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  1. Joe6pack99

    Smallville - Season 7 thread

    Wow this was a terrible episode. As usual, everything was rushed. Brainiac got "sick" from Chloe then went out way to easy. The Jimmy/Lex stuff was so retarded, wa i can't lie gimme a break! Lets see, all these years with Clark and Lex built up to.....that! The dialog and emotion in...
  2. Joe6pack99

    FS: NSMB,Metroid,Ultimate Spiderman for DS

  3. Joe6pack99

    WTB: Original Xbox

    Title says it all guys. Looking to buy a Xbox that still is in working condition. Let me know your final shipped price.
  4. Joe6pack99

    Energy Encore Center Channel

    Perfect condition, original owner, smoke free house. Selling for $99. I have pictures upon request. Email me with any questions at Link here: http://www.avguide.com/speakers/cent...core_1/283.jsp
  5. Joe6pack99

    DVI/HDMI Switcher for $25 shipped!

    Ah nuts beat me too it :)
  6. Joe6pack99

    DVI/HDMI Switcher for $25 shipped!

    Dorian can you shoot me a link or two. I'd like to read up on it.
  7. Joe6pack99

    XBOX 360 Core

    Bump again! $375 + shipping
  8. Joe6pack99

    FS:Panasonic RP82

    Sold thanks guys.
  9. Joe6pack99

    XBOX 360 Core

    Bump! Price lowered to $400 + shipping.
  10. Joe6pack99

    FS:Panasonic RP82

    Still available. A few are interested but no firm commitment yet.
  11. Joe6pack99

    FS:Panasonic RP82

    Still available....
  12. Joe6pack99

    XBOX 360 Core

    Selling brand new sealed in the box. I also have the receipt. $450 email me if interested.
  13. Joe6pack99

    FS:Panasonic RP82

  14. Joe6pack99

    FS: Energy Encore Fronts(black)

  15. Joe6pack99

    FS:Panasonic RP82

    Hey guys need some money so forced to sell some of my HT equipment. Asking $150. Rated extremely high and well known for its PQ.
  16. Joe6pack99

    New Sealed XBOX 360 Premium with Bonus media remote and Receipt

    Title says it all guys. Selling for $700
  17. Joe6pack99

    FS: Life As We Know It - Season 1 New

    Selling for $30 shipped.
  18. Joe6pack99

    FS: Panasonic RP82 and Panasonic CP72

    Hey guys need some money so forced to sell some of my HT equipment. Asking $250 for each one of these wonderful players. Both are rated extremely high and well known for their PQ. They both are in absolutely perfect condition and comes with everything including manuals, controller, original...
  19. Joe6pack99

    Smallville Season 5 thread

    Overall I thought it was a good episode. OMG Lois...she looked so yummy! The actor who played AC was definitely ripped, my gf was like replay replay lol. As far as the episode i have to say Lex is definitely sliding to the dark side, and quite frankly after 4 seasons it is about time! "Up here...
  20. Joe6pack99

    Weekly RoundUp 1/25/05

    Married With Children for me!
  21. Joe6pack99

    Sharing dell.com Dellf Game Discount Coupon Codes

    Anyone have any coupons my monitor died last night and I need a new one badly. Thx in advance
  22. Joe6pack99

    *** Official STAR WARS DVD Glitch Thread

    Randall: I had the same problem, exchanged discs and now it works.
  23. Joe6pack99

    *** Official STAR WARS DVD Glitch Thread

    Well i switched out my ESB disc and now i don't have the horrible glitch i had previously. Guess there are a lot of bad discs out there.
  24. Joe6pack99

    Club Dread Unrated - September 28th

    i rented this thought it was horrible. Regardless though i hate seeing second releases so fast after the initial one comes out, especially unannounced.