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  1. Chris PC

    Marantz VC6001 universal player

    I bought two of these and never used the second one. It's handy to have because it plays so many formats and can be made region free, converts PAL to NTSC and vice versa, has a Faroudja chip and outputs 1080P over HDMI. DVD-Audio/Video and SACD. Comes with original box, owners manual and remote...
  2. Chris PC

    Panasonic 60ST30 60" 1080p 3D plasma TV & 4 pairs of 3D glasses

    Selling my Panasonic 60ST30 - 60" 1080p 3D plasma TV with 4 pairs of Sony PS3 3D glasses (Sony 3D glasses work excellent). It's two years old. Works great. It can be viewed in action with cable, dvd and blurays and its very impressive. I upgraded to a 65" panasonic plasma. Comes with power cord...
  3. Chris PC

    Anybody have a vertical centre and Plasma TV? Pictures?

    I am working on a custom AV stand plasma stand with a vertical centre channel speaker in mind. Just wondering if there is anybody who is using a vertical centre channel speaker with their Plasma TV home theatre setup. Do you have any pictures?
  4. Chris PC

    Custom AV stand with vertical centre channel?

    I am looking at building a custom av stand to fit a vertical centre channel. I am going to use an articulated wall mount for the TV to mount to the back of the av stand. Has anybody every made something like this? Go any pictures? Any advice?
  5. Chris PC

    JVC RS40 3D front projector brand new un-used

    Looking for $3900.00. I bought a JVC RS40 but I have not picked it up yet because I have put my house up for sale. It is sitting brand new at the dealer. I sold my house and I am moving. I was going to set up the RS40 in my new place, but my financial situation is not great right now. I may pick...
  6. Chris PC

    Are there any folks here with a JVC RS40/50/60 or X3/X7/X9?

    Just wondering if anybody here has one of the new generation of JVC projectors, and if so, how is it working for you. :)
  7. Chris PC

    Changing colour and/or altering Popcorn Ceiling in Home Theatre room.

    I have a small bedroom that is just long enough and wide enough to use for a home theatre with a projector. The ceiling is popcorn, which is a stucco sort of texture surface. This place was built in the 1978. There is a possible concern that the popcorn ceiling has some asbestos in it. As far as...
  8. Chris PC

    SDI card equipped DVDO VP50

    I am reluctantly selling my SDI card equipped DVDO VP50. I will miss many of the features of the VP50, not the least of which, the excellent de-interlacing, but I need money for a new projector, so I will rely on the projectors chip for video processing for now. I have the original box, owners...
  9. Chris PC

    Prismasonic H1000 horizontal stretch lens.

    Selling my Prismasonic H1000 lens. This lens has 4 prisms, so the optical quality is higher than either of the lower end two prism H500 and H600 Prismasonic lenses. I am buying a new projector and can't afford to keep this lens and pay for the projector at the moment, and I am setting up a new...
  10. Chris PC

    Moving laundry to another location in basement. Wood laminate floors? Ontario, Canada building code.

    I am moving my laundry around in the basement, from inside a room to just outside that room in an alcove that leads to a crawl-space storage area. The area has a wood laminate floor. I could remove it, as it's not really necessary in this space, but leave it between the bottom of the stairs and...
  11. Chris PC

    8 input component switcher?

    I may have to connect my Blu-Ray player to my multi-channel analog inputs in order to obtain a 7.1 HD signal. I have a Universal DVD-Aduio/Video/SACD changer I want to use also, so, I need to switch between these two. Any suggestions what I can use? I am sure a I can get a couple of cheap...
  12. Chris PC

    Does your Marantz SR9600 playback a 7.1 pcm signal over HDMI?

    I have a Marantz SR9600 and it doesn't seem to accept a 7.1 pcm signal over hdmi. I had the firmware upgraded to the latest version, and it did not seem to help. My SR 9600 is a U1B (version?) and does not have the Sirius Satelitte capability. I spoke to somebody at Marantz Technical Support and...
  13. Chris PC

    Marantz SR9600 no audio in stereo unless Source Direct/Pure Direct?

    Ok. I just got my Marantz SR9600 back from a firmware upgrade to allow for 7.1 PCM over HDMI. I haven't even given that a try yet, and I've got another problem. I had a habit of listening to cd's in Source Direct/Pure Direct but I just cycled through those and noticed when on Stereo, or any...
  14. Chris PC

    Going on a road trip...Mountain biking in NY, VT, NH, MASS ??

    Going on a road trip to NY and VT...and whatever else is worth it. Going looking for good xc singletrack mountain bike trails. 7 to 9 days. Camping and mountain biking. Know where I can ride? Where can I camp? I'm compiling a list of options on some of the mountian bike forums. Just thought I'd...
  15. Chris PC

    Marantz SR 8001 + SR 5002 + RC2001 & possibly a VC6001.

    Having an SR9600 in my main music/home theatre system, I decided to pick up a couple of used Marantz receivers for my living room and bedroom. I have since realized that I simply cannot afford to have these extra toys at this time. I've listened to both, and they are great, but I am in desparate...
  16. Chris PC

    Short speakers with low bass.

    Looking for speakers preferabley shorter than 36.5" with bass response down to around 29-31 hz -3 dB. To qualify, I'm not looking for a "small" speaker and I don't need high efficiency. Sure a short speaker can be small, but, it doesn't have to be. For instance, a speaker that is 36" high could...
  17. Chris PC

    ICE amps?

    Has anybody gotten themselves some ICE amps? Which one(s)? How do they sound? What did they cost you (approx)? I have a Marantz SR 9600 receiver and PSB Image T65 speakers and while most of the time they sound great, sometimes the sound is a little bright and revealing, detailed to the point...
  18. Chris PC

    Twinning speakers but retaining imp ohms.

    Is it possible to take a pair of 6 ohm speakers and alter them such the two speakers only present a 6 ohm load to the amplifier? The only way I was thinking this could be possible would be to alter each speakers imp to 12 ohms each so that connecting both speakers would result in 6 ohms...
  19. Chris PC

    Marantz SR4003, 5003 and 6003 sound quality?

    It appears that I have gone insane and will be putting together a home theatre for the living room based around a Panasonic Z85 plasma tv. At least I hope so. I was hoping that my Blu-Ray source could be a PS3...and in order to enjoy the high rez audio, I at least need an HDMI capable receiver...
  20. Chris PC

    Shorter tower with high efficiency and deep bass?

    Ok, I am wondering if there is a tower speaker out there that is a bit on the shorter side but still efficient and has good low bass. By short I mean hopefully shorter than 36.5" tall. My PSB Image T65 towers have bass response down to 30 Hz -3 dB and a -10 dB point of 25 Hz and efficiency...
  21. Chris PC

    FS: Epson 1080UB Pro widescreen lcd projector: Pickering.

    Epson 1080UB Pro lcd widescreen front projector for sale. Bought in February 2008 but never used more than a few hours. Home theatre room remains incomplete. 2 and 1/2 years warranty remaining. I am in Toronto, Canada (well, Pickering actually, which is next door to Toronto). Asking $2800.00...
  22. Chris PC

    Captains bed or queen storage bed in Toronto or southern ontario?

    Ok, I was looking for something earlier, and quite frankly, it never materialized. I would like what is pictured below, as it compares very favourabley to the Sonoma bed from sears, but, I can't find anything like this in Toronto or southern Ontario, let alone even in Canada. Ok, so here is...
  23. Chris PC

    Looking to change from Mirage BPS-400 to....?

    While I have enjoyed using my Mirage BPS-400, as it has plenty of power and slam for movies, I sometimes wonder if it isn't the best match for my front ported towers etc. I guess I am thinking of trying another subwoofer for a change. My front speakers are PSB Image T65's and I really like their...
  24. Chris PC

    Queen storage beds in Toronto area?

    Hello folks. I need a new bed, and I have a somewhat smaller room, so I am looking to eliminate my dresser and bedside table by purchasing a queen storage bed. They certainly aren't all that common. I have seen a few online, but I was hoping to find one in the Toronto area. Has anybody seen a...
  25. Chris PC

    PSB Image T55 measurement?

    If you own a PSB Image T55, could you do me a favour and measure the exact total height from the middle of the speaker? My T65 is 39" high while the website states it is 38.5" high. The website states 36" high for the T55 and I am wondering if that is correct or not. thanks in advance, :)
  26. Chris PC

    Will Toshiba be able to manufacture a Blu-Ray player? Will it play HD-DVD's?

    So Toshiba threw in the towel. Ok, I understand the format war is pretty much over. Now, the question is, will Toshiba manufacture a Blu-Ray player? Will it play HD-DVD's? I think that would be a really handy feature. I also think a Toshiba made Blu-Ray player will probably work well too. I...
  27. Chris PC

    Ontario building code for ceiling/floor joists?

    What is the building code for sizes and spacing of floor/ceiling joists? I have a basement ceiling (which of course is also a floor for the room above) with a joist at the end of the room that I want to make smaller in order to accomodate my screen. The joist is spanning a 12 foot wide room (and...
  28. Chris PC

    Specific wood finish question. Making closet rods slippery?

    In spite of my own misgivings, I used varythane on some wooden closet dowel rods in an attempt to make the rods slipperier. I should have known better, because to me, varythane is a cousin of rubber, which is often sticky and not slippery. The rods with this varythane "gloss" finish seem a...
  29. Chris PC

    Tron needs a clean-up re-master to HD / Blu-Ray.

    I was just doing some checking of things on my system and I put in the two-disc version of Tron. Wow is that title noisy. Even scenes of people's faces are horribly noisy in some scenes. I understand the film is from 1982 and the CGI is old, but there is a huge amount of noise on some frames...
  30. Chris PC

    Flattest most non-reflective paint for front projection home theatre room?

    Ok. I have a small basement I want to use as my home theatre room and my display is a front projector. The room is 11 feet 8" wide by 7 feet 4" high and about 17 feet long. I have a very small (tiny) window in the corner which I will block off light from completely. I have one door into the room...