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  1. Ashley Seymour

    Shuttle Fleet Grounded

    More insulation is falling off the shuttle on launch. "Benjamin, I have just one word for you - Chickenwire."
  2. Ashley Seymour

    Beverly Hillbillies creator Paul Henning dies

    It was a time before VCR’s, TIVO, etc. and you planned your evening to watch the Beverly Hillbillies, just as you did Ricky and Luci or Uncle Miltie a decade earlier. Paul Henning and Neil Simon were masters of the inside joke. Each week an audience in the tens of millions were the ones in on...
  3. Ashley Seymour


  4. Ashley Seymour

    The Triple Crown of Racing

    First up the Kentucky Derby. I watch these each year, but it is hard to root for a horse, unlike Baseball, Football, etc. where you get to the see the athlete year after year. This year though we - Idaho - has not only a jockey in Gary Stephens, but a local horse Buddy Gil. Not a big favorite...
  5. Ashley Seymour

    Need Info on Technics A51 Speakers

    We have a community auction that has a pair of these speakers. I can't find any info on the Technics site. Any feedback on these speakers and their value is appreciated.
  6. Ashley Seymour

    Are these players active since 2001 future Hall of Famers?

    Here is a list of players who have a shot at the Baseball Hall of Fame. Who shouldn’t go? Who is missing? Retired since 2000. Sure Bets Tony Gwynn Mark McGuire Cal Ripkin How come Ricky didn’t retire last year too? What and share the spotlight with these three? Ricky looks to be all...
  7. Ashley Seymour

    BACHELOR Alex - You Kicked Off The Wrong One!

    All right, since no else would stoop to starting a thread on this predictable sillyness let me take one for the team. My wife and I watched it for a few minutes the first night it was on and got hooked. My guilty pleasure to be sure. Actually the body language of the girls and guy are quite...
  8. Ashley Seymour


    So we survived the end of the second millenium, by whatever date people choose to recognize and the end. I got thinking that we have just passed some dates that have held been a fascination of popular culture. The year 2000, or 2001, whichever. We have survived destruction fortold by...
  9. Ashley Seymour


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