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  1. Sam Davatchi

    What Spielberg movies you didn't like and why?

    I saw the other thread and thought to start this myself. Even weak Spielberg movies are better than average and have some redeeming qualities. Now the more interesting question would be which of his movies you can’t stand! From the top of my head, for me it would be Amistad and Minority Report.
  2. Sam Davatchi

    Hugh Jackman to host new-look Oscars

    Hugh Jackman will host the 81st annual Oscars, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences confirmed Friday. The Associated Press: Hugh Jackman to host new-look Oscars What the....! I don't like this. They are also removing the comedy bits it seems.
  3. Sam Davatchi


    Teaser Trailer: YouTube - W.
  4. Sam Davatchi

    Black Adder disc problem

    My Black Adder II DVD just went dead. It worked before. Anyone has checked their Adder discs recently?
  5. Sam Davatchi

    Mamma Mia is a remake!

    I'm sure this new movie is a remake. I remember seen a movie when I was a kid that had a similar story and happened in italy. Telly Savalas and probably Sophia Loren played in it. Could you please help me to find the name? I'm unable to find it and it's driving me crazy. (no ABBA music or...
  6. Sam Davatchi

    Persepolis coming to BD

    Just saw today that Persepolis is coming to BD on 6/24. DVD Empire - Item - Persepolis / Blu-ray Any info on this? Has this film been dubbed in English? Does this contain English audio? I already have the original DVD with no English anything!
  7. Sam Davatchi

    Spider-man 2 BD – DVD comparison shots

    I recently purchased Spider-man 2 on BD because the DVD I owned didn’t look that good. I wanted to make a comparison shot to show just how bad the DVD looked compared to the BD, it’s really like night and day! I only made “one” for the moment because it was a pain in the a… to make it!
  8. Sam Davatchi

    Testinf Flickr image hosting

  9. Sam Davatchi

    Help name this old sci-fi movie

    I remember a sci-fi movie from my childhood and would like to track it down and hopefully rewatch it on DVD. The problem is that I don't remember the name of the movie or the actors or the story!! Here is what I remember. 3-4 astronauts land on a planet and see a round shape building, they meet...
  10. Sam Davatchi

    Pink Panther 2006

    Didn't find any topics related to this in this section. I got the new Steve Martin Pink Panther last week and saw it last night. I was pleasantly surprised and didn't expect it to be this "good", with all the negative buzz before the release of the movie. I think it's better than your average...
  11. Sam Davatchi

    I know nothing about progressive scan!

    I have a progressive DVD Player and Plasma TV and I'm using progressive output daily but I just realized I know nothing about progressive scan! I don't know how it works and there are some major plot holes in the scenario for me. What I have learned is that when an NTSC film is played by the...
  12. Sam Davatchi

    Blackadder: The Complete Collection

    I have a question about this set. I see that a new release is coming out in 3 days with a new UPC number. http://www.dvdempire.com/Exec/v4_ite...item_id=916767 as opposed to the old one http://www.dvdempire.com/Exec/v4_ite...&item_id=25208 Anyway, do you have any information about...
  13. Sam Davatchi

    *** Official BAD SANTA Review Thread

    I'm wondering if you saw the unrated DVD?
  14. Sam Davatchi

    It finally happened – Duplicate purchasing

    I guess it had to happen one day or another. Reaching 720 titles, I was entering the 6 DVDs I had purchased this week into DVD profiler and noticed I had already purchased the same exact DVD a year ago. Daredevil Director’s Cut! Thinking that it might have been part of my unseen pile it was...
  15. Sam Davatchi

    R1 Canadian DVD Store - French tracks

    Could you please recommend me a Canadian on-line DVD store? And also how could you tell where the French track was dubbed in? thanks.
  16. Sam Davatchi

    UPC code

    I need to find out the UPC codes of certain R1 DVDs, I was wondering if you know of any site that contains such information. Any site other than dvdempire.
  17. Sam Davatchi

    The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers

    When I started the "Being There" topic, I was surprised to see that there has been no topic or HTF review on "The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers". Thought to start a topic here and bring this to attention. This DVD has been released for 2 months now. Anyway open for...
  18. Sam Davatchi

    Being There - outraged!

    "Being There" has been one of my favorite movies. Actually it’s one of my early "serious" movies where I grew up from watching "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" movies into watching "other" movies. Anyway has been a long time since I had seen it on VHS and saw that it’s available on DVD. Got the...
  19. Sam Davatchi

    M*A*S*H – Season 8

    Didn’t find a topic on this. I got this set last week and watched Goodbye Radar last night. I had never seen Radar’s departure before. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the episode and what a great episode it was. I also liked how Radar looks more mature and changed in season 8. It just...
  20. Sam Davatchi

    Whose Line is it any way?

    Any chance of having this on DVD? Has it been released in any region?
  21. Sam Davatchi

    My Internet Explorer and Mozilla Fonts

    I think I’m going insane, I see all the topics in italics! Both in Internet Explorer and Mozilla, my fonts are in italic and they were not like this before. Where can I solve this font issue? I didn’t find anything in the Internet Options. Thanks.
  22. Sam Davatchi

    Windows XP Service Pack 2

    My windows XP just downloaded and installed Service Pack 2. I feel I can free up 1 GB of space but I’m not sure. I have a directory like this: D:WINDOWSServicePackFilesi386 500 MB And D:WINDOWSSoftwareDistributionDownload6ca7b3a8e fd5a9b6f87fff395a2eb989 511 MB I feel these are the...
  23. Sam Davatchi

    Please help me – Hitachi - Samsung (DCDI Faroudja)

    I’m getting a Plasma HDTV and my choice has been narrowed to 2 models. Could you please help me which one to pick up? I have the option of 1) Hitachi 42PD5200 – (106cm) http://live.hitachidigitalmedia.com/...=1&urlnumber=0 2) Samsung - PS37S4A – (94 cm) with {DCDI Faroudja} Circuit...
  24. Sam Davatchi

    Yuv - Rgb

    I have few questions regarding YUV and RGB. I’m a little confused. Please correct me where I’m wrong. I live in Europe and my widescreen 100hz TV has only SCART inputs. So here is what I believe is true. Composite, S-Video and Component work only in YUV. RGB is accessible only through...
  25. Sam Davatchi

    DVDs and Speakers

    Wanted to check something. I would normally think that unlike VHS, speakers have no effect on CDs and DVDs and wouldn’t deteriorate them. But is this true and are we absolutely sure that putting DVDs on speakers is not a bad thing?
  26. Sam Davatchi

    DVD Players with remaining time

    I want to purchase a new DVD player. I have a second generation Toshiba. I want a DVD Player that would show the remaining time on screen. I bought a Samsung few years ago that wasn’t able to do this. What players or marks support this? Does Pioneer have this? Thanks.
  27. Sam Davatchi

    Friends - Season 2 glitch

    I was watching season 2 and found a glitch. I have tried it with 3 different players and all give the same result. My disc has no scratch or dirt. There is a visible jump here: Season 2 – Disc 3 – The One Where Eddie Won’t Go – 23:17 Could someone please check this out? Thanks.
  28. Sam Davatchi

    Your DVD Collection Surprise Stories

    With the growing of our DVD collections there are always DVDs that we forget we own. What’s your most surprise find in your own DVD collection?! I was looking at my DVDs today and was shocked to find 2 DVDs of Star Wars - Phantom Menace and at 2 different places! Now I’m thinking why and when I...
  29. Sam Davatchi

    Charlie Rose and Oliver Stone interview

    I have a vague memory about a Charlie Rose interview with Oliver Stone on a DVD but I can not find anything in my collection. Am I dreaming? Has there been any Charlie Rose interviews with Oliver Stone on DVD? and if yes what movie? I thought that it should be on JFK, but it’s not! Thanks!
  30. Sam Davatchi

    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

    Anybody has got the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban soundtrack yet? I got the CD here and the UPC is 075678371158 which is on no online stores that I know. The strange thing is that on the cover it has the dreaded words “Music From And Inspired By the Motion Picture”. What is this CD...