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  1. Rob Lutter

    TV on DVD Complete Sets! Anime! Video Games! Oh my!

    Free Shipping via USPS Priority Mail on all DVD sets! Smaller items via First Class Mail. TV on DVD Sets Band of Brothers: The Complete DVD Series - $30 SHIPPED Beavis & Butthead: Sets 1-3 (Sets 2-3 are SEALED) - $50 SHIPPED Kids in the Hall: Seasons 1-3 (Sets 2-3 are SEALED) - $50 SHIPPED...
  2. Rob Lutter

    HTF Anime Discussion Part VIII

    LOL.... this thread so died without me. I just picked up my first series in a while... Fighting Spirit off of Right Stuf, as I A) knew it was going out of print forever due to Geneon kicking the bucket and B) they had MOST of the discs for $6.99. I say MOST because I had to buy Volume 11 and...
  3. Rob Lutter

    Appeal of "Dawn of the Dead"?

    Ya know what they say: "One man's garbage is another man's treasure."
  4. Rob Lutter

    Appeal of "Dawn of the Dead"?

    I think if someone has to EXPLAIN the appeal of a film to you, you have no business even thinking about the film for another split second. Just move along, there's plenty of films in the sea of Hollywood history. Everyone has seen popular/cult movies and have just. not. got it. I know I have.
  5. Rob Lutter

    Grindhouse - New Tarantino/Rodriguez film announced..

    Ya know... I'd usually be against splitting up the DVD releases of a film that was released in theatres as one part, but if it means I'll NEVER have to watch Death Proof again, god bless the Weinsteins. :D :D :D :D :D Looking more and more like that's how the Europeans are going to receive...
  6. Rob Lutter

    Remakes or adaptations with little or no credit

    The Condemned struck me as a wussy direct copy of Battle Royale. Wussy in that they're killing murderers and inmates instead of innocent Japanese 14-year-olds. Oh and the explody things are on their ankles instead of their necks. :) Battle Royale is also getting a direct remake by the dude...
  7. Rob Lutter

    Europe: Casino Royale Blu-ray for PS3 early adopters

    PS3 also costs relatively the same as the GDP of the entire European Union though. Okay... it's around $830 for the 60GB version (the only version) but you catch my drift. So what I'm saying is that it's much better to get your $499 console, get your Will Ferrell on for free, and buy the disc...
  8. Rob Lutter

    M*A*S*H - Martinis and Medicine Complete Collection

    My Best Buy still has 2 copies for $199.99. So they're still out there (abiet not deeply discounted)
  9. Rob Lutter

    Good place to shop for HDTV in autin, tx area

    Fry's Electronics is like my Shangrala... I can't see why you'd go anywhere else.
  10. Rob Lutter

    Get Smart!

    I don't know what you guys are expecting... This isn't some series from the last 20 years. It's turning 42 years old next year! Who knows what kind of stock the show was filmed on and where it has been kept for the last couple decades. I mean, it's over 100 episodes, I'm sure that they did...
  11. Rob Lutter

    Get Smart!

    I'm having camera problems right now to illustrate this... but half of my phone booth is upside down! They used the same graphic on the right piece of cardboard as the left so it looks really quite dumb. Good thing you only see it when you're opening the box or I'd be PISSED. :) Even so, it...
  12. Rob Lutter

    Get Smart!

    It's also interesting that there are NO english subtitles.... But there IS closed captioning (according to the packaging, can't check on my PC)
  13. Rob Lutter

    Get Smart!

    Here's a few random screenshots: This is the best I think the show will EVER look.
  14. Rob Lutter

    Get Smart!

    Cool beans! I got mine out of the mailbox on my way to work.... might even catch a few episodes a bit later (it's REALLY slow here). The box is actually a lot cooler than I thought it would be. I'll post some pics as soon as I get home! :)
  15. Rob Lutter

    Get Smart!

    Under which carrier did these ship? I can't WAIT for this set to arrive. It shipped the 22nd and the wait is absolutely killing me. I'm on SUCH a spy bender right now with James Bond 21 and all the Ultimate releases of that series along with this series.
  16. Rob Lutter

    FS: Lots of $5 to $7 DVDs! Plus TV and Anime! Oh my!

    I am an HTF Gold Trader with +31. I also have +60 feedback on eBAY under 'roblutter' with 100% Positive. Payment is via PayPal (I am a Premiere member) or USPS Money Order (USPS only please). Shipping will be $2.99 for the first DVD plus $0.99 for each additional title with USPS Priority Mail...
  17. Rob Lutter

    Nightmare Before Christmas 3-D

    Being one of the centers of Disney for the world finally pays off... as we have THREE Disney Digital / Real 3D cinemas in town (AMC Pleasure Island, Cinemark Festival Bay, and Regal Waterford) for these types of releases. I've seen Chicken Little and saw Nightmare last night and am really...
  18. Rob Lutter

    Howard and Co on Vacation AGAIN

    Believe me. H100 is all I listen too. With all the new shows Howard does, the original content, and the KROCK/WNBC tapes in his possession... it's an amazing amount of content. That and down here in Central Florida... Bubba the Love Sponge is just as big (maybe bigger) than Howard. He's...
  19. Rob Lutter

    Season sets we've waited too long for. Losing hope.

    Muppet Show S2 is coming... I remember seeing a cover art contest for it recently.
  20. Rob Lutter

    The Price Is Right: 35th Year Premiere - 9/18/06

    Bob Barker kicks ass. You've gotta REALLY love what you're doing to still be doing it when you're 82 fucking years old (with no set end in sight). I admire the man and I still have 1 slot on my Tivo set to tape the daily episode... just in case! ;)
  21. Rob Lutter


    What Disney title ever came with a tin?
  22. Rob Lutter


    Okay... I couldn't resist waiting till tonight so I watched the first half of ANH on my projector (720p / 110" screen) From 1 screen length away, the film looks as anyone with the LD would suspect: grainy. This master is grainy as hell and features a slight horizontal telecine jitter (I think...
  23. Rob Lutter


    For those thinking of buying the Best Buy tin, I bit (Dad always taught me you can NEVER have enough Star Wars)... and here's some images: ... whether or not that's worth an extra $15 bux for you ($59.99 for the tin vs. $14.99 each at CC) is up to you. I figure if you're gonna whore...
  24. Rob Lutter

    Any News on REBECCA or NOTORIOUS?

    I have the Korean editions of The 39 Steps, Rebecca, and Spellbound and I've gotta say... they're a rather nice alternative to the Criterions. They have the same restored transfers, sound, and the commentary tracks from the Criterion discs. That said, I'm about 95% sure they've just bogarted...
  25. Rob Lutter

    Is Costco phasing out DVDs?

    Interestingly, in my travels around the country, the cuisine in the Costco snack bar changes. For instance, we don't have muffins at our Costco. We have... Hot Dog Combo (w/ drink) Chicken Bake Cinnamon Churros Berry Smoothie Pizza And that's about it. Up north (Massachusetts...
  26. Rob Lutter

    Rescue Me Season 3 ongoing thread

    Sheila is one fucked up individual. LOL. I gotta say that most of Tommy's problems burned up with the house... if he does walk out alive, he'll go back to work with all the guys he loves for another couple of years, he can move back in with Janet and the kids, and he might even have a new male...
  27. Rob Lutter

    Is Costco phasing out DVDs?

    LOL... spent around $250 at Costco last week getting Sopranos 1-5 and Deadwood 1-2. KILLER deal right there considering the MSRP of each set (it was something like 56% off in all). My Costco's DVD selection is still quite big... I'm going to guess this is by store because my parent's Costco...
  28. Rob Lutter

    Dazed & Confused (CC) at my local Wal-Mart!

    I saw this at my local Wal*Mart too... (for, I believe the same [high, imho] price). Wal*Mart was also the only place I could find 'The Wizard' last week (neither Circuit City nor Best Buy carried it in-store, heh). So it might just be some strange deal happening with their suppliers.
  29. Rob Lutter

    HD DVD 4th Quarter Article and X Box 360 HD DVD Add On

    I'm going to be buying the 360 HD-DVD addon for the simple fact that it's going to be the cheapest HD-DVD player BY FAR when it is released (important for a college-age man that works for peanuts and gets to keep even less). I already use my 360 as my primary DVD player, so it's kind of a no...
  30. Rob Lutter

    HD-DVD @ 720p... worth the upgrade?

    I'm not going to be able to go to a 1080p projector for a looooong time. The only reason I have a 720p projector is that InFocus was (and probably still is) clearancing refurbished SP5000s (with a free 76" screen that I'll never use, lol) for $799.99 SHIPPED. I'm just a poor college student...