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  1. Brian Fitterman

    Anthem D1/AVM20/AVM30

    Well I guess I will start it. I allready posted this on AVS, but we all know where the real home of the AVM-XX is!! I sold my AVM-20 thinking that I would get a D1, but I balked at it. Just too much money and I can mod the 30 later. (after reading the AVM20 vs D1 thread). The Blue is a...
  2. Brian Fitterman

    Paradigm Signature S2 Demo

    Durning lunch yesturday the Paradigm/Anthem Rep paid a visit to my local Dealer with a Demo Pair of S2's finished in Birds Eye Maple. My dealer called me, but by the time I got the message the rep had already packed up the speakers. But, they do look fantastic. Furniture quality finish...
  3. Brian Fitterman

    Firewire port, should there be 2?

    Last night I was thinking about the future use of the firewire port on all of the new Processors comming out now. If I recall, not only can these be used for audio, but video as well. And if people can get their act together and form a standard (Mitsubishi tried) they can be chained together...