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  1. BradJudy

    Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Coverage

    It wasn't well advertised here, but last weekend there was a major audio show in Denver with dozens of rooms showing high-end audio equipment. It was almost entirely two-channel related, but a significant number of the companies make matching components for hote theater use. Here's a few...
  2. BradJudy

    Custom veneered Ascend CBM-170s complete

    I have finished my custom veneered Ascend Acoustics CBM-170s and just received them from having they components installed at Ascend. I have posted pics in the new Ascend fan run forum: http://www.ascendforum.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=26 Just wanted to show that Ascends don't just come...
  3. BradJudy

    Looking for TV buying advice (32" HDTV)

    This is a duplicate of my post over at AVS, so forgive me if you've already read it over there. I am considering purchasing a new TV for my home. I currently have a ~12 year old 19" Magnavox and I'm looking to move up in size, but also want something to last me 10+ years. For this reason I'm...
  4. BradJudy

    AV-1 demo (w/ Ascend and Ref1 comp) (VERY long)

    OK - here it is. I'm not going to bother reformatting it for each forum, but a formatted version is available at http://ucsub.colorado.edu/~judy/Asce.../AV1_demo.html Warning: What I intended to be a comparative review has grown into a massive narrative with more philosophy and less detail...
  5. BradJudy

    My toughts on my new Ascend Acoustics 5.1 speakers

    I recently purchased a set of speakers from Ascend Acoustics and a new H/K AVR-520 (talk about your great deal combos) and rather than post individual reviews in a few different places I put my thoughts on the web and will just link to it. I am quite happy with the system and definitely...
  6. BradJudy

    Axiom, Ascend, Aperion, or Norh to listen to in Boulder/Denver CO area?

    I am in the process of choosing a set of speakers and a receiver for my home theater (50/50 HT/music) and am curious if there is anyone on the forum in the Denver area who owns Axioms I can listen to. So far I have heard a number of different speakers (Paradigm monitor series, B&W 600 series...