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  1. marter

    Elac Debut 2.0 or Uni-Fi 2.0 bookshelf?

    Looking to upgrade my F/C/R bookshelf home theater speakers. Currently using NHT SuperZero with a Denon X3600H. Lots of love here for the Debut 2.0 but don't hear much about the new Uni-Fi series. Any opinions on the cost/value of the Uni-Fi's over the Debut 5 or 6 series? BTW I don't have any...
  2. marter

    AV Receiver advice

    I’m at a minor crossroads in my modest home theater build out. I’m reusing my speakers and sub from a previous setup (circa 2000) and have purchased a Denon AVR-S750H which is still within the return window. I’d like some advice before that window closes since while it has the features I want...
  3. marter

    Crossover settings on Denon AVR-S750H after Audyssey

    Kinda new at this so forgive me if this has been addressed. I've read the Denon manual, several Audyssey FAQs and manual, and I think I'm doing it correctly. However I am confused by the settings the Denon uses after running Audyssey. I assume since there's a gap in the crossover set for my...