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  1. Nathan_R

    Emotiva LPA-1 7-channel amplifier

    I purchased an Emotiva LPA-1 7-channel amplifier a little more than a month ago to tide me over until I purchased an Anthem amp to match my processor. Well, Emotiva did not respond to my RMA request and I now have a virtually unused amp sitting in a box. It has about 30 hours on it. Full...
  2. Nathan_R

    Anthem AVM-50 and MCA-50 (silver)

    I'm selling my Anthem AVM-50 and MCA-50. Both units have performed flawlessly, but I'm really trying to get out of home theater entirely and find some less expensive hobbies. :) Both units are silver. AVM-50: $3800 + shipping to the lower 48 states. SOLD! MCA-50: $1300 shipped to the...
  3. Nathan_R

    HD DVD collection + XA1

    I am selling my Toshiba HD-XA1 (see thread in the Hardware for Sale section) and 49 HD DVD titles, many of which are unopened. I will also offer a great deal to anyone who purchased both the player and all the discs. I would prefer to sell everything as a lot, and will not break up the package...
  4. Nathan_R

    HT Items for Sale

    I have the following items for sale: 1 Pioneer Elite DV-79AVi (silver) dvd player. Specs here. Unit has been upgraded to region-free status by HKFlix. Outputs native NTSC and PAL only (no PAL->NTSC conversion). Includes original box, unit, accessories, remote, manual. $550 shipped 1 Toshiba...
  5. Nathan_R

    HT Items for sale

    I have the following source items for sale: 1 Pioneer Elite DV-79AVi upscaling universal dvd player (silver). HDMI, firewire (audio only), and component outputs. Passes 480i over HDMI, upcoverts to 720p and 1080i via HDMI. NO macroblocking! Unit has been upgraded to region-free status...
  6. Nathan_R

    FS: Denon DVD-1920s and DVD-2910s

    Both sold. Thanks for looking!
  7. Nathan_R

    More stuff for sale

    It's time to thin out the HT again. Here's what you need from Chez Nate: -- 1 Momitsu V880-DX region-free, upcoverting (component or DVI) dvd player. Specs here. Includes box, unit, manual, remote. Replaced this unit and the Pioneer with a region-free universal player. $200 shipped -- 1...
  8. Nathan_R

    FS: Klipsch Reference and SVS package (Atlanta)

    I'm selling off my speakers as a package. I'm tired of the bulky things in my living room and I don't think I'll finish the basement HT within the next five years. Update: I will ship. :D Here's what I have: 1 pr. Klipsch Reference RF-35 (black) $450 + shipping 1 pr. Klipsch Reference...
  9. Nathan_R

    Stuff for sale (Anthem, DVDO, JVC)

    I have to purchase a new car in the next week or so, so I'm clearing out the HT to make the down payment. I really, really hate to do this. :frowning: Here's what I have 1 DVDO iScan HD (black). Less than a year old. Includes all accessories and box. $700 1 Anthem CD-1 tube 6-disc cd...
  10. Nathan_R

    Massive HT re-org; killer prices!

    I'm making some radical changes in my HT and have the following items for sale at killer prices:Integra DTR-9.1 7.1 channel THX Ultra receiver Unit, manual, remote, DB-25 5.1 (multichannel dongle). Small knicks (pinhead size) on the top of the faceplate: SOLD Integra DPC-7.4 6-disc dvd player...
  11. Nathan_R

    Pre-Christmas Hardware Clearance

    As Christmas is coming, I need some holiday cash and some room for future additions. Here's what I have to offer: 1 Integra DPC-7.4 6-disc dvd changer. This unit has incredible audio fidelity, a 16x9 compressed mode (for 4x3 viewing), and BNC outputs. Oh, and it's gorgeous. Have the original...
  12. Nathan_R

    *GRR* Gamecube - No 480p output!!!

    This evening, I finally gave into the urge and bought a Gamecube. I already have an Xbox, but after 10 years without my favorite characters, I was desparate to re-introduce myself to the next generation of Zelda and Metroid. I bought my unit around 7h00pm this evening. Naturally, I went on a...
  13. Nathan_R

    FS/FT: DVDs

    As I've picked up most of the titles I was after, this thread can be closed. Thanks. ~~Nathan
  14. Nathan_R

    Post-move HT and Computer Stuff for sale

    Time to thin out the HT after the move. -- One Integra DTC-7.4 6-disc dvd changer. Has a squeeze function for properly displaying 4x3 material on any 16x9 tv which locks-in-full. $350 -- One Zenith DVB-318 upconverting dvd player. Purchased this unit last month, but I prefer the aspect...
  15. Nathan_R

    FS: Iscan Ultra + 2 cables $625 shipped

    I'm selling my Iscan Ultra. I really need a 5 channel amp more than this, as I've seriously overdriving my receiver. I purchased this from OneCall as an open-box about two months ago. It has seen about 3 hours of use. I'm also throwing in two 3-foot vga->component cables purchased from RAM...
  16. Nathan_R

    GI Joe PSAs

    Ran a search and didn't see this archived. Remember those GI Joe Public Service Announcements? They're better now: http://www.fenslerfilm.com/movies/PS...SA03_small.mpg Who wants a body massage? :)
  17. Nathan_R

    Home Theater for sale

    Some life changes are forcing me to sell my home theater equipment. -- 1 DVDO iScan Ultra Video processor. (w/ box and, one 3m vga->component cable and two 1m vga->component cables) $625 -- I Integra DTR-9.1 A/V receiver. Upgraded to DTS-ES and DPLII. $2000 Local Pickup Only -- 1...
  18. Nathan_R

    FS: Iscan Ultra + VGA->Component cable

    I bought an Iscan Ultra last week to scale my laserdisc player and my primary dvd player. Since then, I have retired the LD player (again) and purchased the Norcent dvd player, so I don't exactly need this. I have used the unit less than one hour-- just long enough to set it up and then open...
  19. Nathan_R

    FS: Samsung SIR-T165

    Hi all, I have an open-box Samsung SIR-T165 for sale that I picked up from Best Buy before the Superbowl. I'd rather have the space in my cabinet now. It's in great shape and will serve someone well as an ATSC decoder with firewire or scaler. When connected to a D-VHS deck, you can record OTA...
  20. Nathan_R

    Who has a pronto ccf for Samsung SIR-T165?

    I bought an open-box SIR-T165 today which did not have the remote. Does anyone have the codes programmed into a Pronto TS1000? The one t165 ccf on remotecentral.com is for the tsu2000 and I can't open it. I ordered a replacement remote from Samsung, but it's going to be a while before it...
  21. Nathan_R

    Stuff for sale: Def Tech;Pioneer;Inday;D-Theater

    I have the following items for sale: -- 1 Panasonic PT-56WXF95 HD-ready television. 56" and displays 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i natively. Needs a convergence. Includes original remote and manual. $1500 Local Pickup Only Buyer to pay actual shipping charges from 30319. I will only ship...
  22. Nathan_R

    WTF: Samsung SIR-T165

    nevermind. can't do it now.
  23. Nathan_R

    FS: Kenwood DV-6050 and two other items

    Items for sale: 1 Pronto TSU-3000 NG. Purchased last month. I don't need three Prontos (defeats the purpose), so I'm letting it go. I have all the original materials. plus shipping to the lower 48 only. SOLD 1 Kenwood DV-6050 It's a great player, and I'm very surprised more people aren't...
  24. Nathan_R

    WTB/WTF: Klipsch RF-3 or RF-3II

    Hi all, I'm looking for a pair of Klipsch RF-3 or RF-3II floorstanding speakers (with grills and no broken pegs). My budget is getting low these days, but I can offer trades plus cash. From my For Sale thread, I still have the Zinwell Brite-View scaler (see my other For Sale thread...
  25. Nathan_R

    Stuff for sale *HD decoder, sat., scaler, dvd, etc*

    It's time to thin it out again. This is what I have to offer: 1 Zinwell Brite-View HDTV scaler (same as AVToolbox 3700, but black) Purchased from an AVS'er. I upgraded to the newest EPROM last week. This unit has displayed vertical bands on Sony projectors when used in RGB output mode. This...
  26. Nathan_R

    FT: Box Sets, Horror, DTS, etc

    I have the following list for trade. One for one (boxed sets too, one set for one set). If you have something, I'll probably take it. Offer not valid for Good Burger. I'm on the good traders list here. Best regards, ~~Nathan Email me (nathan.roberts AT ps.ge.com) or just reply here...
  27. Nathan_R

    Nathan's LD blowout

  28. Nathan_R

    Great HT items for sale

    Hi all, I'm doing some HT re-organizing at home and have some extra items that need a good home. This is your chance to get some excellent items at rock bottom prices! HT items for sale: 1 Complete wireless XBox/XBL system (sold only as package) (SOLD) 1 base system (with all the stuff...
  29. Nathan_R

    Instant killer LD Collection - Atlanta

    Price Reduced I'm selling my LD collection: The list is a bit long, so please click here for titles: http://www.atlhometheater.com/lds.htm Unless otherwise noted, all titles are widescreen and in excellent condition. Also unless noted, the jackets are in good condition. I also have...
  30. Nathan_R

    FS: Pioneer Elite DV-36c Atlanta $300

    I have a Pioneer Elite DV-C36 5-disc changer (with remote and manuals) for sale. Less than one year old, emmaculate condition. Upgraded recently and need the space. Asking $250 + actual shipping to lower 48 statesThanks. ~~Nathan