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  1. Gary.Blevins

    Rant about GG's "repair" techs and question

    Greetings, A week ago, my 1+ year old Tosh 50HDX82, suddenly developed a darker picture. I had previously used the VE DVD to calibrate the set, so it was very noticable. I had to turn up the brightness from around 40 to 85 to see any detail. Since I purchased the extended warranty from GG's, I...
  2. Gary.Blevins

    Driver recommendations for 3.89Ft3 sealed sub

    Greetings, I have new JBL S38's, S26's, and an S-Center on the way, and I am now looking at my old sub for upgrading. A few years back, I converted my old 15 BSR passive sub to powered version, via a PartsExpress 150W amp. It works great, but I was thinking a new driver may improve the sound...
  3. Gary.Blevins

    JBL S310 versus S38 , BOTH with powered sub

    Greets, Is there any reason to get the S310's over the S38's if I have a 15" powered sub? ( and S-CenterII center channel) I am not sure if I will be able to audition them both. I generally run 75% to 25%, Video to Music. TIA, Gary
  4. Gary.Blevins

    Voice matching...NOW I am confused!

    I understand the theory of voice/timbre matching. However, here is where I get confused: If the general recommendation leans towards floor standing models for general music listening, how are you ever going to match the speakers to a center channel? Most decent floor standing models have at...
  5. Gary.Blevins

    New purchase, and question on stretch mode

    Greets, Just purchased a Tosh 50HDX82 (delivered Saturday...WOOT!), and what swayed me towards it, versus the Hitachi 51SWX20B was the zoom mode. Though the salesman said that the Hitachi used a progressive stretch mode similar to the Tosh, I really noticed a kind of "Fish-eye" effect (for lack...
  6. Gary.Blevins

    Comcast HDTV tuners (Hopefully not wrong forum)

    Just thought I would let everyone in the Sacramento,CA area know that Comcast is now offering their HDTV tuners for $5 per month on top of the digital cable box cost. They will carry ABC, NBC, PBS, Showtime, and HBO. (No CBS..) It will have an antenna input (per Comcast, I haven't seen the...
  7. Gary.Blevins

    Upgrade question (obvious?)

    Greets, I am looking to upgrade our Sony KP53XBR200, but am severely limited regarding chassis size, as 48.5" wide is the max our wall cutout will allow. I was looking at a new SONY KP51WS500 (48" wide), but had a few questions: 1. Would an "entry level" HDTV monitor give any improvement in...