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  1. Craig Ball

    Add a 3rd sub. or get two larger ones?

    I have 2 SVS PB-1000 subs in my HT (living room) its about 5200sq ft. I have a budget of 2k. Now i could add another PB-1000 and a mini DSP2x4 or retirn the subs I have and go with 2 PB-2000 Pro subs. Advice and opinions welcome.
  2. Craig Ball

    Back surrounds or another set of Atmos?

    Currently running 5.1.2 Looking at a new 9 channel receiver, Just looking for advice/opinions. What would you do if you could only do one. Add back surrounds or add another set of Atmos speakers. Currently have front height for Atmos so would be adding rear heights, Thanks
  3. Craig Ball

    Looking to upgrade to a new reciever more channels ATMOS ect.

    Looking at the Marantz SR6011, I know its already an older model, but i like that with an external amp you can go up to 11 channels, Seems to have all of the newer goodies like DTS-X and ATMOS HDCP 2.2 ect. Was just curious is it missing anything that I might regret soon down the road? Got...
  4. Craig Ball

    Adding Atmos speakers?

    I have been out of the Home theater arena for a while now. Looking at getting a new 7.2 reciever' At the moment I have a 5.1 set up with Paradigm Monitor series v4 and a pw2200 sub. Since this Atmos is new to me I was wondering if I should just get some like svs offer and hang the high up...
  5. Craig Ball

    Paradigm 7.1 set up?

    I have Monitor 9, cc-370 and adp 370's now all version 3, I have a denon reciever capable of 7.1.. So my ? is what would you reccomened as rear speakers? Direct radiating or Dipole? Thanks Craig
  6. Craig Ball

    Help me set up my sub!!!

    Ok here's what I've got Denon 2805 Paradigm M9, cc370 adp 370, mini monitors, and a Pw-2200. I have st up the speaks both with the mic that came with the denon and with my spl meter. I'm not sure if i'm getting the most out of my sub. I used to have dual svs 20-39cs+ that i could litterally feel...
  7. Craig Ball

    Paradigm V.3 vs V.4?

    I have a 7.1 paradigm set-up now and want to change my back surrounds to ADP-370 to match my side surrounds, but V.4 are the only ones my local dealer has. Whats the difference between the two? Craig
  8. Craig Ball

    Best Paradigm match? (Reciever)

    I have the Paradigm monitor series hooked up to an H/K avr 230, I'm looking at getting a Yamaha RX-V1400. Are any of you guys running Yamaha and Paradigms together? Is this a good match in your opinion/s? Craig
  9. Craig Ball

    Sub with surrounds?

    I occasionally hear or read about people adding a sub to there rear channels. Are any of you guys doing this? Why are you doing it? and finally how do you hook it/ set it up? Just curious thanks Craig
  10. Craig Ball

    Carver A705x amp ?

    Just wanted some opinions good or bad on this amp, I have a H/K 230 reciever and Paradigm monitor speaks in my system right now, the H/K doesn't have enough power on the occasions that I like to crank it up and I'm afraid I'm going to clipp my Monitor 9's some day. DO you think this amp would be...
  11. Craig Ball

    Power amp or new reciver to run my Paradigms?

    I have Monitor 9, cc-370, and adp-470, but my H/K AVR 230 does not have enough power to make these speaks rock like they did at the dealers hooked up to an Anthem MCA 50. My max budget would be $1500. Any suggestions an a reciever that can push these or a 5 channel amp in my price range? Craig
  12. Craig Ball

    Help me tune my sub in!!!!

    Ok I have the Paradigm M9,CC-370,ADP-370, and the PW2200 this is all hooked up to an H/K AVR 230. I have the mains xover at 40hz, the center and surrounds at 80hz. this was advice from a friend. Now my H/K won't give me a test tone for the sub so I'm not sure where I'm at with it. Please help...
  13. Craig Ball

    What reciever with Paradigm monitors?

    Ok I have the Monitor 9, cc370 and adp-370. I heard these hooked up to a Anthem mca 20 and the bass out put was outstanding IMO. Right now i have an H/K AVR 230 and it's just not cutting it power wise, just curious what you guys might be using. Craig
  14. Craig Ball

    What recievers allow sub Xover settings?

    I have a H/k AVR 230 and cannot set the sub xover or get a test tone from it for the sub. Can you tell me which companys make recievers that allow for this? Craig
  15. Craig Ball

    Paradigm HT set-up

    Just wanted some opinions, right now i have an H/H avr 230. I went and listened to some paradigm monitor 9 today and the center CC-370, ADP-370 surrounds and a psw 1000 sub. I think the sytem sounded great and was blown away by the bass the Monitor 9 put out with that one 8" woof. Anyway I can...
  16. Craig Ball

    H/k Avr 230?

    Do you guys know if the H/K 230 can handle both 6 and 8 OHM speaks at the same time? If I'm correct the lower the Ohm # the less resistance show it shouldn't be a problem but I just wanted to make sure. Craig
  17. Craig Ball

    Axiom speakers?

    I'm looking at getting new speaks so I can get my HT going again, Due to being out of work I had to sell my old stuff which consisted of Klipsch Legend series speaks and dual 20-39cs+ subs. Anyway I read a few reviews about these Axiom speaks and wanted to know if any of you guys had them and...
  18. Craig Ball

    Klipsch Legends

    I have 2 Klipsch KLF 30's in Medium Oak and the matching center channel KLF C7 also in Medium Oak. These are in excellent condition, no dents scratches nothing these speakers are perfect. I'm asking $1,200 for a local pick-up, I live in Oklahoma City. Craig
  19. Craig Ball

    $2,000 for a complete Klipsch system!!!

    Klipsch KLF-30's Medium Oak Klipsch KLF-C7 Medium Oak (2 each) Klipsch KSP-S6 Black I'd prefer local pick up in Oklahoma City. But If you want to pay shipping I'll do that too. This is an awesome 6.1 set-up. Craig
  20. Craig Ball

    Lots For Sale!!!

    I have all the original packaing for everything, except the dvd and subs. I accept Paypal and will ship UPS. Klipsch KLF-30's Medium Oak $900.00 Klipsch KLF-C7 Medium Oak $300.00 each, have two Klipsch KSP-S6 Surrounds $500.00 Panamax 5300 $300.00 Sony DVP-S565D dvd player...
  21. Craig Ball

    Entire System For Sale.

    Only one problem, I will only accept local pick up. I'm in Oklahoma City and have an entire system I want to sell. Here's what I have. Pair KLF-30's,Pair KLF C-7's, Pair KSP-S6, Pair SVS 20-39CS+, Pair of Acurus A200x3, Samson S1000, Panamax 5300, Sony DVP-S565D, Sony C701ES, H/K AVR 520. I'll...
  22. Craig Ball

    Klipsch C-7

    I'm selling a Klipsch KLF-C7 in Medium Oak, This is the matching center for the Klipsch Legend Series. I'm asking $350. It is in excellent conditon like new! Please e-mail me with any questions. Craig
  23. Craig Ball

    FS. Two Acurus Amps

    I have two Acurus A200x3 amps, They are about 8 months old and in Excellent to mint condition. I guess I can't say mint because they are used, but cosmetically they are perfect. I'm downsizing and no longer need these amps. If you want to run a 200x6, 6.1 system then these amps are for you! I...
  24. Craig Ball

    FS SVS 20-39CS+ Extras

    I have 2 20-39CS+ with a pair of better cable interconnects, the better cable sub-rca and a Samson S1000 amp. Purchased all for SVS about 8 months ago. I'm asking $1,200 for everything. I don't have the original boxes anymore for the subs, so local pick-up is prefered. I live in Oklahoma City...
  25. Craig Ball

    FS, Two Mint Acurus A200x3 amps

    I've had these amps for about 8 months, 6 months ago I moved and haven't had the room or the time to hook them back up. They are both in mint condition, I have the original boxes and manuels. I don't have paypal or anything like that, to be honest i'm not sure how it all works but i'll look into...
  26. Craig Ball

    Denon 1803 as a pre-amp?

    Right now I have the H/K 520 with klipsch, Acurus amps. Thinking of going to the 1803 to add DD-EX and hopefully the donon won't shut off when it feels like it. I've never owned denon before, is this a good choice to replace my H/K 520? Is there anything i'll be losing besides L7 in your...
  27. Craig Ball

    Pre-Amp advice, Help me choose

    I'm looking for a good quality pre-amp to match my existing sytem. I'd like to have EX,ES as I have six channels of amplification and six speakers. This is what I have right now. (1) Two Acurus A200x3 (2) One Samson S1000 (3) Klipsch KLF-30 Mains (4) Klipsch KLF-C7 Front & Rear centers (5)...
  28. Craig Ball

    FS/ 2 A200x3 Acurus amps

    I have two mint condition A200x3 amps for sale, asking $1300 obo for both, I have the original boxes and manuels for both. please send me an e-mail if interested to [email protected] Craig
  29. Craig Ball

    Multiple SVS Sub ?

    Just out of curiosity, is anybody on this forum using more thatn two svs subs in their home theater? I have two right now and have read alot about people using a sub in the rear and setting their rears to large obviously running it line level. Is there an advantage/disadvantage to doing this...
  30. Craig Ball

    H/K 520 and L7 with cable T.V.?

    I have a question should i be able to use logic 7 when watching movies through my cable box? It's hooked up with a coax cable and i can choose DPL 2, but not L7, I can use L7 for DVD, CD ect.. but not through my cable box, it seems odd to me why DPL 2 works but not L7 please help. Craig