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  1. Erick_F

    FS: DVD Zealed

    Good Day! i have some few brand new dvds still sealed. The price is $12 each. Shipping is $2.5 for the first dvd and $1 for additional title. The Lizzie McGuire Movie - WS/FS (UPC:8693622357)*TRADED* The Emperor's New Clothes - WS (UPC: 9736340814) Serving Sara (Biligual Cover) -...
  2. Erick_F

    FT:Few OOPs DVD

    I have these following OOPs dvd to trade, all dvds are mint condition and Region 1. Pplease don't be shy to make an offer. I have: Gettysburg Diamonds are Forever You Only Live Twice Relax...Its Just a Sex! Rain Man *Brand New* Jungle Book *Brand New* *** Lady and the Tramp ***...
  3. Erick_F

    FS: James Bond Collection Vol 1 Boxset *NEW/OOP*

    I decided to sell this OOP James Bond Collection. It is still factory sealed and never open. I am asking $140 + shipping. The Box set includes: Licence to Kill For Your Eyes Only Tommorow Never Dies Goldfinger Live and Let Die Thunderball GoldenEye
  4. Erick_F

    FT: James Bond Volume 1

    I have a brand new James Bond Box set Volume 1. *OOP* for trade. Please send your offer to my email or here. Thanks The Box set includes: Licence to Kill For Your Eyes Only Tommorow Never Dies Goldfinger Live and Let Die Thunderball GoldenEye
  5. Erick_F

    Dvd Ft

    I have the following dvds for trade. Toy Story The Journey to the center of the Earth Silent Running (biligual cover) Judge Dredd Ultimate Fights The fall of the House of Usher (R0) Carnival of Souls/Horror Hotel Guys and Dolls *New/Sealed* Fist of Legend *New/Sealed* Santa Clause...
  6. Erick_F

    FT/FS: Scarface and Sealed DVDs

    Pls add $2.50 for the first dvd and $.50 for the next dvd for Shipping (First Class). For Trade/For Sale: Scarface:CE *OOP* (not bootleg/not DTS) (45) Santa Clause:SE *sealed* (15) Bedknobs & Broomsticks *sealed* (14) Mary Poppins:CE *sealed* (16) Children of the Corn 666: Isaac’s return...
  7. Erick_F

    Lilo & Stich, Beauty & the Beast, Reign of Fire, Santa Clause:SE, & some OOPs

    4 trade Lilo and Stitch (3 sealed)3 Pending Beauty and the Beast: Pl. Coll (2 sealed/1 mint)1 sealed pending Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Xmas (2 sealed) both pending Reign of Fire (2 sealed) both pending Santa Clause:SE (2 sealed) Pretty Woman (10th Anniv) (1 sealed/1 mint)...
  8. Erick_F

    Few dvds for trade

    For trade: Cool Runnings (Disney)*Sealed* Dirty Rotten Scoundrels *Sealed* Strictly Ballroom (orginal)*Sealed* The Muse What's the Worst That Could Happen? Usual Suspect (original) Dragon Ball Z: Movie 2 (The World Strongest) Dragon Ball Z: Movie 3 (Tree of might) Dragon Ball Z...
  9. Erick_F

    DVDs 4 Trade

    Sealed DVDs: Gremlins:SE Gremlins 2: The new batch Smallville Scooby-Doo meets Batman Coyote Ugly Gone in 60 Seconds Cocktails G.I Jane Eddie What about Bob Nothing to Loose Metro Children of the Corn: Revelation Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return The...
  10. Erick_F

    FT: Disney

    101 Dalmatians *sealed* Jungle Book Lady and the Tramp *sealed* Lion King II: Simba's Pride *sealed* Mostly interested in Criterions & LE, but make me some offer. Let's see Erick
  11. Erick_F

    FT: Disney Classics

    I have Jungle Book & Lady and teh Tramp for trade. I might also get 101 dalmatians if someone interested. looking for CC particulary Akira Kurosawa (except 7 samurai, Yojimbo, & red beard), LE, & other OOPs. i am also open to all offer. Thx Erick
  12. Erick_F

    Disney Classics, Horror, 007, Anime & Others

    I have these titles for sale and might for trade (if there's a good fair trade). Shipping are $2.50 (Air Mail/First Class), $.50 for additional dvd. $12.50 Marat Sade(1967/OOP) Gangster No. 1 The Score Down to Earth HardBall Erin Brockovich Bandits 12 Monkeys:CE (WS)...
  13. Erick_F


    I have THX Deluxe CAV LaserDi Edition of Pocahontasfor trade for DVDs. Item Description: 1) Walt Disney's Pocahontas LaserDisc Box Set 2) THX and Dolby Digital Sound Discs 3) Deluxe CAV LaserDisc Edition 4) Features Include: *3-Disc CAV LaserDiscs *The full length feature...
  14. Erick_F

    OOP Titles

    I have this OOP titles for trade. These are brand new factory sealed except for Sid and Nancy & Nosferatu. So let's trade. http://images.amazon.com/images/P/63...1.LZZZZZZZ.jpg *OOP/Rare* http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B0...1.LZZZZZZZ.jpg *OOP/Rare*...
  15. Erick_F

    OOP/RARE Titles

    I have this OOP titles for trade and sale. These are brand new factory sealed except for Sid and Nancy. So let's trade. *Sid and Nancy:CC (Open/perfect condition) *OOP/Rare* *Jungle Book:LI (Disney/Sealed) *OOP/Rare* $35 shipped *101 Dalmatians:LI (Disney/Sealed) *OOP/Rare* $30 shipped...