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  1. Michael_T


    This will be a must-buy for me. !!!!
  2. Michael_T

    Pocupine Tree - In Absentia DVD-A

    My copy should be on it's way soon from CDuniverse.com. They indicate it is in stock - and usually when that happens it ships out the Monday before the Tuesday release. Can't wait.
  3. Michael_T

    Ryan Adams "Rock n Roll" Hybrid-SACD on 2/24

    I like it in surround, and found the rear speakers to be more than ambient. Although not the most aggressive surround mix, my surround channels always seemed to be active with guitars, drums (as Rachel mentioned), etc.
  4. Michael_T

    Aimee Mann Bachelor No. 2 SACD

    Music Direct owns MoFi now.
  5. Michael_T

    Jonatha Brooke - Back In The Circus

    Thanks Tom, I actually go to her website from time to time - and yes I saw the album was on sale there - but it doesn't mention that it would be signed. My preorder from www.cduniverse.com is costing me only $9.09 (and I have 4 other items on order as well - so shipping per item comes to...
  6. Michael_T

    Jonatha Brooke - Back In The Circus

    I have this on pre-order from www.cduniverse.com. My question is, where did you get this from that you were able to get a signed copy?
  7. Michael_T

    Pocupine Tree - In Absentia DVD-A

    I just preordered this from CDUniverse, hopefully it will be released as expected on March 9.
  8. Michael_T

    Sell MoFis and replace them with high-res discs?

    The funny thing is I buy a lot of SACD software, and yet I have found myself buying more and more used DCC and MOFI CDs because they tend to come closest to SACD (in most cases) than regular redbook CD. But - I either won't buy a MOFI or DCC if I have the SACD and the SACD of that title...
  9. Michael_T

    More Great Fantasy Jazz Super Audio Shipping!

    I have all ten on their way from www.acousticsounds.com - should hit my doorstep tomorrow. Can't wait.
  10. Michael_T

    Any reviews of Beethoven/Abbado on DVD Audio?

    I bought 3 of these DVD-A discs, but have yet to listen to them (or even open them up). I am not sure if I should return them or not after reading the attached link to a review on the original CDs: http://www.classicstoday.com/review.asp?ReviewNum=2551
  11. Michael_T

    What Bands/Solo Artists have you seen live? :)

    You asked for it, you got it... :D My list is incomplete, since I have been going to concerts since 1974 and can't remember them all. Listed in no particular order (Those that have been seen more than once are *): Santana* Grateful Dead* Jerry Garcia Band* Bob Weir Band*...
  12. Michael_T

    Universal Announces Ryan Adams, Eric Clapton, Derek & The Dominos SACDs

    Derek Trucks' slide work is ALWAYS stunning. I have seen Derek more times than I expected to - with the Derek Trucks Band opening for Hot Tuna a few years ago at the Beacon Theater. Then I saw him with an early incarnation of Phil and Friends (prior to the static lineup Phil has been using for...
  13. Michael_T

    Universal Announces Ryan Adams, Eric Clapton, Derek & The Dominos SACDs

    I can't seem to find this listed as an SACD. Was this album released on either SACD or DVD-A, or is it merely a redbook CD?
  14. Michael_T

    Santana- Supernatural Dvd-a...

  15. Michael_T

    Santana- Supernatural Dvd-a...

    I have the Classic vinyl, the original CD and now the DVD-A, and the vinyl is the way to go. It has the overall best quality sound. Being a diehard Santana fan I was very happy to have "Supernatural" available on DVD-A, yet I was not so impressed with the disc overall. The stereo presentation...
  16. Michael_T

    Pocupine Tree - In Absentia DVD-A

    This is good, but confusing news. It appears from the blurb on their website, which is also quoted above, that it is unclear whether this is a DVD-Audio disc or a DTS release only. I am hoping that it is a DTS DVD-Audio disc, so that we also get a 96/24 DVD-Audio mix (in addition to the DTS...
  17. Michael_T

    Stop whining, you people!!

  18. Michael_T

    Aimee Mann: Lost in Space (Special Edition)

    I purchased mine locally. Nice package - sort of like a hardcover book. There are more graphics and lyrics to the bonus tracks on disc 2. I haven't listened to it yet, since free time has been scare over the past two days. I now own 3 copies of this album ... the original CD release (which...
  19. Michael_T

    Allman Brothers Live @ the Atlanta Intl Pop Festival

    Actually AC-DC is now on Sony. Sony has the rights to every AC-DC except for the last one I think. Over the past year Sony reissued all the AC-DC albums, and then just recently put them all out on vinyl. So SACD could be a possibility. I don't hold my breath for any SACD release. You really...
  20. Michael_T

    Foo Fighters - One By One DVD-A specs?

    I picked this up at my local Coconuts store, but I haven't gotten around to listening to it yet.
  21. Michael_T

    Talking Heads Once in a Lifetime - a 4 CD retrospective

    I picked up the box set but have yet to listen. I really would like to know why they thought garish pictures of naked people would make for good graphics on the box? The paintings are quite odd (and very explicit). I also saw the Heads, twice at the Capitol Theater in Passaic, NJ. I saw...
  22. Michael_T

    Anybody own Kodo's Mondo Head?

    I have it and it is a great SACD. Excellent sonics and great surround mix. It is more like a Mickey Hart album as opposed to a regular KODO album. If you like this kind of music (which I do) it is very highly recommended.
  23. Michael_T

    New Ryan Adams album in Super Audio!

    Actually this is old news - known about this for quite awhile. The problem is that we don't really know how long we will have to wait before the SACD is released. Tomorrow is the redbook CD release (11/4/03), yet I don't think we will see the SACD until early next year. :angry: I guess I...
  24. Michael_T

    "New" music on SACD coming soon??

  25. Michael_T

    3 Doors Down DVD-audio or SACD?

  26. Michael_T

    3 Doors Down DVD-audio or SACD?