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  1. Ken LB

    They Shall Not Grow Old is the 3D event of the year

    New, third showing date on Fathom Events Jan 21 2019 "On the heels of its already record-breaking release, and in response to popular demand, a third Fathom Events date has been added for Warner Bros. Pictures’ much-heralded WWI documentary “They Shall Not Grow Old,” from Oscar-winning...
  2. Ken LB

    Pre-Order The Thing From Another World (1951) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Many thanks! For me, the book is a must have.
  3. Ken LB

    Notes On Hammer Titles On DVD and/or Missing From Blu

    Still no sign of Quatermass and the Pit US?
  4. Ken LB

    Fox Archives MOD Blu-rays are coming

    Amazon notified me yesterday that Sitting Pretty is being prepared for shipment and I'll have it by Monday, though Woman's World is still delivery TBD.
  5. Ken LB

    Please Participate: Most Requested Paramount Titles

    War of the Worlds When Worlds Collide Beau Geste We're No Angels Greatest Show on Earth Houseboat Court Jester President's Analyst Ragtime
  6. Ken LB

    Iron Giant Blu-ray in the works

    Unfortunately, Bird "corrected" Vin's comments on Twitter: "Vin was just having fun stirring pots. I agree with you; we told the story we wanted to tell-- -and now we're done." http://www.denofgeek.us/movies/the-iron-giant/248781/iron-giant-2-brad-bird-rules-out-sequel I saw the showing...
  7. Ken LB

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ ex machina -- in Blu-ray

    Via an industry friend, I was able to hear the Blu-ray DTS:X mix, properly decoded, in a nice 7.2.4 setup. Clearly, this isn't the movie to demo objects whizzing around above, but the height channels were fairly active throughout and definitely enhanced the overall ambience.
  8. Ken LB

    Classic TV on DVD- The Lists: Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci Fi

    Terrific list! Don't see Wild Wild West, for which all four seasons are available on DVD.
  9. Ken LB

    Might Disney Actually Pass Up the 60th Anniversary of 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA?

    If the intent is still to make the movie "much more in keeping with the spirit of the novel", ideally they'd use an Indian actor as Nemo, aka Prince Dakar, son of the Hindu Raja of Bundelkund.
  10. Ken LB

    Anyone have a list of when Dolby Atmos titles will start arriving?

    Denon AVR's with Atmos enabled began shipping a few days ago and are in user hands. Other CE's are, indeed, awaiting software activation.
  11. Ken LB

    High Plains Drifter (1973) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    The UK BD is region free, as is Joe Kidd.
  12. Ken LB

    Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment will release more than 30 catalog titles on Blu-ray Disc in 2

    I hope you're right about 20,000 Leagues and that they're not waiting to tie into the ever-delayed Fincher remake.
  13. Ken LB

    Blu-ray Review Who Framed Roger Rabbit Blu-ray Review

    I placed my order 12/15 (Prime) and my copy has been shipped and is due tomorrow. Must be a short supply issue.
  14. Ken LB

    Looney Tunes Golden Collection Blu-Ray Edition

    Any word on releasing Fleischer's Superman?
  15. Ken LB

    First thoughts on recently acquired Alien Anthology

    Lars, it's a prequel, and sounds damned interesting. A useful and ongoing summary of what's known here:http://www.alienprequelnews.com/ , including location and set photos, etc. etc. I'm not affiliated, just decided to stop lurking. :-) Ken