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  1. BruceD

    A Question of Balance

    Hoping I can get some discussion on this topic from some of the DIY sub gurus here: One of the biggest obstacles to good integration between main speakers and subs is the implementation of the digital crossover on an HT processor. Most of the receivers and prepros on the market were...
  2. BruceD

    Any experience with Dynaudio AIR monitor system?

    Anyone heard these active powered monitors in a 5.1 system? Any comments? Dyn AIR system Then point to "Products" and select "Enter the AIR World" Also another description
  3. BruceD

    What's happening?

    Why is everything so SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW None of the other websites I'm visiting are slow.
  4. BruceD

    950 beta testers, confirm my bass mgmnt setup

    My mains are spec'd with a -3dB of 31Hz -- Dynaudio Contour 2.8 towers. So, if I want to use the triple xovers for DD, DTS, DPL-II with digital input to the 950 prepro and have the mains set as small and a sub plugged into the sub out I'm just fine. But, if I want to use analog passthru with a...
  5. BruceD

    950 CD acquisition

    Chris and Robert, If I'm not mistaken, CD players (DVD players?) may handle the changes between tracks from sequential play, random play, selected track play, or skip play each in a different manner. That is to say they may mute the output signal or not during the silent passages. Not all CD...
  6. BruceD

    New Cirrus Triple-Xover a good thing?

    Do you think the new Cirrus DSP's Triple Xover option provides a better integration of multiple speakers than one xover frequency for all speakers? I think having the option to implement the best xover for a particular speaker, taking into account it's rolloff characteristics, is better than...
  7. BruceD

    How pre-pros actually sound

    Following is a list of some current prepros and specs from their owners manuals or websites (except where noted). Do you think their S/N ratios, especially in stereo which indicates a great analog stage and power supply implementation, accurately represents their "sound quality ranking"...
  8. BruceD

    Slower than dog . . . .

    All of a sudden after the new sub-directory implementation, getting an individual directory or thread to display it's contents is agonisingly slow. Will this improve soon?
  9. BruceD

    White screen instead of thread also

    in the Hardware Forum
  10. BruceD

    Magnolia Hi-Fi?

    Anybody done business with or toured any of these HT stores? They seem to have made a recent thrust into the Bay area in the last year. They are also owned by Best Buy. BruceD
  11. BruceD

    Song title on Jaguar car TV advertisement?

    Who does the song for this TV car add? It's lyrics include 'wicked ways' and 'fall in love' I thought it might be John Melloncamp, but I can't find the song or album. BruceD
  12. BruceD


  13. BruceD

    Terry, BFD, MIDI & notebook PC?

    Terry, I have a Hitachi multimedia notebook (Win95) with a Yamaha OPL3-SAx Sound system ( it appears to have game port support with a joystick icon in the "Control Panel"), but no actual hardware game port. It does have stereo mini-phone plug Line-in and Speaker-out, mono mini-phone plug...
  14. BruceD

    TerryC's BFD w/PC post

    Can anybody repost whatever the thread was by TerryC about using the PC with the BFD 1100 Pro and BFD 1100 editor software? The reference to it in a previous post doesn't work so I guess it was lost in the transition or just deleted. We should achive this in the HW section. Thanks, BruceD