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  1. BruceD

    Using coax for audio

    I agree with Chu, and this was explained only a few threads earlier: other thread The reason A/V cables (75 Ohm cable) have the industry-wide label of A/V (Audio/Video) is because it works perfectly for all three of the following scenarios: 1) 50 Ohm analog audio with RCA connectors 2)...
  2. BruceD

    Where can I get a low-pass external passive variable x-over?

    Seth, I own a Marchand XM9-L and found it to be of very high quality although it is a bit expensive, but if you can build a kit it is cheaper. Still I would reccomend looking at the site to get a feel for what specs you want in a xover. Here is the website page
  3. BruceD

    Using 75ohm cable for analog audio, Good, bad?

    The fact is today's 75 Ohm RCA cables are labeled A/V because they are designed to work for both analog audio data streams, digital audio data streams, and analog video data streams. In other words, your suggested use for a 75 Ohm RCA cable is part of these cable's defined uses.
  4. BruceD

    17” or 19” LCD monitor?

    Mark, IMO, 1280 x 1024 on a 19" is a lot easier to read than on my 17" LCD, and I'm a member of the over the hill gang whose eyes aren't like they were 20 years ago.
  5. BruceD

    17” or 19” LCD monitor?

    Maybe I'm incorrect, but I thought with LCD screens the only spec that really mattered for sharpness/clarity in viewing was the total number of pixels (i.e. the native resolution of the LCD). For instance, on my 19" LCD that native resolution is 1280 x 1024 pixels (1,310,720 pixels). Other...
  6. BruceD

    ditched norton, now what? PLEASE HELP!

    I've been using AVG virus and Zonealarm firewall on my computers since win98se in 1999 ? not sure of the date. I've never had any issues. Still using them, but I also use an old pc with bsdFree sw as a hardware firewall now that I'm on DSL.
  7. BruceD

    17” or 19” LCD monitor?

    Paul, You sorta missed the point of what Jeremy was asking. :D I know DVI can be more accurate, but I was giving my real world example of differences between VGA and DVI out from the same video card to two (2) 19" LCD monitors simultaneously, of the same size/brand/model. i.e. Twinview on...
  8. BruceD

    A Nice Article on Tubes

    Well I don't have any measurement equipment, but I didn't get the impression that they were adding "stuff" back into the audible frequency band. What peaked my interest more was the usb>I2S>DAC>anaolg out as a desirable interface for a 44.1kHz bit-perfect streaming music server. The DAC is...
  9. BruceD

    A Nice Article on Tubes

    OK, so what do you think of tube DACs ? Have you tried any of the Scott Nixon NOS DACs ? I'm trying to decide about his usbtd (usb tube DAC), to combine with a PC-based music server.
  10. BruceD

    17” or 19” LCD monitor?

    Jeremy, On an LCD screen there is essentially no difference between the VGA versus DVI, since an LCD has a native pixel resolution (1280x1024 in this case). The only difference I can see is a very slight color shift (one is cooler/blue than the other which is warmer/red), but it is not that...
  11. BruceD

    17” or 19” LCD monitor?

    For me, I use the system for my trading (stock) and web browsing, etc. It makes one large screen (side-to-side in my case). Having both DVI and VGA inputs (the LCD monitors) allows me to use VGA and DVI dual head video cards or the nvidia 6150 dual head onboard video of some AMD mATX 939...
  12. BruceD

    17” or 19” LCD monitor?

    Wayne, How about a 19" LCD with VGA and DVI inputs and speakers for $99.99??? I bought two of these Hannis-G 19" monitors from different vendors with $100 and $120 rebates a month ago (already received the rebate check from PC connection)...
  13. BruceD

    HTPC - what do you have?

    I'm assembling a backend/server (AMD Athlon 64 3000+754, ECS nForce3-A ATX mb, $99 at outpost.com) and a frontend/client (AMD Athlon 3200+939, MSI k8NGM2-FID mATX mb) over ethernet cabling running linux OS (Fedora Core 5) with MythTV as the media application. This setup is designed to...
  14. BruceD

    Any vintage soild state fans here? Post pictures inside. I'll start first.

    Nope, (Bruce's HK-930) don't seem to have that problem, but I've owned it since new. Maybe someone replaced the bulb that just went out on mine with one of higher wattage that warped (melted) your needle.
  15. BruceD

    2 channel receiver?

    You might want to check out the Harmon Kardon factory authorized site on ebay!!! HK site I just purchased an HK 240 AVR (7.1 AV receiver) from them (refurbished but with NEW warranty) for $224. It has the capability to use HK's Ipod bridge adapter (plug in Ipod to charge and play from HK)...
  16. BruceD

    Any vintage soild state fans here? Post pictures inside. I'll start first.

    Yes, I'm listening to an HK-930 stereo receiver (big brother of OP's 330) that I bought new way back when. Still produces great sound, but I need to replace the light bulb(s) that illuminate the front panel as they died a month ago.
  17. BruceD

    help me find a receiver/integrated for my planned 2.1 system

    I would check out the Harmon Kardon factory authorized site on ebay!!! HK site I just purchased an HK 240 AVR from them (refurbished but with NEW warranty) for $224. It will replace an old Panasonic SH-500 DD/DTS prepro. I will use the new HK primarily as a prepro, but will probably use some...
  18. BruceD

    Velodyne has announced an external subwoofer setup room equalizer...

    Essentially my question is with it's precision. If it doesn't have very fine resolution for it's "Q" parameter like the BFD (1/60th octave resolution), but instead something like 1/3 octave resolution, it will be less useful for truly eliminating modal peaks. Easier to use, yes, but not as...
  19. BruceD

    Velodyne has announced an external subwoofer setup room equalizer...

    Do you have any specs? Can it vary the "Q" (narrowness of the filter) to as fine as 1/60th octave bandwidth?
  20. BruceD

    Bass Management

    Chu, Actually I don't find those articles particurlarly helpful. The article "Setting the Subwoofer / LFE Crossover for Best Performance" doesn't distinguish between 0.1 LFE bass and re-directed bass from small speakers, and thus the author further confuses the issues. I think a proper...
  21. BruceD

    BOSE 201 Series IV

    That's what Bose marketing would like you to believe, because marketing is where most of their money goes (i.e. not into quality product materials). The only possibility for a yes is between BOSE speakers and no speakers at all, and even then I might not. My ex had BOSE 301 speakers and...
  22. BruceD

    Volume through pre-amp outs

    I can offer some suggestions, since my setup for the last 5 years has been HT processor to a 2-channel preamp to amps. Here is something to try; Don't use MCACC initially, instead use the Pioneer's 1014 calibration test tones or a calibration DVD with a Radio Shack SPL meter to adjust the...
  23. BruceD

    DVE or Avia????

    Edward, Thanks for the revealing info!! I think all newbies should be aware of pitfalls that await them when trying to correctly calibrate their systems. It is an unfortunate result of the www environment that many simply perpetuate information that is less than correct. It is always...
  24. BruceD

    Room response time and TrueRTA

    Ilkka seems to be fixated on frequency response only from an RTA or MLS measurement system. :) The picture he fails to recognize is that frequency is only one (1) small part of the many-faceted picture of a speaker/room environment. MLS-based systems provide the complete picture with...
  25. BruceD

    Any down-side to running a dual sub setup?

    Michael, I'm sorry to say that if you use the Rives 1/3rd octave test disk to measure low frequency speaker/room response you are likely to miss the actual frequency of the peaks and nulls caused by the room (room modes). You need 1/12th octave or 1Hz steps to identify problem low...
  26. BruceD

    Room response time and TrueRTA

    Quite frankly, the only thing RTA is good for is measuring SPL levels at various frequencies. RTA cannot tell you which reflections are mid-high frequency (short gate) or low frequency standing waves (longer gate). It cannot indicate which frequencies are ringing. It cannot tell you anything...
  27. BruceD

    Room response time and TrueRTA

    Ilkka, You still missed my point!!!:) ETF5 has gating (windowing) of the FFT analysis to adjust the timing (ms) of the data viewedm allowing you to capture the specific timing for any of the measurement characteristics you want. It is particulary useful for measuring room/speaker...
  28. BruceD

    Room response time and TrueRTA

    Ilkka, As I indicated previously, RTA measurements cannot distinguish between direct and reflected sound, but MLS-based measurement software can. Here is a link to a discussion about the influence of early reflections (
  29. BruceD

    Rives audio test disk.....

    IMO, 99% of HT rooms probably could benefit from a parametric EQ on the sub, but peoples preferences for bass differ. Using 1/3 octave tones to locate bass peak frequencies that cause the most problems is not ideal (i.e. it's not likely to locate the correct frequency), 1/6th to 1/12th octave...
  30. BruceD

    Room response time and TrueRTA

    One of the reasons I like to use an MLS-based signal test program (ETF5 in my case) is due to the various measurement responses like RT60, Impulse Response, Energy Time Curves, etc. with gating control (windowing). I can even capture responses below 10ms to differentiate source signal from...