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  1. Erick_F

    Selling my DVD collection, 205 Titles

    I am interested with these dvd: (i have paypal $$$) Spirited Away American Wedding Bad Boys 2 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas:CC Jerry Maguire (if it is 2 discs edition) Lion King Shanghai Knights Sleeping Beauty There Something More About Mary Please let me know. Thanks Erick
  2. Erick_F

    My DVDs to trade...

  3. Erick_F

    Dvd Trade List

  4. Erick_F

    Dvds & Vhs titles for sale...

    YGM for Peter Pan
  5. Erick_F

    FS: Scarface Deluxe Gift Set - Sealed

    Deleted by Administrator; please review the rules of the For Sale section.
  6. Erick_F

    "The Silence of the Lambs" Criterion for trade for other Criterion

    Are you interested with Withnail and I:CC w/ poster
  7. Erick_F

    FT:Few OOPs DVD

    Hi Randy, i already have Silly Symphonies. I also sold my rain man too. Thanks for the offer
  8. Erick_F

    FS: DVD Zealed

  9. Erick_F

    FS: DVD Zealed

    Good Day! i have some few brand new dvds still sealed. The price is $12 each. Shipping is $2.5 for the first dvd and $1 for additional title. The Lizzie McGuire Movie - WS/FS (UPC:8693622357)*TRADED* The Emperor's New Clothes - WS (UPC: 9736340814) Serving Sara (Biligual Cover) -...
  10. Erick_F

    FT:Few OOPs DVD

    Sorry Randy but i already those dvds. Thanks for the offer
  11. Erick_F

    FT:Few OOPs DVD

    Well these are the Special Edition. I am not sure if there is second release. You Only Live Twice features: - Theatrical trailer(s) - Audio Commentary featuring Director Lewis Gilbert and members of the Cast and Crew - Inside You Only Live Twice Documentary - Silhouettes - The James Bond...
  12. Erick_F

    BoB, Disney Tins, PDL, rare LDs, etc for trade. . .

    I am interested with BOB and ET. Please check my thread. I could also add some $$$ (Paypal). Let me know Thanks
  13. Erick_F

    FT:Few OOPs DVD

    I have these following OOPs dvd to trade, all dvds are mint condition and Region 1. Pplease don't be shy to make an offer. I have: Gettysburg Diamonds are Forever You Only Live Twice Relax...Its Just a Sex! Rain Man *Brand New* Jungle Book *Brand New* *** Lady and the Tramp ***...
  14. Erick_F

    FS: James Bond Collection Vol 1 Boxset *NEW/OOP*

    Yes and i am willing to negotiate.
  15. Erick_F

    FS: James Bond Collection Vol 1 Boxset *NEW/OOP*

    I decided to sell this OOP James Bond Collection. It is still factory sealed and never open. I am asking $140 + shipping. The Box set includes: Licence to Kill For Your Eyes Only Tommorow Never Dies Goldfinger Live and Let Die Thunderball GoldenEye
  16. Erick_F

    FT: James Bond Volume 1

    Answered all emails
  17. Erick_F

    FT: James Bond Volume 1

    I have a brand new James Bond Box set Volume 1. *OOP* for trade. Please send your offer to my email or here. Thanks The Box set includes: Licence to Kill For Your Eyes Only Tommorow Never Dies Goldfinger Live and Let Die Thunderball GoldenEye
  18. Erick_F

    trade/wish list...come on in

    i am interested with Simpson 1 and 2. check my thread. Thanks
  19. Erick_F

    Dvd Ft

    JasonT: YGM! bud
  20. Erick_F

    Dvd Ft

    I have the following dvds for trade. Toy Story The Journey to the center of the Earth Silent Running (biligual cover) Judge Dredd Ultimate Fights The fall of the House of Usher (R0) Carnival of Souls/Horror Hotel Guys and Dolls *New/Sealed* Fist of Legend *New/Sealed* Santa Clause...
  21. Erick_F

    WTB: Your Criterions & Foreign films!

    Withnail and I:CC *mint* including poster What do you have for trade?
  22. Erick_F

    FS: Various Titles

  23. Erick_F

    WTB: DVD's

    Jake i have Scarface Aunthentic R1. What do you have for trade. let me know
  24. Erick_F

    WTB: Army of Darkness LE, Bad Taste LE, Black Christmas SE, Some LDs

    I have Black Christmas: 25th Anniversary Edition. Are you interested? Interested with these dvds to your list: Fight Club (SE?) Jackie Brown Moulin Rouge Let me know via email. Thanks Erick