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  1. Clinton C

    Gilmore Girls, Playmakers, and much much more

    not very interested in selling at the moment....would much prefer to trade
  2. Clinton C

    South Park Season Sets for sale, trade

    anything on here interest you? http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htfo...hreadid=212537
  3. Clinton C

    Gilmore Girls, Playmakers, and much much more

    HAVE TV Shows Playmakers complete series Sex and the City season 3 Buffy the vampire slayer season 3 Gilmore Girls season 1(sealed) Saved by the Bell season 1/2 Superbit Anaconda Knight's Tale The One Mask of Zorro other Black Hawk Down 3 disc Gummo Storytelling...
  4. Clinton C

    Looking For TMNT box set (current cartoon)

    hey i've got a sealed set i would be willing to let go of email me at [email protected] and we'll see if we can work something out
  5. Clinton C

    Playmakers, King of Queens, Saved by th bell and more

    HAVE TV Shows King of Queens season 1(rip on back of package) King of Queens season 2 Playmakers complete series Malcolm in the Middle season 1 Saved by the Bell season 1/2 Superbit Anaconda Knight's Tale The One Mask of Zorro other Black Hawk Down 3 disc 8 Head in a...
  6. Clinton C

    Dates for Futurama 4 & Angel 4

    can't wait for Futurama
  7. Clinton C

    The Odd Couple and Get Smart on DVD...When?

    Get Smart is by far my most wanted DVD collection...It's a crying shame this isn't looking good for a release
  8. Clinton C

    New Trade Thread

    sorry don't see anything
  9. Clinton C

    New Trade Thread

    TV shows, new releases, WWE, superbit and more HAVE BOX SETS ER season 1 Malcolm in the Middle season 1 Band of Brothers Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles radical 4 pack w/figures(sealed) Saved by the Bell season 1 Cheers season 1 CRITERION Armageddon superbit Anaconda Fifth...
  10. Clinton C

    List Your TV show DVDs

    here are mine 24 seasons 1&2 Alias season 1 Cheers Clerks animated series Dick Van Dyke seasons 1-3 ER season 1 Friends season 1-6 Futurama vol 1 King of Queens season 1 Malcolm in the Middle season 1 Married....With Children season 1&2 Oz season 1-3 Saved By the Bell season 1&2...
  11. Clinton C

    new trade list

    marco....looks like I have everything i need from your list, but thanks for the offer alan & bob...ygm
  12. Clinton C

    new trade list

    HAVE box sets ER season 1 Malcolm in the Middle season 1... Band of Brothers newer releases Freddy-vs-Jason Identity. Sixteen Candles Weird Science. Fargo: SE 2 Fast 2 Furious Texas Chainsaw Massacre(30th) Poolhall Junkies tin/OOP/special/ Evil Dead: book of the dead...
  13. Clinton C

    Saw a bootleg dvd at a retail store

    most rental stores got each movie seperately and they came in their own individual cases...are you sure it wasn't one of them?
  14. Clinton C

    transferring files from computer to computer

    they are on different operating systems....they both have network cardsi sure would appreciate it if you could walk me through how to do it with the cables thanks clinton
  15. Clinton C

    transferring files from computer to computer

    I just got a new computer and want to copy all of my music and video files from my old computer to the new one. the problem is I have no idea how to go about this..can anybody tell me what i need and how to do it? thanks
  16. Clinton C

    Adaptation, CC, Hitchcock and more

    Box sets Mummy Collection Rambo trilogy tin Criterion Armageddon Silence of the Lambs(sealed) Hitchcock movies Vertigo Marnie Saboteur Rebecca: CC(sealed) newer releases Adaptation About Schmidt Hot Chick Catch Me if YOu Can Who Framed Roger Rabbit: vista...
  17. Clinton C

    Resident Evil: Special Edition

    i would say around the time that Resident Evil 2 comes out in theatres is when the SE for R1 will come out..that is just a guess though
  18. Clinton C

    NBC Enterprises Pacts to Bring 10 Series to DVD

    dvdprofiler information is given by users...so in theory anyone could have posted it..hopefully it's correct..i mean they did have the cover art so it seems legit.
  19. Clinton C

    Who's up for Friends Season 4?

    you just made my day!!...glad to know they are speeding it up a bit
  20. Clinton C

    new releases, criterions, resident evil zero(GC)

    haves CRITERIONS Silence of the Lambs(sealed) Armageddon Newer releases/OOP They LIve( case is a bit worn)OOP Osbournes season 1*traded Unfaithful(sealed) Serving Sara Undercover Brother Friday After Next Swamp Thing(oop) OTHERS Saving Private Ryan(sealed)*traded Men in...
  21. Clinton C

    Dreamworks "Ringu" insert

    there is no insert in Ringu for whatever reason..seems like they could ahve at least included a one sheet or something, but i guess it doesn't really matter
  22. Clinton C

    Trailer Trash movies on DVD

  23. Clinton C

    How do you price Columbia House DVD's?

    i would take the total price paid for all DVDs purchased on my membership and then divide it by the total number of DVDs i got.
  24. Clinton C

    "Punch-Drunk Love" is confirmed an SE for 6/10

    finally!.. i didn't get to see this in the theatres and i'm dying to get it
  25. Clinton C

    Road to Perdition Variation? Read this!

    i have the DTs and it had a tribute