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  1. rob007

    where is L.A. Law?

    I have purchased the L.A. Law Season 1 DVD set that is being sold by a third party seller on Amazon.com. The box is definitely the UK version, with a Region 2 symbol and ratings listing. However, when it says it plays on all regions on the Amazon listing it turns out they are correct. It plays...
  2. rob007

    Route 66 Season 1 Volume 1

    I am really surprised nobody is commenting on this: Amazon - Route 66 Season 1 Part 1 Does anyone have any info on this release? Are the episodes going to be uncut? I, for one, cannot wait to but this show, one of the best series ever made for television, in my opinion. It lists 780...
  3. rob007

    Untouchables Syndicated 1993 Series

    Is there anyone here who would be willing to have this released on DVD one day? It's been my favourite show since I first saw it and still have all the episodes on VHS in varying quality but still watchable. Tom Amandes went on to Everwood, David James Elliott did JAG, John Rhys-Davies has been...
  4. rob007

    Sex and the Single Girl?

    How could this classic film not be out on DVD yet? Natalie Wood, Tony Curtis, Lauren Bacall, and Henry Fonda are not exactly small time stars, yet this movie seems to be forgotten by most people, or maybe by just Warner Bros. Even the VHS was hard to find at times. I used to love watching this...