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  1. David_N

    Good to see the HTF again.

    Hi all. Due to my wife's new job and our move across country I've been without internet access for a month now. Our computers (and everything else) were on a truck travelling from New Hampshire to Utah. Along with her new job came our new house, which for the past 2 weeks I've been unpacking...
  2. David_N

    Dumb Sonic question

    Does anyone know when and why Dr. Robotnik's name was changed to Dr. Eggman? The last STH game I actually got to the end of was Sonic 2 and he was Robotnik in that, but upon playing Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, I found his name was changed. Thanks
  3. David_N

    Is this quote from a movie?

  4. David_N

    Heard of this in Super Mario Bros 3 (NES)?

    This question has been driving me crazy for years now. Anyone seen or heard about this before? When finishing off a Koopa Kid at the end of their ship, the magic wand would fly up into the air and then fall to the floor in the middle of the screen straight up. But I swear I've seen it land on...
  5. David_N

    Another "what is this movie" thread

    A friend asked me about a movie he caught the end of the other night. I unfortunately didn't know what it was. He didn't know who any of the actors were. But, he said it looked like it was made within the past 10 years. Also a man was singing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" at the end and into the...
  6. David_N

    Maximo Secrets

    Hi all, I bought Maximo a couple of weeks ago. It was quite a steal for $20 new at Target. What a fun game. Once I beat the big boss I went back and found all the missing treasures I missed previously. I linked up "Treasure Seeker", "Wider Shockwave", and "Midas Shield" and went around all...
  7. David_N

    Need DVD writer software opinion.

    Our company bought a DVR-A03 (DVD-R/RW) and we think additional software is required. It came with Sonic MyDVD, Veritas PrimoDVD, and Cyberlink PowerDVD. None of those software packages seem to do what we need it to do at this moment. Basically we need to use is as a large CD-R backup drive...
  8. David_N

    Where do you store your DVDs?

    Hi all, I've been buying DVD for about 2 years now. I probably own close to 150 DVDs. With all the great movies that haven't even been released yet, I see that number is just going to get bigger and bigger. The entertainment center that I store the disks ran out of reasonable room a long...
  9. David_N

    Playstation 2 DVD issue?

    Hi all, I reciently bought a PS2, mostly to use as a 2nd DVD player, at least until FFX comes out. I've watched a few movies on it and have noticed something strange. About halfway through (maybe at a layer change) the audio will be about half a second ahead of the video for the rest of the...
  10. David_N

    C:13 error?

    Hi all, I have had a Sony S360 DVD player for about 8 months to a year. Fortunatly I took the 5 year warranty when I bought it. A few weeks ago I brought it in to be cleaned because on SOME movies the disk would randomly go back to previous chapters. After I got the player cleaned I haven't...
  11. David_N

    What's with The Neverending Story?

    Hi all, As this is my first post on this forum, I'll try to be brief and coherent. After anxiously reading several DVD review sites (DigitalBits, DVDFile, etc...) for ANY news on The Neverending Story, I haven't found any review or specifications as to what is going to be on the disk. I find...