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  1. TanT

    SVS CS Ultra

    Anyone interested in a CS Ultra for $475 + shipping? Will ship it in the SVS orignal box. I am in the Pacific Northwest. Thank you for looking.
  2. TanT

    Stuffing Material for Sonotube

    Just wondering what's the best acoustic damping material to use for a sonotube. Thanks in advance for your advice.
  3. TanT

    Samson 1000 and SVS CS Ultra.

    I am looking to sell my Samson S-1000 and the original SVS CS Ultra for $775 Plus actual shipping. Both are in excellent condition and will be ship in original boxes. Please email me at [email protected] Thanks for looking.
  4. TanT

    Polk MM10 Sub Box

    Anyone familiar with this Sub+box combo?
  5. TanT


    Hello everyone. I am thinking of upgrading my M&K MX100 sub to either the HSU VTF3R or SVS PB2 ISD (more like down grade since I paid around $1300 for the M&K a few years back) My room is about 2500sf. I am running 2 Klipsch KLF30 fronts, KLF-C7 center and Polks FX500 surrounds. I watch...
  6. TanT

    Opinions needed

    Hello everyone. I am in a sticky situation and need all the input I could get. I recently bought a pair of used and discontinued speakers from a member of this forum. The speakers were shipped via Fedex ground insured a bit more than the actual paid price. When I got home from work I...
  7. TanT

    FS: Infocus X1

  8. TanT

    earthquake supernova 10 or something else

    Hello everyone. I am thinking of buying this Supernova 10 for around $400 new. Is there anything better than this sub at this price. Please let me know. Thank you.