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  1. JamieD

    Projector suggestions? I'm STUMPED!

    Hey folks, kind of torn.. thinking either this guy: http://www.futureshop.ca/catalog/pro...gon=&langid=EN Since it's on sale, or the Optoma 770, cause I can get it at Costco (around 1100 with a screen thrown in, I don't want to DIY screen) .. anyone else have any thoughts? This isn't...
  2. JamieD


    Anyone out there have any experience with Version control software? We're looking for something to run here at the office.. there's only a handful of us, so cost is definitely a factor.. windows based software with a frontend is a must. Any thoughts?
  3. JamieD

    Torn between two cameras.

    They're a pretty different style. There's the 5MP Canon A95 with its 3X optical zoom, and the S1 IS with the 10x zoom, but just 3.2 MP, with a noticeable difference in image quality. Does anyone out there have any samples they could share of what the 10X digital based zoom is like on the A95? I...
  4. JamieD

    Spray Paint Guns

    Guys, I've used brushes for several projects now, and the hassle/results just weren't up to par. Too many brush strokes was the biggest problem. I've been thinking about getting into spray painting. I don't know anything about the process though, in terms of what paints to use, are they special...
  5. JamieD

    Interview Questions

    Hey all, the girlfriend has a big interview with the Pier 1 opening here soon.. any hints or suggestions for the type of things they might ask/she might want to know which will be impressive? Edit: Okay, let me be more specific. Anyone here with Pier1 experience?
  6. JamieD


    So I've been using the Nikon D100 lately. (6mp SLR).. It wasn't mine though.. Are there options out there which will produce similar quality for bargain price? (I've heard great things about Canon) I can't even look at the images from my 2MP camera anymore. :)
  7. JamieD

    Painting Question

    Hey folks. Not necessarily DIY speaker related, more DIY in general related. How do you get your smooth (no brush mark) finishes? I've been using some oil paints on some projects, and I sand down to a flat layer, but then when I put the next coat on to "level" the color, the marks are back...
  8. JamieD

    Wood Block Carving

    So I don't know where else on the web to ask this, but if anyone can help/direct me, it'd be good. I found some nice candle holders at Wal-Mart, they're square glass, about 1 inch high. What I thought of afterwards, was how cool they'd look partly recessed in a block of oak. I was thinking of...
  9. JamieD

    Power cable

    Hi folks. Bit of an odd question for you. I found an old IBM Scanner 0275-001 in a liquidation scale, but without any cables/software. I've found software, and a parallel cable, but a power cable has eluded me. I need a DC+, 15V 1A cable, with a "larger" plug on the end. No idea how else to...
  10. JamieD

    Buying a guitar

    Hi all. So I want to try the guitar again.. I started to learn on a borrowed accoustic back in the day, but didn't have the time. However I really want to learn, so I'm thinking about picking one up. The issue is accoustic or electric. I'm thinking about electric just from the ease of getting...
  11. JamieD

    Odd request of Vancouver Citizens

    Hi everyone. Recently, my Girlfriend Jenn won a trip to meet Matthew Good in Vancouver. Suprisingly, she was crazy enough to take me along for the trip. The trip went reasonably well, however, on our return, she was horrified to discover a big ol coffee mug she had picked up at Starbucks was...
  12. JamieD

    Question Regarding Movie Reviewing

    Howdy folks. For anyone from a Studio or the HTF, etc who may be able to help me out, here goes. I am currently developing a new Internet Movie review site. It will be rather large and well supported. I was wondering how it is possible to obtain screening materials of DVDs for review from...
  13. JamieD

    More RetroGaming: The NES!

    Well, turns out my girlfriend is a huge Super Mario 2 nut. So, I dig out the old NES, and go hunting. Through local game stores and pawn shops, I manage to find Mario 2, Ninja Gaiden 2, and Chip and Dale. After having to dissamble the NES and clean the darn thing (NOT a fun process, very...
  14. JamieD

    So I picked up a Genesis...

    Heh. I had this sudden urge to play Sonic the other day. I had never had a Sega Genesis when I was a kid, but had played it several times in Radio Shack. No idea where the sudden urge came from, but I knew it'd be pretty cheap to satisfy. So after a few postings on local messageboards, I picked...
  15. JamieD

    More Blockbuster Deals re: Clearance and Rewards!

    Woohoo! Another good week for buying movies there. These are not previously viewed movies. It appears at my local BB that they are clearing out dozens of "older" (in some cases a few months) DVDs and instead stocking LOTS of new ones (i.e. LOTR). I just picked up Bull Durham for $20 CAD, and...
  16. JamieD

    GTA 3 Trade In deal for Vice City!

    Hi everyone, went by Electronics Boutique today, and found out they're running some great deals... Trade in GTA3, get $60 + Taxes off a Pre-Order of Vice City, Trade in 3 Non First Gen PS2 games, get 100 bucks+tax store credit. Nice discounts on some Trade Ins of Last years sports...
  17. JamieD

    A Good Day...

    Rare as they are, from time to time, I have a good day. I just bought Lunar 2 for Psx from a video store which was going out of business for 19 bucks Canadian, got him to give me their copy of a The Shipping News poster which I'd been coveting for a while, just received my 10$ Canadian copy...
  18. JamieD

    Replacement Boxes - Fox Movies

    Curiosity here.. is there any way I can get replacement boxes for DVDs such as The Simpsons Season 1 and 2 since the ones I had shipped to me have horrible paper backing glued to them, and if I try to remove it, will horribly damage the back of the case? Is there anyone at Fox or anywhere to...
  19. JamieD

    Columbia House Question

    Hey everyone.. I realize DVDTalk is usually where to go for Columbia House Questions, but since no one there seems to know, I'll give it a try here as well... Any idea what some savings codes are for the Canadian site? It just started taking savings codes, and I haven't a clue what they...
  20. JamieD

    Silver/Bronze Speaker Wire

    Howdy everyone.. was setting up a speaker system for a friend of mine and noticed that their speaker wire had one bronze colored line, and one silver colored line. Just wondering what the significance of this is..
  21. JamieD

    Formal Wear Question!

    Howdy folks. Just a curiosity question here, I've rented a tux for a "special occasion" and I just discovered it comes with cuff links and studs. Now, considering the occasion in question isn't REALLY formal, I may not use them.. which is further fueled by the fact that while I'm sorta sure...
  22. JamieD

    Gladiator Sound Selection

    Hi guys.. long time reader, first time..or second, I think.. poster.. First off, this forum is amazing. I'm constantly blown away by all the efforts and knowledge that the peeps who populate this forum have. Thanks! Now, for a kinda basic question about something that's puzzled me..I recently...