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  1. david*mt

    does the quality of component cable matter?

    I'm currently using an Accoustic Research cable with my dvd player, and I really like the picture I receive. I will be moving soon, however, and I'm going to need a longer cable in my new setup. I was thinking of just getting a cheap component cable off eBay or one of the $10 ones I saw at...
  2. david*mt

    WTB: component cable

    I'm needing a component cable about 6 ft. or more in length. Let me know what you have and how much you want for it. [email protected]
  3. david*mt

    How good is the Xbox as a dvd player?

    Is it much better than the PS2? Does it support progressive scan and DTS tracks? I'm just wondering if it's serviceable to use until I get a blu ray player in a few months.
  4. david*mt

    FS: Samsung SIR-T451 HD receiver

    Is in mint condition and comes w/ a 3 year Squaretrade warranty. Price is $135 shipped.
  5. david*mt

    FS: Samsung SIR-T451 HD receiver

    In mint condition, no scratches or anything. I've only had it a little over a month. I just couldn't pick up any HD channels other than PBS in my area so I've decided to sell it. Comes w/ a 3 year Squaretrade warranty. Price is $135 shipped.
  6. david*mt

    help me find a laptop

    I'm going to law school next year, and I am in need of a laptop. I'd really like someone to recommend one for me. I don't need anything too fancy, but it needs a Dual Core or Pentium M processor, 1 GB Ram, 60 GB hard drive, wireless internet card, and a 3 yr warranty. I'd also like a 14''...
  7. david*mt

    speakers stands for JBL E50s

    Can someone recommend some speaker stands for the JBL E50s? I'm looking to spend no more than $100 for a pair. Thanks
  8. david*mt

    why is Carlito's Way OOP?

    I can't seem to find it anywhere. Any reason why it went OOP?
  9. david*mt

    help using an SPL meter

    I just picked up the analog SPL meter at Radioshack. It says on the box that I should use it with an equalizer. What exactly is an equalizer and do I really need one? And can someone tell me in a nutshell how I use the SPL meter to calibrate my speaker volumes? I already have the DVE disc but am...
  10. david*mt

    would an SPL meter help?

    I am using my JBL EC35 and E50s with my Yamaha HTR-5560 but have never calibrated the volume levels with an SPL meter. I do have the DVE disc but haven't bought an SPL meter which will cost around $40. Would it really make that much of a difference?
  11. david*mt

    would a new receiver help?

    I just upgraded my speakers from the HTIB Onkyos that Circuitcity sells to a JBL EC35 and E50s for fronts and rears. While I really like the sound of the JBLs it seems like I almost have a headache after listening to them for more than 10 minutes. The receiver I am using is the Yamaha HTR-5560...
  12. david*mt

    is it possible for home speakers to sound as good as the theater?

    I have a fairly cheap home theater system and while I think my system sounds decent it isn't even close to the kind of sound I experience when I go to my my local. My theater uses JBL speakers and they sounds fabulous. So is it possible for a good set of home speakers to sound as good as it does...
  13. david*mt

    could my dvd be the problem?

    Every so often when I am watching a DVD, the dialogue will completely drop out of my center channel. I still get sound out of my other four speakers but nothing from the center channel. This problem didn't occur until about a month or two ago. Could my dvd player be the problem? If I turn off...
  14. david*mt

    JBL E30 or Klipsch SB1?

    Can someone share their opinion on which of these bookshelf speakers is better for home theater use? I would be using them with a Yamaha HTR-5560. Would this receiver work well with these speakers?
  15. david*mt

    FT: ROTK, Robin Hood, Almost Famous, and more

    I have the following for trade: Robin Hood POT SE (2 disc) E.T. (2 disc) Treasure of the Sierra Madre (2 disc) - TRADED Bad Boys II (2 disc) Dances with Wolves DTS (2 disc) The Recruit LOTR: ROTK (2 disc) - missing UPC on back but otherwise mint Almost Famous BC (3 disc) Texas...
  16. david*mt

    best 5.1 system for under $400

    I already have a Yamaha HTR-5560 and a sub so I just need the five speakers. Right now I am looking at these: JBL EC35 JBL E30's for mains JBL E10's for rears I can get them for just under $400 shipped. Could I do any better for the money? I would appreciate any opinions. Thanks
  17. david*mt

    is 5.1 better than 6.1?

    I am currently using the 6.1 Onkyo system with my Yamaha HTR-5560 and someone over at AVSforum told me that 5.1 is actually better than 6.1 because 6.1 has localiztion problems. Is that true and should I unhook my rear speaker and go back to 5.1? I watched the entire Star Wars trilogy over the...
  18. david*mt

    are Yamaha speakers any good?

    I got the Yamaha NS-FP9500 free from Bestbuy with a tv I bought. Are they any good? I am currently using the Onkyo SKS-HT510 and while the sub is decent I don't really care for the speakers all that much. Would the Yamahas be much of an upgrade? They are more expensive but that doesn't always...
  19. david*mt

    is this worth an upgrade (JBL)?

    I am currently using the Onkyo system which I purchased at Circuitcity for like $250 about 2 years ago. I am looking to upgrade because I have never been too happy with the Onkyo speakers. The sub is decent, but the speakers are muddy and lack clarity. I am considering getting this: 2 JBL...
  20. david*mt

    need recomendations on a budget system

    Right now I am using the cheap 6.1 Onkyo system that I bought at Circuitcity about 2 years ago with my Yamaha HTR-5560. The subwoofer is decent, but the speakers are very muddy sounding and lack clarity. I just need a decent 5 speakers setup for movies as I will keep my Onkyo sub for now. I am...
  21. david*mt

    HDMI or DVI?

    What is the difference and which is better? I noticed that Toshiba is including HDMIs on their upcoming models. Will other manufacturers be doing the same? Which input will be compatible with future formats like Blu-ray and HD-DVD?
  22. david*mt

    any get the white line fixed on their Toshiba?

    I've been reading over at the Spot about several guys in Canada who have had theirs fixed. Has anyone here in the US been able to get their set fixed? My service center has never heard of a fix.
  23. david*mt

    any chance the Thundercats will ever make it onto DVD?

    This was one of my favorite shows as a kid. By the way, why was the show cancelled in the first place? It doesn't seem like it was on for very long.
  24. david*mt

    how is the transfer on Interview with the Vampire

    I know Warner usually puts out pretty nice transfers but this disk seems pretty packed with a 2 hour movie, English and French DD 5.1 tracks, a full-bite rate DTS track, commentary, 30-minute documentary, and trailer. So does the video hold up well? If so, I'm going to pick it up at Bestbuy with...
  25. david*mt

    how is the dvd of Cliffhanger, Ghostbusters, and Jumanji?

    Are the transfers good for todays standerds? Is the DD 5.1 any good? I keep waiting for eventually Superbits on these but since Bestbuy has good prices on them right now I may pick them up.
  26. david*mt

    FS: Panasonic DVD-S35S dvd player

  27. david*mt

    FT: Scarface AE

    It is the widescreen version and mint. I'm not looking for anything in particular so email or post your want lists. [email protected] Gold Trader at DVDtalk
  28. david*mt

    why is Raw Deal OOP?

    I was looking for this but found its OOP. Anyone know why it is OOP?
  29. david*mt

    what size speaker stands?

    I'm using the Onkyo SKSHT510 speaker system and am looking to get 4 fairly cheap speaker stands for my mains and rears. Anyone have any recommendations? I've been looking at the Omnimount stands that Circuitcity sells but can't decide what height to get. The 16'' appear too short so its...
  30. david*mt

    is it okay to place my sub behind me?

    I really don't have room to put my sub in front of me. Would it sound okay if it were in a corner behind me?