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    Need a Roku capable device with optical audio out

    This isn't my primary home theater. It's a secondary setup in a home office/workshop. It's set up as a relatively "old tech" 5.1 home theater. This was the setup as of a week ago: Older, pre-hdmi Kenwood 5.1 receiver, DISH Network Hopper, Optoma projector. Steaming services used via DISH...
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    New home theater: Flooring, speaker layout, Atmos feedback needed

    Howdy. New to this forum. Looks like a great resource with lots of helpful folks. Pardon the lengthy intro, but I figure it will save some Q&A to get helpful feedback. I'm not new to home theater. Have built 5.1 and 7.1 setups in previous homes. Building a new home, and I have a blank...