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  1. Bret l

    Helping a friend $500 budget-receiver and speakers

    i have one of flauce 5 speaker packages http://www.fluance.com/fluan5speaks.html and the pioneer vsx d411 reciever and it was right at 500 total and sounds great for the price the speakers are better for movies but they work good for music too just my 2 cents.
  2. Bret l

    Best Set of Speakers for $500-$600

    Jose i have to agree with what alan said he pretty much said what i was going to.
  3. Bret l

    Best Set of Speakers for $500-$600

    Jose i have that set of flaunce they sound really good. alot better then i expected for their price they are definatley worth it. especially over cheap satelite packages.
  4. Bret l

    Fluance es-1's... any info on these?

    i have one of their five speaker systems and i was really suprised by how good they sound they do have good range. Cant say about those u might be able to get some thing better for that price.
  5. Bret l

    Fluance speakers

    good to hear although they already sound good alot better then i expected thanks
  6. Bret l

    Fluance speakers

    I recently purchased the sx-htb 5 speaker surround system from flaunce off ebay. And it does sound pretty damn good. Its also running of one of those small all in one units till i get my reciever on sat so the sound is being degraded a little. I believe they will sound even better once the break...