic Film Scores

    FINALE pg. 33 Welcome to my Classic Film Scores tourney. Before I proceed with the regulatory rigmarole, allow me to offer my thanks to Rain, who graciously allowed me to partially plagiarize his tourney format, and even lift passages from his rule descriptions almost verbatim. :D...
  8. Agee Bassett

    "And Then There Were None" (Image) - Q?

    Is the transfer included on the Image disc the same as the older VCI/Madacy releases? Any feedback would be appreciated. A.G.
  9. Agee Bassett

    What resolution do you keep your comp. screen set at?

    The eyes are still young, so always at 1600 x 1200. :)
  10. Agee Bassett

    What's wrong with my sig??

    Unfortunately, the old AFI page which used to host this pic has apparently expired, so I moved it to my album at www.webshots.com. However, it will now only work the first little while after I link to it in my profile, then I will get the dreaded red x. The other forum at which I post (which...