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  1. David_N

    Fox's reissue of ANASTASIA - anamorphic?

    Well if you want a long explanation visit this site: http://www.thedigitalbits.com/articl...c/welcome.html But if you want a shorter answer: An animorphically enhanced DVD will fit the movie image to your TV using the correct aspect ratio. It will do this weather it is an old 4X3 TV or a...
  2. David_N

    Fox's reissue of ANASTASIA - anamorphic?

    There has been a new release which I checked the back of the box and it lists anamorphic widescreen. Heres a link to it: http://www.walmart.com/catalog/produ...uct_id=4694736
  3. David_N

    Worst DVD covers!

    Sorry, but LL Cool J on that Edison Force cover looks like Mini Me. Oh and I the only one that gets annoyed when they have "face shot" covers the actors names and the order the faces appear don't match.!!??
  4. David_N

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Big Lebowski

    Thanks for letting me know the other just released version also isn't worth getting.
  5. David_N

    Little House on the Prairie S8 problems

    I had a playing issue with an earlier season. I called their service number (they're in Canada but will speak english) and they sent me a new disk free of charge. I didn't even have to send the broken one. Of course that was about two years ago, so your mileage may vary. But it's worth a shot. I...
  6. David_N

    Wow! Silence of the Lambs Criterion

    YAY. I found Silence of the Lambs Criterion today for $21 at the local MTC (Movie Trading Company) that just opened. Can't wait to hear this commentary.
  7. David_N

    Mad TV season 1!!

    Does anyone know if this set has the Spishack(sp?) Ovens for Kids commercial? "Has this ever happened to you?" I love that one. Also Kenny Rogers Jackass is great. And obviously any Bunny Swan, Stuart, or the fat guy played by Michael McDonald (forgot his name) who always says "Come on".
  8. David_N

    Are remakes like King Kong necessary?

    Same goes for Titanic. Every director puts in their own twists, dialog, etc. As others have said, remakes usually give some much needed attention of the original.
  9. David_N

    Predator 2 Special Edition is censored!!!

    The shot is so quick how would you even notice this?
  10. David_N

    Garden State DVD

    I'm not really sure what your waiting for, but the current version has a clean animorphic 2:35 transfer. Has two commentaries and lodes of deleted scenes (with commentaries). Hey there's no DTS sound option but the DD sounds good to me.
  11. David_N

    *** Official ALIEN VS. PREDATOR Discussion Thread

    I also disagree that Predators are shown as a-holes. The predators are on earth to find worthy trophies. As said previously, the Predator in part 2 kills all the people on the subway, that are armed, but did you notice he only takes one skull/trophy (I'm guessing it was Jerry/Bill Paxton). Jerry...
  12. David_N

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Big Fish

    I also would have done the same because (I can't put my finger on exactly why) I was bawling for at least 10 minutes after the movie was over.
  13. David_N

    2001: A Space Odyssey, Lawrence of Arabia, The Godfather - Faults

    (Digs up an old dead thread for ranting) Just saw 2001 for the first time this weekend. While I appreciate the concept Kubrick was trying to get across, I really just thought the pacing was loooooooong and boring. I liked the apes part at the beginning. With the one ape learning to use...
  14. David_N

    Windows 98 SE Task Bar Help

    Rightclick on the taskbar and select [Toolbars->Quick Launch]if the whole thing isn't there. Or as Mike said, if they were each deleted individually you will have to recreate them.
  15. David_N

    What is the deal about Shrek and toilet humor in general?

    {Comes out of a cave to make a post} It is for this reason that movies like Shark Tale were able to claim $154M (so far). That and the general public seems to not be able to get enough CG animated movies. Of course the same will probably be true for the Incredibles. Long story short...
  16. David_N

    Laser Levels?

    They have two small pins that you push into the wall that sticks it.
  17. David_N

    Creepy Commercial

    But that's not even the scariest version. What about when the king grabs the guys knee and the guy holds the kings hand at the end. EEEEkkkk :eek: Here's a link:http://slate.msn.com/id/2107697 Don't know why it skips but you get the idea. Oh yea and that Grudge commercial is definatly...
  18. David_N

    *** Official SHREK 2 Discussion Thread

    I have to say I was very impressed with this movie. As many have said Puss was the highlight of the show. One of my favorite parts was when the giant Gingerbread Man is trying to drink out of the giant "farbucks coffee" cup and all the people run out screeming to the farbucks across the...
  19. David_N

    *** Official THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Discussion Thread

    I haven't seen the remake, but I just watched the original yesterday. I think the scariest part is the "just the cook" guy looks eerily like Mr. Rogers.
  20. David_N

    Saving Private Ryan Reviews?

    Being a Speilberg movie I'm sure it's safe to assume there is no commentary? That's the only reason I'd upgrade from the previous DTS version.
  21. David_N

    *** Official SHREK 2 Discussion Thread

    Probably "My Heart Will Go On" :)
  22. David_N

    Seen this Quiznos commercial?

    Anyone see those Quizno's subs commercials with the singing "things". They creep me out everytime I see those commercials. If you don't know what I'm talking about check out the commercials on their homepage.
  23. David_N

    silly bread question....

    I'm a bread fiend and enjoy all parts of it.:b
  24. David_N

    Good to see the HTF again.

    Hi all. Due to my wife's new job and our move across country I've been without internet access for a month now. Our computers (and everything else) were on a truck travelling from New Hampshire to Utah. Along with her new job came our new house, which for the past 2 weeks I've been unpacking...
  25. David_N

    Animal Crossing

    Where do I get the codes from in my game? Are they obtained with GameShark or something?
  26. David_N

    Animal Crossing

    John, Do all the codes written in that thread pertain specifically to someone elses game, or are they universal? Thanks
  27. David_N

    Animal Crossing

    I bought this game for my wife this weekend and she has been totally engrossed in it. When she went to bed one night I moved into her town and became addicted too. Too bad we missed out on some past gifts because we started so late in the game, but maybe they will be made avaliable again...