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  1. RickER

    Mimic coming to Blu (in Canada)

    I like to check out deals over at Amazon.ca, and in doing so, i found that Mimic is coming to Blu in Canada in Aug. The price after i ordered came out to $27 Can and some change. I figure it will work out to be under $25 US. I dont usually import. But Mimic has not seen a re-release in the US...
  2. RickER

    Re: *** Official WALL-E Review Thread

    Wow, a love, hate kind of movie. I will be curious to see it for myself. I really hate movies that slam a message to me. Especially a "tree hugger" type of film. Having said that, when i was 9 i cried at the end of Silent Running, same with Born Free. So, who knows. I still have to see it. :)
  3. RickER

    *** Official RAMBO Discussion Thread

    Thanks for the info David, glad to hear its that good! And good for Stallone. Nothing wrong with a 50 something year old guy kicking ass. John Wayne did it into his seventies!
  4. RickER

    Galactica 1980 on DVD, maybe soon?

    I just read on TVShowsonDVD.com that Galactica 1980 could be on DVD before the end of the year. I dont know about you guys, but even though the show 90% sucked, i have to own it for The Return of Starbuck! Thanks Dave and Gord, and if you could ask Universal, if at all possible id love to see...
  5. RickER

    Just got a HD-DVD A2 today, need help

    Couldnt pass up Best Buy and the $299 A2, however, i have a problem. Hook up went fine, but the player freezes up on the 1 and only HD DVD i have. Under Seige sucks on regular DVD so i wanted to try it on HD. If only it played for more than 20 minutes without locking up and freeze framing id be...
  6. RickER

    Is my DVD player about to die?

    My Sony 7700 is about 6 years old. Of late the picture has a green tint to it, usually shows on peoples faces. The green will come and go. At first i thought it might be my TV, a Sony 36" XBR, only 3 years old. I checked the picture on satellite when the DVD picture was green, it looked great...