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  1. Adam.Gonsman

    How do you control volume for DVD Audio?

    Controlling volume is one of the jobs of the receiver/pre-pro. That's why people typically don't hook a DVD player directly to an amp in most cases. Very few (probably more like none, but I know if I generalize someone will pipe and and say that such and such a model does) DVD players have any...
  2. Adam.Gonsman

    Need Some Friendly Advice

    Paul, I'm not really sure where to point you towards. For reference level volume, www.dolby.com is probably a good place to start. You'll be able to find some background there on reference volume and where it came from. As for all the other info about wattage and distance and soundlevels...
  3. Adam.Gonsman

    Need Some Friendly Advice

    Paul, The sensitivity of your speakers is pretty good. Now, what the sensitivity means is that is the volume they will have with 1 watt of power at 1 meter distance from you. For example, your fronts will give you 92dB with only 1 watt of power if you sit 1 meter from them. Most people sit a...
  4. Adam.Gonsman

    Need Some Friendly Advice

    Paul, Your friend is part right, but I beleive he misunderstands exactly what he's talking about. Under powering speakers can damage them. This is true. What happens, when an amp is ask to do more than it's capable of, it goes into clipping. What this does is truncates the waveform in the...
  5. Adam.Gonsman

    WTB: Mirage BPS-150i or BPS-400

    Nevermind everybody. I just found a dealer today that made me a pretty sweet deal on a 150i demonstrator they still had.
  6. Adam.Gonsman

    Monster Cable Z2 Reference Speaker Cable

    sorry bout the mail problems. You got mail again
  7. Adam.Gonsman

    WTB: Mirage BPS-150i or BPS-400

    Looking to add a second BPS-150i to my setup or to replace my existing 150i with a BPS-400. The BPS-150i must be an "i". I'm not interested in the older non "i" model. Would prefer lacquer top in excellent to mint condition and the sub have original packaging but will consider others for an...
  8. Adam.Gonsman

    Yamaha C940

    ok, apparently the 45a does have burr brown dacs, pioneer just doesn't bother listing them as such on their site. Anyway, the rest of my questions still stand.
  9. Adam.Gonsman

    Yamaha C940

    I guess I should also ask how this compares to some of the other single disc players in its range like the Pioneer 45a? Pioneer seems to be really fond of pushing the fact that they have triple dacs (although is would seem not burr browns in the 45a?) Does this make any sort of difference?
  10. Adam.Gonsman

    Yamaha C940

    Has anyone had a chance to audition this unit yet? It doesn't seem to be getting much attention. It looks very respectable on paper especially for a sub $500 player. What are the shortcomings? I've heard things about how the C920 can't be turned on by remote. Does the 940 have the same...
  11. Adam.Gonsman

    Old Realistic Equalizer

    Thanks Wayne. That makes a lot of sense. After that explanation, I'm kind of leaning toward the ME-60 for the mains and eventually when I move up to another sub, a parametric of some sort for that. Thanks again for all the thoughts and advice.
  12. Adam.Gonsman

    Old Realistic Equalizer

    This is pretty much what I was thinking. Unfortunately, The Yamaha has very minimal EQ abilities. I think their assumption is that providing you with pre-ins on the mains, that you'll go buy a real EQ if you care that much about flatening response. Guess I'm off to do some research about...
  13. Adam.Gonsman

    Old Realistic Equalizer

    I just inherited an old Realistic 12 band stereo equalizer. It's a model 31-2010. Anyone know anything about these things? I don't have an EQ currently and my Yamaha RX-V3300 does have pre-ins on the mains so I could make use of this one but don't know anything about it or it's quality so I...
  14. Adam.Gonsman

    Mirage Speakers and Sub (opinions wanted)

    Micheal, Mirage builds a good speaker for the money. I have a pair of OM-10's (the original "low end" of the OM line which basiclly places them as the next notch above the 260's) and love them to death. Mirage's Omnipolar speakers will hold their own in sound reproduction with any other...
  15. Adam.Gonsman

    Starting from zero, what to buy? where and what to locate?

    Omar, In a resounding chant from the crowd "Stay away from Bose." :) Bose is definately bad news. There's much better to be had for the same money. If you were interested in Bose for the small speakers, do a search for "Bose" on the forum and you'll turn up dozens of suggestions (as well...
  16. Adam.Gonsman

    is denon the superior musical receiver over hk and pioneer?

    Is it just me or does Albert trying to expose this "flame war" sound an aweful lot like a troll in itself? Anyway, I want to respond to Shiu and touch on what RobWil said also.
  17. Adam.Gonsman

    is denon the superior musical receiver over hk and pioneer?

    Mike V, I bought an RX-V3300 last January. The main other competitor in my opinion was the 3803 but I felt the sound of the 3300 was more than enough to justify giving up a couple of features the 3803 had that the yamaha didn't. This of course was mainly component upconversion. To my ears...
  18. Adam.Gonsman

    At what point does price stop you from supporting llocal dealers?

    Jamie, For me a lot depends on the attitude of the sales people and the level of personal attention they give your. When I first started into home theater at the young age of 19, I wondered into a local shop ready to drop $700 on a receiver. I was in jeans and a tshirt and probably did look...
  19. Adam.Gonsman

    is denon the superior musical receiver over hk and pioneer?

    I think something that bears mentioning is that even people's descriptions of "musical" tend to vary. For some, it means deatailed and very accurate. For others, it means warm and smooth. A lot of actual musicians tend to favor very detailed, accurate reproduction because it's what they're...
  20. Adam.Gonsman

    Speaker reccomendations

    You're probably looking at powered towers to meet this sort of requirement. Either that or a pretty beefy amp with fair sized passive towers. Maybe some Acoustic Research AR1's? A 500 watt Sunfire amp into a 15" woofer would definately pound the bass on pop tracks. :D Seriously, I would look...
  21. Adam.Gonsman

    4 ohm speakers on a 8 ohm receiver.

    Hien, You're most likely OK, especially since you don't listen at high volumes or plan to drive them hard. If they were bigger speakers that could take higher wattages and you planned on pushing them hard, it might be a problem, but I wouldn't worry about it. A lot of guys say to leave...
  22. Adam.Gonsman

    Newb receiver question for y'all...

    What types of sound adjustments are you reffering to? Help us help you. I understand you wanting to change soundfields with different source. Dolby Digital for movies, Pro Logic for anime (which I watch a lot of too). But I'm a little confused as to what settings you're tweaking between formats...
  23. Adam.Gonsman

    I seek advice

    Hi Pat, Like I mentioned earlier, I was afraid you'd be disappointed with the 811's abilities to do justice to the OM's. You're right though that it is specifically that amps that are the real shortcomings. I think for the time being, adding a 5 channel amp would improve your sound...
  24. Adam.Gonsman

    Energy's C-3, do a set them to large or small on receiver?

    A huge debate always ensues any time someone tries to generalize over large and small reccomendations and there's always a whole slew of postings about special exceptions and testimony to support both sides. So here's to opening a can of worms :D My own feeling after looking at the specs of...
  25. Adam.Gonsman

    2-way vs 3-way in a front speaker?

    It all depends on the speaker and the drivers it uses. There are speakers in the multi thousands of dollars that are still only 2 way. At the same time the little crap speakers that come with many bookshelf systems are 3 way. Those POS 3 ways with their paper drivers can't begin to even remotely...
  26. Adam.Gonsman

    Mirage OM Speaker Purchase

    Pat, I think what you describe is better for music as it makes it much easier to blend the sub with the towers for crossover. Before someone jumps in, you can make a sub on the LFE jack blend just as well, but it takes more work and leaves more room for error. Running the sub inline takes some...
  27. Adam.Gonsman

    Mirage OM Speaker Purchase

    Pat, Glad to help. Are you reffering to the BPS-150 or the BPS-150i? The BPS-150 is very old and has been discontinued for quite a while. If I remember correctly, it was a bass reflex sub but don't quote me on that. I own a BPS-150i and like it very much. It's accoustic suspension and is...
  28. Adam.Gonsman

    Mirage OM Speaker Purchase

    Pasquale, I have a pair of OM-10's (which are precursor to the 9's) and have considered upgrading to 7's quite a few times so I'm fairly familiar with all the above. The 811 will adequately drive both the 7's and the 9's. My own personal preference is to say that the 811 may not take full...