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  1. Mike Hamilton

    Professional Calibration?

  2. Mike Hamilton

    Professional Calibration?

  3. Mike Hamilton

    Problem with my new samsung monitor!

    You have a magnet purity issue with the CRT. Either the internal degaussing is not capable of eliminating it, spot magnets are improperly placed, or the shadow mask is lifting off the tube in that corner. These are things that are possibly physically wrong. There is also the possibility that...
  4. Mike Hamilton

    TV resolution

    Resolution is ultimately determined by the bandwidth of the chassis, and not necessarily the dot pitch of the phoshor. If the electronics limit signal bandwidth, high frequency detail will never reach the CRT for reproduction.
  5. Mike Hamilton

    "Disappeared" Menu Item

    Sorry to hear that Deborah. What about reloading all the channels...not luck there, either?
  6. Mike Hamilton

    Anyone have Curtis Mathes service menu codes?

    There won't be any...get out your "tweakers" and start looking for pots. :frowning:
  7. Mike Hamilton

    "Disappeared" Menu Item

    Deborah, Did it work?
  8. Mike Hamilton

    "Disappeared" Menu Item

    Not sure if this will work, but it's better than a stick in the eye... Try unplugging the sets AC from the wall, and plugging it back in a few minutes later. If there is any type of digital control on the chassis, it will reset it. Then, try reloading all the channels back in (channel memory...
  9. Mike Hamilton

    ? on THX Optimzer vs. Video Essentials

    One significant problem with the THX optimizer is that it is in the corner of the screen. Light fall off on CRT based displays can be as much as 3 to 4 times less than in the center of the screen. When you adjust for in the corner on a 65" RPTV, you will probably be boosting the Contrast WAYYYY...
  10. Mike Hamilton

    Floor model Pioneer Elite 58" HDTV

    The SD-582-HD5 is not an Elite, is well removed by date from being just recently discontinued,and, is the same price at COSTCO out here in the West new in a box. $1,995.00, with the option of inspecting it in the store before acceptance for burn-in, with a 5 year warranty is more like a deal...
  11. Mike Hamilton

    Runco Idp-980 Ultra Fp

    JoanPablo_T, I am the Runco Southwest Field Tech, so this isn't the first time this has been discussed! ;)
  12. Mike Hamilton

    Runco Idp-980 Ultra Fp

    7" CRTs, not 8" (Runco is still a bit red faced about that). It will need to be driven by a scalar to produce the image to die for, and should be set up by someone familiar with that chassis, as it is not for the novice. If it is in nice shape, you are in for a treat, if the price is not too...
  13. Mike Hamilton

    How accurate is the grayscale on a typical Samsung direct-view monitor?

    David, What were we using in ISF seminars along with the Loewes? Was that a Samsung or a Sampo direct view? It was incapable of being accurately calibrated. (Mysteriously it was absent in Phoenix...any explanations? :) )
  14. Mike Hamilton

    ISF Calibrators in NYC

    You are in terrific hands with either :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: Highly recommended!
  15. Mike Hamilton

    Stuck pixels on plasma?

    Big trouble? To paraphrase someone who never seemed daunted by big trouble..."it depends on what your definition of 'trouble' is". These are pixels where the transistors that address them have failed. That's trouble. Not much you can do, unless there is a warranty that expressly deals with this...
  16. Mike Hamilton

    ISF Calibration Recommendation for Austin, Texas?

    Steve Martin lives in Plano. I'm not sure if that is just around the corner or not, but he is one of the best on the Mitsubishi sets. ;)
  17. Mike Hamilton

    Toshiba popped, now the images are tinted blue

    With Digital chassis', the old days of looking for retrace and then backing it down until it disappears are long gone (and a nefarious practice). This method is akin to having to had set points in the rotor for timing in an automobile...it is an ancient practice. These TVs have a diagnostic bus...
  18. Mike Hamilton

    calibration in mn

    Pat Bradley is in your area. He is one of the best around. Check out the ISF website, or the ISF ad in any of the enthusiast magazines.
  19. Mike Hamilton

    Ghosting on the KV-34XBR800

    Were you watching on Satellite by any chance?
  20. Mike Hamilton

    New TV made arcing sound (32HS500)

    -TV's degauss upon turn on (on a Sony that is that "ka-thung" noise when it powers up. -Get the speaker out of there. Sony uses an Aperature Grill (a series of piano-like wires stretched [picture a harp] vertically and positioned horizontally across the inside of the CRT. These wires can get...
  21. Mike Hamilton

    Spider in the TV!!!

    I'm assuming this should go without saying, but DO NOT SPRAY ANYTHING inside the rear of the set while it is on, or turn it on within an hour after having done so. Also, refrain from watching Spiderman until you know he's gone...you just never know!
  22. Mike Hamilton

    Toshiba popped, now the images are tinted blue

    The Deflection board and its memories are isolated and it should not affect those parameters. SHould the value of voltage change to each CRT, then a Static Shift might be in order, but nothing more. Snapping is common in low humidity climates (it was 4% here last week...everything you touch...
  23. Mike Hamilton

    When will plasma be affordable?

    I have never heard the figure of 30,000 hours mentioned by anyone in an official capacity. I HAVE heard the figure of 7,500 hours, so I am not certain what assumption can be made. In any case, calibrating a Plasma display can reign in many items that are generally set for marketing purposes...
  24. Mike Hamilton

    When will plasma be affordable?

    Hi Rich, Nope....don't mind the quote :b Max...The phosphors on a plasma are very thin, compared to the layering that is used on a CRT. This is to keep heat to as minimum a level as is possible yet still retain persistence. The problem is, though it was touted as an advantage further up...
  25. Mike Hamilton

    Perforated Screen Question PLEASE HELP!!!

    Perforated screens in many ways are the least desirable for a few reasons, one of which you already mentioned. Light going through the perforations lowers Contrast ratio, and if you are using a fixed pixel device, the perfs can introduce moire if lined up right. The wall behind the screen must...
  26. Mike Hamilton

    Toshiba Warranty Question

    Thanks Gregg!:wink: I see this type of situation fairly regularly, and it is generally NOT in the interest of the Service end of an organization to replace product. Most of the time, they are a separate entity as far as the "books" go, and the dollars allocated to the Service budget are...
  27. Mike Hamilton

    When will plasma be affordable?

    Plasma is already targeted by many manufacturers to be de-emphasised within the next 18 to 24 months. Larger LCD products and developments in that arena are encroaching on the image fidelity that Plasma enjoys, without all the customer related pitfalls (burn-in, as an example) and field service...