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  1. CurtisC


    Hello All,I have a B&K ST202 2X150 watt amp for sale.Its in very nice shape and works great,$325.00 I also have a Rotel rsx1056 black,mint condition w/all accs.double box etc..$998.00 I also have an Adcom gfa5500 in great condition,2x200 watts,at 44lbs its got the goods.$495.00 All...
  2. CurtisC

    FS: Pioneer 563a in mint condition

    For sale-563a purchased new and hardly used.It looks and functions like new,comes w/box/manual/remote.Unit does dvd-audio/sacd/etc.Shipped to your door in the lower 48 for $85.00
  3. CurtisC

    Real mint Denon 3802

    FOR SALE: DENON 3802 this unit is less than a year old.It is truly mint, as in you would be lucky to get a new one this nice.It has too many features to list,but you can check denon wedsite.Also you may already know this is a very realiable unit,check audio review.com. It was purchased at my...
  4. CurtisC

    channel level vol. g-spot?

    I have often pondered this question,maybe some of you can help.On my Denon each channel has volume adjustment from -12 to +12.If this is set to +12, max output,would this signal be over driven?If it is set to -12 is there excess noise?If it is set to 0 am I losing lot,s of volume for no...